Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Did Not Dress Up For Halloween (But We Can't Really Blame Them)

While other celebrity couples used Halloween as an opportunity to stun social media with their best transformations, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin opted to skip the costumes this year. Instead, the new husband and wife followed their usual Wednesday routine by attending church. Paparazzi captured the two entering and leaving their evening service before heading back to their Los Angeles rental home to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters.

The newlywed couple was spotted heading to their Beverly Hills church—which they now attend weekly—wearing casual attire on October 31st. Bieber sported a gray NASCAR t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap paired with slip-on shoes that featured an image of Jesus Christ (nice). Baldwin wore black sweatpants and a dark gray pinstripe jacket with white sneakers. Both stars looked solemn on the way in and out of the service.

Although Bieber and Baldwin chose not to dress for the spooky occasion, they didn’t ward off all Halloween traditions. Later, Baldwin posted on her Instagram story a photo of an orange jack-o-lantern bucket filled with candy for the neighborhood kids. “We’re giving out the full size candy,” she captioned the image. Those trick-or-treaters were lucky.

The couple has been rather low-key since their New York City quiet courthouse wedding in September—even in terms of work. People reported that Bieber decided to scale back on his musical career to spend more time with his new wife. A source said that Bieber would rather stay home with Baldwin and watch movies instead of recording new music. However, Baldwin reportedly doesn’t always agree with Bieber on this low-key lifestyle. According to the source, Baldwin has a lot more energy and seems readier to jump back into work than her new hubby.

Bieber is even looking to settle down in a Los Angeles home with his wife. While the two currently reside in a $1,000-a-month rental house, they are reportedly looking to buy their own house. They’re seeking a gated and safe house with plenty of space and a pool, but they are open to what area they will live in. Aside from house hunting, the couple is also planning to host a formal wedding bash for friends and family soon, since they had mostly kept their marriage under wraps.

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