Justin Bieber Fans Not Happy With Prices Of His Clothing Line

Justin Bieber fans are not happy with the price tags on his new clothing line. The singer, who first announced the launch of his clothing company, Drew House, in late 2018, follows in the footsteps of Kanye West, whose clothing line, Yeezy, a collaboration with Adidas, was released in 2015.

Drew, which takes its title after Bieber’s middle name, includes a range of hoodies, shirts and pants in shades of camel, red, yellow and black, some of which feature a smiley design. The lowest priced item is a T-shirt that retails for $48, while the highest priced item is a pair of corduroys that retail for $148.

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On social media, the singer has been criticized for the collection. On user wrote, "Is there a selection for 'broke people'?" while another commented, "I love you but very disappointed by the prices."

In December, Bieber launched his first Drew House product, a pair of slippers that were listed at $4.99. "When the slippers came out, I really thought Justin was going to launch a really affordable line. He would've been on another level. Guess not..." a fan wrote. Another added, "How you gonna give us a reasonable price for slippers and then shoot way the hell up for everything else?"

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The aesthetic of Drew House is very similar to Yeezy’s – utilitarian clothing in a muted selection of colors. "Drew House clothing line is uglier than the Yeezy collection and that's saying something," one person tweeted. Corduroy is used extensively and is featured on shorts, a hoodie, pants and a button-down. Other items display the aforementioned smiley face, which some have compared to the iconic smiley face used by Nirvana in the early 90s.

Drew House describes itself as a "place where you can be yourself" on its website. In anticipation of its launch, Bieber trademarked "Drew," "The House of Drew," and "La Maison Drew" last February. Today, the company’s Instagram page has over 176,000 followers. The collection, which is unisex, advertises itself as "ethically made" in limited quantities in Los Angeles.

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All items come with random facts like "polar bears can eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting," or "7% of american adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows" in case you were wondering if you’d be getting your money’s worth. For perspective, regardless of what fans or fashion editors may think, the collection sold out in less than 24 hours, further proof that celebrity sells.

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