Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Have Changed Their Wedding Date AGAIN

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are keeping everyone on their toes by postponing their second wedding celebration yet again. The Love Yourself singer and Hailey got married already last year in a simple courthouse ceremony in New York City in September, but they both are also very much looking forward to celebrating their love and union as a couple with all their friends and family.

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There have been several reports on when the upcoming wedding celebration will take place, and now rumor has it that the young couple has postponed the date again. According to sources, Justin and Hailey have been trying to accommodate the busy schedules of all their close friends and family members, and they do not want to pick a date where someone close to them will be unable to attend.

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As reported by Elle, the most recent Save The Date Invitations Hailey and the Sorry singer sent out had February 28th set as the day for the wedding, but this date has now apparently been pushed again. With Justin's twenty-fifth birthday being on the 27th, it made sense for the couple to have the wedding at the same time, but they have now chosen to postpone to a later date since some of Justin's family members were unable to attend.

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Based on several sources Justin and Hailey are going to have a massive wedding celebration with a 300 person guest list including A-listers like Drake, Kylie Jenner, and Travis Scott, so it will be quite the opposite of Miley Cyrus recent Christmas nuptials which was a small event with family only. Sources are saying that the wedding will not happen any time soon and that the couple wants to have plenty of time to plan a perfect ceremony and to make sure their friends and family will be able to attend. They are now also hinting that it might end up being a destination wedding, but again, this might be their way of avoiding any details of the ceremony being leaked beforehand.

Some are speculating that all the back and forth with the date and place for their second wedding is Justin and Hailey's way of confusing the media on when the celebration will take place. With this being one of the most anticipated celebrity weddings of 2019, perhaps they are right to do so.

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