Jordyn Woods Shares Details Of Her Long-Standing Relationship With Will Smith's Family

Jordyn's close relationship with Jaden Smith and his family

Jordyn Woods has many celebrity friends, and Jaden Smith and his famous family are some of them. With Jordyn now allegedly being cut off from the KarJenner family after having been caught cheating with Tristan Thompson, she is most likely turning to other close friends to help her get through the media storm. The twenty-one-year-old has been receiving some pretty harsh criticism for making out with Tristan, the now ex-boyfriend of Khloé Kardashian, and mostly so because Jordyn is a good friend of Khloé's, the very best friend of Kylie Jenner, and a close friend of the entire family.

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While almost every one of the Kardashian Jenners has unfollowed Jordyn on Instagram, which these days is the official way of showing the world the end of a friendship or relationship, none of them has officially spoken on the Tristan and Jordyn cheating drama. Jordyn has kept silent too until she teased a video on her Instagram Live on Tuesday, where she was seen having a seat at 'the red table' on Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk. The episode is scheduled to air on Friday, and everyone who has been keeping up with the drama lately is dying to hear what Jordyn has to say.

Jordyn Woods go way back with Will Smith's family
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As reported by E! News, Jordyn goes way back with the whole Smith family, and especially singer and actor Jaden Smith who was the one introducing her to Kylie Jenner in the first place when they were in their early teens. Actor Will Smith posted an adorable throwback photo of himself with baby Jordan in his arms on his Instagram in honor of her twenty-first birthday last year.

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Just as with the KarJenner family, Jordyn has referred to the Smiths as 'family', and she will now appear on Red Table Talk, which is hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Jada's mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones. According to Jada, the interview is meant to initiate a healing process between Jordyn and Khloé, but what they actually cover in the interview has not yet been revealed.

While some are saying that there is not much Jordyn can say or do at this point and that her relationship with Khloé is beyond repair, it is safe to assume that there will be a big crowd tuning in on Friday to watch Red Table Talk.

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