Jordyn Woods Debuts YouTube Channel Opening Up About Reaching Her Lowest Point

Jordyn Woods Debuts YouTube Channel Opening Up About Reaching Her Lowest Point

Jordyn Woods just debuted her new YouTube channel, and in the very first video, the model is candidly opening up about reaching her lowest point and what got her through it. The twenty-two-year-old is opening up her life and wants to share her experiences with her followers, hopefully being able to help someone going through a similar situation. In the premier video, Jordyn can be seen sitting on her bed in a black t-shirt, small hoop earrings, and natural makeup, sharing her story with her fans. The aspiring YouTuber admits being nervous sitting and talking in front of the camera, wondering out loud if people are going to like it or find her awkward.

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Jordyn's video featured her talking about how she dealt with her father's passing and how the loss affected her. Jordyn's dad tragically died from cancer in January 2017, and the model explained how that experience "ignited something" in her. She went on describing how, although it probably is the worst thing she ever had to go through, it also taught her some valuable life lessons and that the bad things do not define who you are. The twenty-two-year-old added that it is essential to learn from the bad things that happen to you and grow from them.

Jordyn Woods Debuts YouTube Channel Opening Up About Reaching Her Lowest Point
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As reported by E! News, Jordyn dealt with her grief by focusing on her health, explaining how the gym was her therapy as it was helping her feel better physically and emotionally. Now, Jordyn wants to create a community that can inspire others to start their own fitness journeys, and motivate everyone (herself included) to stick to it.

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Many assumed the twenty-two-year-old was referring to this past year when she talked about reaching her lowest point. The model had quite the turbulent few months after allegedly being caught kissing Tristan Thompson, the former boyfriend of Khloé Kardashian and also the father of her daughter, True. Jordyn used to be extremely close with the entire Kardashian family, and was the best friend of Kylie Jenner, and even lived in the same house with her.

With her body positive focus, Jordyn is doing a great job trying to inspire other young girls to realize the many benefits of physical activities. The reality star teased that she has some of her own workout programs dropping in November, so those who want to work out with Jordyn, stay tuned!

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