Avid Jonas Brothers Fan, John Stamos, Shows His Love For The Band At The AMAs

Actor John Stamos turned a few heads at the 2018 AMAs, proclaiming his love to Jonas Brothers by wearing a Jonas Brothers 2009 tour t-shirt to the red carpet. Now that sounds like a die-hard fan if anything! This is not the first time 'Uncle Jesse' has shown the world his love for the boy band. As a matter of fact, he has been spotted rocking Jonas Brothers t-shirts in the past as well, and it seems as if he has more than one too.

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The Full House actor also showed up in a - different - Jonas Brothers t-shirt back in July at a rehearsal for A Capital Fourth concert in Washington D.C. John Stamos was actually a drummer before he began his acting career, and joined legendary surf rock group The Beach Boys for the performance. Playing away on a set of bongos, the actor was practising for the big show.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, John Stamos paired the band tee with a dark colored velvet blazer and pants ensemble, and a pair of orange-tinted sunglasses. While others opted for a more formal look, it is safe to say the actor wanted to show off a bit of his personality instead.

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John Stamos is first and foremost known for his role as 'Uncle Jesse' in the massively popular sitcom Full House in the late 80's. Since the show ending in 1995, he has also appeared in several other TV productions, such as ER, Glee, and Scream Queens. Stamos is also the executive producer of Full House spinoff Fuller House, where he also has a recurring role as - that's right - Uncle Jesse. He had his first child with wife and model Caitlin McHugh in April this year and has said about fatherhood that it is the only thing he ever wanted.

It is refreshing to see celebrities go their own way when it comes to their fashion choices, and especially if it shows a bit of their personality. Whether a Jonas Brothers fan or not, anyone can probably appreciate wanting to wear your favorite artist's t-shirt, and what better occasion than the AMA's?

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