Joining The Gym + 19 Others Things He Might Be Doing If He’s Over Her

A slowdown in a relationship; it is either excruciating for both people involved or one and not the other.

We tend to think that men, unlike us, do not have feelings and do not show emotions, but hey, they bust out the sad tunes while in the shower too. Even if he tells you "I'm fine," that does not mean he truly is fine. However, though we cope with bumps on the road similarly, men do certain things that it seems all men do when they’re just totally over someone; it is like it is automatic and supersonic.

When the guy is over his girlfriend though, it is a whole other ball game; it sort-of becomes a celebration in its own respect. Whether he said "hasta la vista" vocally or not, all men tend to deal with the aftermath the same way. It is no secret that men and women handle relationships differently, but once a man is over a woman, what really happens? How can we tell? And how does he behave? While we are probably home with a tin of ice cream all to ourselves, or partying like there is no tomorrow in Las Vegas, men are out and about acting like entirely different people.

So, what behaviours does a man who is over his girlfriend exhibit? Read on.

20 He Enters The Online Dating World

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Oh, the joys of social media; some applications can stir up so much trouble until one finds out and bursts like a volcano. This happens more often than you think, so if you feel your man is slowly slipping away, have one of your girls hound the dating application that is known for swiping, aka Tinder.

If he is fed-up of being committed, the first place he is going to go to is Tinder; it is free, fast and requires the bare minimum effort. If your bestie catches him on there, chances are he wants to be back on the market. Why else would he be looking for someone new?

19 Reconnects With Long-Lost Friends

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"Who is Frank? And who is Tony and why are you spending time with the guy I told you I don't like?" If that sounds familiar, then your partner is ready to take a hike.

The first thing a man will do if he is done and over his flame, is hang out with his long-lost bros; the guys he has not spent quality time with since he has been with his girlfriend. He'll also start hanging with that friend that his girlfriend is iffy about - red flag!

Men who want to discreetly show their significant others that they are done with the relationship will take advantage of their free time to hang with old friends. If they know their girlfriends would not approve, why else would they make such rash decisions?

18 He Binges On Netflix

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Sometimes, we just need an entire day to kick back, loaf and watch whatever we please on Netflix. However, if a guy is unexpectedly making a habit of having movie marathons, that he picks doing that over spending time with his lady, it is because his films are more intriguing than his relationship.

He just wants to stay in and order tons of takeout and wear sweatpants without her there. It is simply because he no longer has the same feelings towards his significant other and he just wants to indulge in himself and do the things he likes on his own.

17 He Goes For Long Therapeutic Car Drives

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We know how much guys love their cars; their cars are their toys to them.

It is a Saturday night, and as his girlfriend you want to get dolled up and go out to a hot spot with your partner, but he decides to take a drive to someplace one hour away without you― if you find that odd, you're correct.

A man who is over his girlfriend will opt for a ride in his car, to be able to clear his head and be alone, and he'll do so by taking his steel horse out of the city. By driving down a winding road, he will be able to be in his thoughts and enjoy his own company while he blasts his favourite music on the open road (that music you surely dislike).

16 He'll Hang Around Bars

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A man who is over his girlfriend will channel his energy into something else, like hanging out around the bar. Ladies, do we actually need to tell you that if your man is repeatedly spending late nights at the bar suddenly, it is because he no longer cares to keep your relationship alive?

Men are creatures of habit, so once something new becomes a habit out of the blue while in a committed relationship, women should question the odd behaviour. Men who go to the bar and make it their new hangout place are subtly ― or not so subtly ― making it evident that they want to get back on the playing field. And what better place to do so?

15 He Sort-Of Changes His Appearance

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You do not like him with a beard, so he did not have one for years, and swiftly, he grows out his beard and does not care what you say about it.

We want to inform you that just because your man grows his beard one day, it does not mean he is necessarily no longer in love with you. Although, if he does do so, accompanied by one or many other points on this list, that means he is ready to move on in his life without you - and with a beard, too. No, it does not mean he is being lazy, it means he wants to try a new look to upset you but attract other women; he wants a fresh look.

14 He May Jump Into A New "Relationship" (Right Away)

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It is unfortunate to put this forward, but there are men out there that lead double lives. What do we mean by that? They are dating two women at once.

You may ponder on how that is possible and fuss and deny it, but it is something that frequently occurs when a man is over his girlfriend.

What often happens is that a man finds it becomes a routine with his girlfriend, but since he wants the best of both worlds, he will attempt at juggling the two women at once. Do not be naive if you suspect something fishy about his new "girl friend." It is without a doubt the most crushing thing a man can do, so make sure you pay attention to where he goes, what he does, and the times he leaves and arrives.

13 He Goes On Shopping Sprees Too

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Now that he looks like a 'gram model because he let his beard grow out, and changed his hairstyle, he has to dress to impress as well.

We all know that men do not shop as often as women, but men who are over their girlfriends do so like it is their newest hobby.

He arrives home with new jeans, and stuff he never dared to wear before because he wants to hook the freshest fish on the market. Shopping for many is also highly effective as a form of therapy, which may be another reason a man who is maxing out his credit card is doing so. They won’t do like Ariana Grande and go buy rings for their friends though.

12 He Will Probably Start Some Outwardly Project

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He is acting all strange and splurging by engaging in projects he never would have before ― what is happening? You did not even know he could bang a hammer.

Men who are over their partners tend to experiment with things they certainly not have before ― at least not since they've been with you. Suddenly, they become Picassos and come home with canvases that they painted, and it makes the slightest sense. Men will do this because they want to prove to themselves that they are capable of doing things they never thought they normally could without their girlfriends.

11 He Starts Going Hard At The Gym

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He has not gone to the gym since you two have been an item, and now he is pumping iron as if he is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Do you find that totally off about him? It is one sign he may be over you.

He has packed on pounds and lost his muscle mass since he has been with you, but now he is getting his behind to the gym regularly to get a slamming body that it takes over your time together.

Men tend to make a hobby out of grunting intensely at the gym when they are over their girlfriends and want to get into top shape because they need to look their finest to get the approval they so desperately are seeking from other women; attracting other women will boost his ego.

10 He Does Things His GF Wouldn't Allow, Like Spend A Night On The Couch Playing Video Games

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You two have been in a serious relationship for an extended period, and there are certain hobbies you did not favour that he has picked up again without caring. What is he trying to do?  He is trying to prove to his girlfriend that he will no longer accept being held away from the goodies he enjoys.

Not only that, but when men no longer care about their significant others, they start doing the things that make them feel liberated that their partners do not like to annoy them. Men are over their girlfriends when they start showing that their girlfriends have been a burden on them, and they do so by doing things like lounging playing video games all day or watching GoT in the wee hours of the morning.

9 Suddenly, He's A Fashion Guru

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He has been lazily wearing sweatpants with you throughout your entire relationship, and now he scrolls through his 'gram feed to check out the fashion for some inspiration. He no longer wants to have your heart, but steal other women's hearts, so he starts brushing up on all the newest trends and starts spending dough on designer items.

If he drastically, from one week to the next goes from hipster to frat boy, without even consulting his girlfriend, it is a telltale sign that he is no longer into his main chick, since he is now making his own decisions. Becoming a fashion guru is another way to tell a woman "Thank U, Next."

8 He'll Make New Friends

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What will a millennial man do if he is over his girlfriend? He will find stimulation by making new friends. His bro-ships have probably suffered since the commencement of his relationship with his girlfriend, so he tries to fill the void by making new friendships.

Ladies, no man will have a handful of new friends for no absolute reason; and quite frankly, the reason behind that is because he no longer wants to get with his girlfriend. When men get fed up of the same apple, they fetch for shinier apples on the apple tree, which is why they tend to go out and find new rad bros to replace you.

7 He Starts Having Fun With Fur Babies

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Men do not wake up one morning and suddenly love something that they were once against, unless they want to prove a point, like making it obvious that they’re over their lover.

For many, pets are like best friends; when a person has a bad day or tumultuous week, they turn to their fur babies to make them happy, because they are fur balls of joy. So, if a man is dealing with the fact that he no longer is into the woman he is dating, he may turn to pets, like fluffy and loving dogs to make himself feel at ease. Or, if a woman does not like pets or want them in her home, a man will purposely bring home a dog - red flag!

6 He Makes Social Media A New Hobby

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To lubricate the process, men turn to something that is so easy; something we like to call social media.

In the palm of our hands, we have a phone that instantly delivers gratification, which is exactly what a man wants when he is over a woman. As we all know though, phones could be a very dangerous thing with its convenience. He may not be weeping over the fact that he is over his girlfriend, but instead he'll be hounding down women on the 'gram so he can slip into their DMs ― or maybe he just wants to look at what is out there; at what he believes he is missing.

However, ladies, keep an eye open; if he suddenly is always on his phone and has become a digital stalker, he is doing more than just "browsing."

5 He May Have A New Woman Every Week

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A man who is over his girlfriend will start hanging out with all the fish in the sea. What we mean by that is that he will secretly - or not secretly - have new women surrounding him as it offers consolation for what he is going through; it is a distraction and is also the way single men live.

Simply explained, it is like he is swiping right in real life when he is out; whatever he can get, he'll take. If men start ditching their women to go out with or without the boys, and surround themselves by women, it is only obvious they no longer want to be committed. Now, we want to make it clear, this does not mean they are engaging in anything physical but it is still a red flag.

4 He Picks Up A Bad Habit

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What turns a woman off more than her man picking up a habit she absolutely detests? Nothing at all.

And this brings us to notifying all the women out there that if your man decides on the whim to pick up a bad habit, this means he does not care about the consequences, like you possibly leaving him. As a matter of fact, that is what he wants you to do; he is doing it for the sake of doing something you dislike so you can dump him. Men do these things when they're over their girlfriends because they start to think about themselves and not their partners anymore. Don’t let him make a bad habit out of you.

3 He Sulks Around

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If a man is over a woman, why would he sulk?

He may believe that his choice is the wrong one, or he may regret what he is doing, so he finds comfort in sulking. However, even if he believes he made the right decision, he will still wallow in despair because he wants people to notice, especially his lingering girlfriend. Actions speak louder than words, right? Some men do not have the right words to say, or do not know how to break the news vocally, so they'll zone out and lay around while doing nothing productive. And after all the partying, late nights with the boys and meeting new people, they'll need to sulk because of the mental exhaustion.

2 He Eats Like He's Been Forever Famished

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He is going to the gym like it is his new sanctuary, he has amped up his style game and changed his look, but he is pigging out on everything, too ― what in the world is happening?

Just like women do, men also eat their feelings and emotions away; their brains are wired to tell them to constantly munch because of the distress.

Men who start eating uncontrollably are usually going through something that they do not know how to express, like getting over their girlfriends. Men will also start to gorge on some fatty food, and all the sugar in the world because they want to get on a woman's nerves and intentionally push them and their feelings way.

1 He Picks Up A New Sport

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Trust the process ladies, but do not trust a man who wakes up in the morning and goes golfing with his buddies you have never heard of.

You may think we are crazy for saying this, because yes, it may be the greatest thing if a man decides to get active and pick up more sports. However, the difference here, is that if a man was never active, never made the initiation before to get into sports, and randomly picks up a football one day and chooses that over spending any time with his SO, he is intentionally pushing his relationship to the side.

When men fall out of love, they pick up new hobbies like sports to get back into shape, to make use of their time, to get back to how they once were or to just show off.  It is the "newness" of things that should set off an alarm for women.

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