Jimmy Choo And Off-White Shoes Finally Available Online

Fashionistas are stomping around with ecstasy over the arrival of what they deem to be the best stilettos to hit the runway of late. It's a buzz that first erupted in Paris earlier in February, when the fashion world focused its mascara-heavy eyes on the city's Spring 2018 fashion Mecca, that witnessed the debut of the latest Off-White line of shoes. Fabrics might be the draw, but the footwear designed by Virgil Abloh and Jimmy Choo, stole the show.

Inspired by the luxurious tastes of the late Princess Diana, whose style was never in question, the shoes combine the elegant touches of Choo with Abloh's pret-a-porter approach to design. The footwear, which also boasts floral-print styles and plastic-wrapped heels, have already been choice additions to the wardrobe of the likes of Rihanna and Naomi Campbell.

The Off-White clothing line has long been the rage among the jet-setting glitterati, which explains all the fuss over the latest collaboration between Abloh and Choo. And most of them had no problem digging into their purses to grab a pair of the much-hyped line.


So, what's out there and how much will they set other admirers back? A glance on Choo's pre-order site demonstrates a lot of hammers might be breaking open piggy-banks for a set. To date, Choo has nine styles of stilettos, dress shoes, boots, and sandals that will cost most of the minions out there a pretty penny.

For starters, the open-toe Jane model and the Charlie Flat sandal each go for $1,085. If boots are your thing, be prepared to part with $1,570 for the Sara style, or if you want to splurge a bit, spend an extra couple hundred on the Elisabeth model. If you lean towards the ultra-extravagant, Victoria shoes top the list at $1,995 a pair, followed by the Claire at $1,350. The more bargain conscious of high-end fashion victims can opt for the Anne line, which comes in three styles: two of them for $1,085 and a third that's almost a hundred bucks cheaper.

Regardless of your tastes, if you want to go all-out, take it from the star circuit: Choo lines seem to be a real shoe-in.

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