Jim & Pam: 20 Things That Just Don't Make Sense

Through nine seasons of The Office, we got to see the friendship between Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert grow into a relationship and then a long-term commitment. They were one of our favourite couples on the show because they seemed like soulmates right from the beginning. We wanted things to work out between them even when it seemed like it wasn’t going to. They definitely had more downs than we thought they would for two soul mates destined to be together.

As perfect as the two seemed, there were many inconsistencies in their relationship that didn’t add up from what we knew about them in the earlier seasons. We can blame the writers for how we saw changes in the characters as the show went on that broke the fairytale relationship we wanted. The closer we looked at Pam and Jim’s relationship, the more we saw a lot of cracks in the surface that we just didn’t understand.

There were times when even the biggest fans saw things in their relationship that just didn’t make any sense, like these 20 things.

20 Pam Spent A Lot Of Time With Jim While Engaged, And It Wasn't Subtle

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Pam and Jim definitely started out as friends but it was pretty obvious to everyone that Jim had a thing for Pam. Fans knew that there was much more going on between them than they were willing to admit at the time. Pam was unhappy with Roy and their three-year engagement and she naturally gravitated towards Jim because of it.

They may have acted like it was no big deal to hang out while in the office but Pam always looked guilty when Roy would pick her up after work and Jim would always make himself scarce. She never acted on her feelings for Jim, but it didn’t stop her from flirting with him.

19 Jim Never Went To Pam’s Art Show

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Considering how Jim felt about Pam, it was a surprise to fans that he didn’t go to her art show, especially since he of all people must have known how much it meant to her. Granted, he was in a relationship at the time but he could have easily gone to support her as a “friend.”

We really couldn’t understand his reasoning for not being there as it’s not like he stopped talking to her once he started a new relationship. She was able to confront him and everyone else about it at the beach and it was pretty obvious that her feelings had been hurt.

18 Pam Blamed Jim For Her Parents' Divorce

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During Season Five, there was a two-part episode called "Stress Relief" and it showed a side of Pam that fans didn’t really like. Pam's parents were having problems at the time and her father was staying with them. She couldn’t get her father to talk to her about it, so she asked Jim to do it for her even though that must have been incredibly awkward for him.

Her father ended up choosing divorce and Pam went assumed that it must somehow be Jim’s fault. That led to her having thoughts that maybe she and Jim were wrong for each other, which was completely irrational on her part.

17 Jim Started A Company Without Telling Pam

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It’s pretty much understood that when you get married you have to run major decisions by your spouse before investing money or changing your career. Jim had the idea of trying out a new career venture and he suggested to Pam that they move and it started to freak her out. The company was still on the ground and Pam was already happy with the life that they had close to family.

He took the risk of causing resentment in their relationship by going ahead and doing what he wanted. Jim tried to leave to go back to Philadelphia but Pam was not having any part of that. "I think you should stay and we should fight." It was probably the best thing they could have done for their relationship.

16 Pam Didn’t Get Mad Enough When Jim Invested All Their Money

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Part of establishing a new company meant that Jim had to invest some money in the project. As a couple, they had already determined how much they were going to invest. But once Jim was in the meeting with his partners, he decided to invest a lot more money than they had agreed upon.

When Pam found out she was upset, rightfully. She was worried about their savings and money for their children’s future and it wasn’t okay for Jim to decide that sort of thing without talking to her first. It was just one of those times when it seemed like they weren’t connecting.

15 Jim Doesn’t Get His Wife To The Hospital

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We loved Jim’s reaction when he first found out that Pam was pregnant. They planned out the delivery ahead of time and Pam was determined not to go to the hospital until after midnight as it would allow them to have an extra day in the hospital without being charged.

Her water broke while she was at work and she was so stubborn that she refused to go to the hospital. What didn’t make sense about the whole thing was that Jim just allowed her to do whatever she wanted. By not going to the hospital right away she was putting both herself and the baby at risk, not to mention how she came close to delivering the baby right there in the office.

14 Despite Jim's Attempts To Comfort Pam She Still Didn’t Trust Him With The New Girl

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Cathy came into the scene during a time when Pam was feeling insecure because of her pregnancy. Cathy had a crush on Jim and even had plans of taking him from Pam. Pam certainly had every reason not to trust Cathy but it was super weird to see her conspire with Dwight to see if Jim was also interested in Cathy.

Call it pregnancy hormones if you want but it seemed strange for her to think that Jim would do that after everything that he went through in order to be with Pam. Jim just wasn’t that kind of guy.

13 Jim Wasn’t Allowed To Follow His Dream

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For most of The Office, we saw Pam following her dream of being an artist. It wasn’t until Season Nine where we saw that Jim really wanted to pursue a dream of his own. So, it was surprising when Pam seemed to be so against everything that he tried to accomplish. Jim finally saw an opportunity to get out of the sales position that he was in. He wanted to provide for his family and have a job that he could be proud of. Pam resented his time away even though she had done the same thing at one point in their relationship.

Jim gave up on his dream and it wasn’t until the last episode of the series that she told him he could have what he wanted. It was quite unfair.

12 The Proposal Was Out Of Character


One thing that we know about Jim from the many seasons we watched is that he put a lot of effort into things when it came to Pam. Whether it was gifts that he was giving her or events that he took her to, there always seemed to be that little “Jim” touch to everything that he did.

So, fans were surprised when he got down on one knee at the gas station and proposed to Pam. It seemed so out of character for him to put virtually no effort whatsoever into his proposal. You would have thought he would pull out all the stops to impress Pam.

11 They Both Confessed Their Feelings While Being With Someone Else

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Jim was the first one to reveal his feelings while Pam was still engaged to Roy and he didn’t get the reaction that he was looking for. Pam eventually ended up breaking off her relationship but by then Jim wasn’t even working at the Scranton branch any longer. These two were both single at some point during the show but even then, Pam wouldn’t confess her feelings.

It wasn’t until Jim came back to Scranton with his new girlfriend, Karen, that Pam started to have some regrets. Pam continued to flirt with Jim and made it awkward for his new girlfriend. Then she confessed her feelings on the beach right in front of his girlfriend. Classy!

10 No Fighting Until The Last Season


Throughout the series, we saw the relationship between Pam and Jim grow and for the most part, it was a cute one filled with many romantic gestures. They have such a great relationship that many people considered them to be #goals. We saw this kind of behaviour season after season. We really didn’t see them having major fights, they just seemed like two peas in a pod.

That was until Season Nine when the writers apparently thought they needed to add some turmoil. Then we saw them constantly fighting and eventually going to counselling. What happened, it made no sense?

9 Jim Treated His Date Badly

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Jim was constantly seen as one of the nicest guys out there and quite the catch. But oddly enough his affection for Pam caused him to treat the women he was actually dating badly. We would see Jim get frustrated because he wanted to be with Pam who was with someone that didn’t treat her well, but that was no excuse for how he treated women.

Katie was gorgeous and she was the first girl that he dated on the show. He could have moved on with her and been happy. However, Jim got so upset on the Booze Cruise because Pam and Roy finally set a wedding date that he broke up with Katie even though she did nothing wrong.

8 Jim Reported Pam To H.R.

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It must have been hard for Jim to see Pam in a relationship, especially when he knew that she deserved better. But that didn’t give him the right to complain to H.R. about her. In an episode called "Conflict Resolution," Pam found out that someone complained about her. Pam was surprised and bothered by this and she tried to get to the bottom of who did it.

The person who complained didn’t like that Pam was planning her wedding during office hours. Jim eventually admitted that it was him and Pam was mad at him, but we feel that she should have been madder because it wasn’t a very nice thing for a friend to do.

7 Pam Wasn’t There For Jim When He Really Needed Her

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Pam knew that she didn’t want to be a receptionist her whole life and really tried hard to pursue art. Jim was behind her the whole way even when she failed in the graphic arts program. She never had the same support from Roy, who seemed more bothered by her art than anything.

So, it was weird when Jim finally got a dream of his own that Pam seemed to be against it from the beginning. Although she allowed him to pursue it, she often made him feel guilty about being away. They did have children at the time, but he was trying to provide them with a better life.

6 Jim Stops Encouraging Pam

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Jim had always been a supportive person when it came to Pam pursuing her passion as an artist. He was always behind her, cheering her on. When Pam was able to take classes through Dunder-Mifflin, Jim was once again encouraging her. It meant that they would have a long-distance relationship for a period of time but Jim assured her that they would make it work.

Then Pam failed one of her classes and was forced to retake it to get her diploma. She wanted to quit because she missed Jim and he should have encouraged her to stick it out in order to start a career that she loved. But instead, he welcomed her back home and she gave up her dream of being an artist.

5 Pam Under-Appreciates What A Great Guy Jim Is

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Maybe it was just the fact that Pam was in a relationship for the first part of the series, but she really didn’t appreciate what an amazing guy Jim was right from the beginning. She was dating a guy who didn’t seem to care that much about her and yet Jim was doing these amazing things and it just didn’t seem to sink in with her.

The teapot gift episode alone was enough to make her realize just how much Jim cared about her. The effort he put in filling that teapot with incredible memories was something that most girls would wish for their own boyfriends to do. Even when they were together, it seemed like she really never got what an amazing guy Jim was.

4 Pam Talks About Her Relationship With The Boom Guy

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No doubt, in the last season there were some stressful times in their relationship. Jim was away, the documentary was being released and it seemed as if Pam was not as happy as she once was. She started to confide in the Boom Guy who was working on the documentary, which was the worst thing that she could've done.

What made it even more inappropriate was that the Boom Guy actually really liked Pam and wanted to start something up with her. It really didn’t make sense why she would break down and cry to the guy instead of talking to her own husband.

3 Pam Quits Her Job To Go With Michael

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Pam had a lot of issues with Jim going off and starting a new company and leaving her behind with the kids. But Pam also made some questionable decisions over the years and never worried about the effect it might have on her relationship. She quit her job randomly to become a salesperson, even though she had no experience, so that she could join Michael Scott and his new paper company.

There was no guarantee that she would make any money and, at least initially, there were no medical benefits so she was taking a huge risk by quitting her job. Once again, Jim blindly supported her even though it made no sense whatsoever.

2 They Have A Major Communication Breakdown For The First Time Ever

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By Season Nine, Pam and Jim are no longer a new couple. They have been together for a long time, they are married and have children. They have always been able to talk through problems and generally be there for each other no matter what.

So, it was weird that the writers would cause a huge communication breakdown between them. It got so bad that they had to go to counselling and they had to play these ridiculous communication games that just seemed to make them more irritated with each other. It didn’t make sense that their relationship deteriorated that much so quickly.

1 Pam Doesn’t Tell Jim She Broke Up With Roy

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If you finally realized that you'd made a huge mistake and let the love of your life get away, wouldn’t you move mountains in order to be with that person? Apparently not, if you’re Pam. She already knew that Jim was in love with her so the hard part was over. She also finally broke up with Roy so she was single and ready to mingle.

Why not pick up the phone, apologize and get Jim back? Pam does nothing and Jim moves onto another relationship, with Karen. It isn’t until he is taken that Pam finally breaks her silence and tells him she has feelings for him.

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