Jessica Simpson Says Husband's Five-Toed Shoes Put Her In The Mood

Jessica Simpson often shares snaps of her husband Eric Johnson with her 4.1 million Instagram followers and her latest post is no different, according to People.

The pair began dating in 2010, before tying the knot in 2014. Thankfully for the songstress, it looks like the romance is going stong. The couple have two children together, Maxwell and Ace. Parenthood might slow others down in the bedroom department, but not these two. Back in 2017, Simpson shared a snap for Johnson's 38th birthday that was almost NSFW that included the caption #IAMSOHOTFORYOU. If that wasn't enough, the Newlyweds star has once again taken to the social media platform to express her desire for her former NFL player husband's form. This time, it's his feet that are getting her hot under the collar.

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In the post, it's Johnson's feet on display in a pair of five-toed sneakers. "My husband's shoe game makes me want to bang #morningwalk #ShoeCrushSaturday," Simpson captioned the candid picture. The choice of footwear may seem a little odd to most people, but Johnson's black and red Vibram running shoes retail for between $160-200 dollars. Jessica is no stranger to designer shoes herself. Her collection, which boasts sunglasses, handbags, accessories, jewelry, fragrances, and shoes is carried in hundreds of department stores across the United States. It also has the special distinction of being the first celebrity owned clothing line to break sales of over a billion dollars. When talking about the success of her collection to New York Magazine back in 2011, Simpson credited her ability to see past her own design favorites and look at the bigger picture. "When it comes to other celebrity brands, I think a lot of people do a great job," she said. "But it can't be all about them. Everybody doesn't want to just look like the celebrity, because they can't. They just want one element of that style."



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