Jesse Williams Allegedly Asks Children To Call His New Girlfriend 'Mom'

"Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse Williams has been under attack, but it's not for the same reason that some of his fellow male celebs have been called out for lately. When news broke that Williams had asked his children to call his new girlfriend the M-word ("Mom"), fans were outraged at the star and felt sympathy towards his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, with whom he shares daughter, Sadie (four) and son, Maceo (two). The couple split in April 2017 after five years of matrimony.

What Williams and Drake-Lee have now is not a peaceful co-parenting relationship. The former couple has been at odds since their marriage ended. The actor has accused his ex of keeping the kids from him over the holidays, and now they are due back in court on the basis of Drake-Lee being upset with Williams taking the children to his new girlfriend's house since October last year as well as attending a vacation with the girlfriend and children together. Drake-Lee claims that the children meeting the girlfriend violate a previous agreement “that neither parent will introduce the children to a boyfriend/girlfriend until the relationship has endured at least six months.”



In the past, Drake-Lee has said that she cried after her ex-husband brought cupcakes to their daughter's classroom for her birthday. She claimed that this went against a school policy for one birthday celebration a month for children born in that month. Drake-Lee also claimed that their daughter was upset that her mom didn't come to her "birthday party."

The newest frustration is Drake-Lee's allegation that Williams makes the children call his new girlfriend "Mama C." Court documents do not list the girlfriend's name, but Williams has been romantically connected to actress Minka Kelly as of last year, a few months after the marriage ended. Although, Minka's name doesn't explain the "Mama C" nickname.


Fans are split on their support of the parents. Some have fiercely stood on Drake-Lee's side, defending her on social media while others state that Williams has done nothing wrong. Do you side with Williams or Drake-Lee in particular? Or do you think they should both put aside their hurt feelings for each other and focus on their two adorable cutie-pies?


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