Jersey Shore: 20 Stunning Photos Of What Snooki Looks Like Today

We first met Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi when she appeared as a cast member on Jersey Shore in 2009. She was the breakout member of the cast, gaining the largest following almost instantly. After the show finished, Snooki went on to do a number of talk-show appearances and other business ventures centered on her personal brand.

It’s only when you compare the Snooki of today to the one that first appeared on Jersey Shore that you realize how much she’s changed. Now a wife and mom of three, Snooki looks completely different from her former self, though she has held onto a few classic Snooki traits that we all know and love.

Keep reading to see 20 stunning photos of what Snooki looks like in 2019.

20 She’s Soaring Like A Star


We always knew Snooki was meant to fly high. From the moment she appeared on the show, we knew we were seeing someone with a promising future, but it looks like we had no idea how promising! Even if Snooki has no real plans to become a pilot, she still looks stunning in the cockpit!

19 Mingling With Celebrities


While not all the cast of Jersey Shore ended up becoming major celebrities after the show, Snooki is now a household name. It makes sense that she would mingle with celebrities and be able to take selfies with them, as she’s doing here on a flight with Australian movie star Hugh Jackman.

18 She’s Officially A Cheer Mom


Over the years, Snooki has documented her journey to fitness and has even become a source of inspiration for those looking to get in shape. Now that she’s a mom of three, it’s a little harder to find the time to exercise, which is why she’s an official cheer mom.

17 Getting Into The Halloween Spirit


Snooki has been known for rocking some memorable fashion, and Halloween is no exception. Getting into the spirit of the day, she posted this photo of herself and her son at school where he was dressed up Spider-Man and she was dressed as a witch. In the best way possible, that hat totally suits her!

16 She’s An Entrepreneur Now


Snooki has definitely come a long way from her days at the shore. Now, she’s an entrepreneur with a sea of business ideas flowing. In addition to authoring her own books, Snooki has her own Snooki shop that sells clothes and accessories. She’s also spoken at universities as an official guest speaker.

15 Loving Being A Mom


During her time on the show, Snooki did sometimes mention how she’d like to be a mom one day. And it looks like that dream has come true three times! Snooki looks her best when she’s with her kids because she’s doing what makes her the happiest. Motherhood just gives her a natural glow.

14 Her Daughter Is A Mini-Me


Can we just talk about how Snooki’s daughter is a total mini-me! Though her two sons, Lorenzo and Angelo, kind of look more like their dad, Jionni, the couple’s daughter, Giovanna, is basically a tiny Snooki. Little Giovanna is only five years old, but she’s already giving us Nicole vibes!

13 How Her Style Has Changed!


Some things about Snooki have remained the same over the years. But if we compare 2019 Snooki from the Snooki we met on Jersey Shore, it’s clear that a lot has changed too! Snooki’s style is majorly different from how it used to be, with the reality star now going for looks that tend to be more conservative.

12 Still Rocking Those Animal Prints


While most of Snooki’s style has changed, there is one element that she seems to have maintained over the years: the animal print. We used to see quite a bit of leopard on Snooki during her time at the shore, and it looks like she’s still rocking those animal prints.

11 Still A Poser And We Love It


If you take a quick scroll through Snooki’s Instagram, you’ll notice that she is still a poser. There are a few photos where she’s taking a selfie and posing like nothing has changed, and we love it! That sass and self-confidence is why we fell in love with Snooki in the first place!

10 Her Hair Has Never Looked So Luscious


When we first got to know Snooki, her hair was long and raven-black. Today, it is still long (we just can’t picture her with short hair!), but it is significantly more luscious. We don’t know what she’s been doing to get it looking so healthy, but she should definitely keep it up.

9 Mother-Daughter Dates


Even though most moms love all of their children equally, there seems to be this unspoken, strong bond between mothers and their daughters. When we see photos like this one, of Snooki and Giovanna spending quality time together, it gives us some serious feels— and not just because they’re basically twins!

8 Makeup-Free And Beautiful


Over the years, we have seen Snooki rock the Guidette makeup. We’ve also seen her wearing other makeup styles, which she looks beautiful in. It’s less often that we get to see her going totally makeup free like she is in this picture. But she should do it more often because she’s stunning!

7 Double Dating Has A New Meaning


Back in the days of Jersey Shore, double dating for Nicole and Jen used to mean hooking up with two Guido guys. Now, it means taking their daughters out for some fun! We are loving this picture uploaded to Snooki’s Instagram of the four of them all dressed up and having a ball.

6 Still A Fan Of Makeup


Like we said, we love it when Snooki goes makeup free– but we also love it when she rocks different makeup styles, since most anything ends up suiting her. She gives us serious inspiration to play around with our own make-up kits, though something tells us we won’t end up with a result that is quite this good!

5 Right At Home With Her Kids


Snooki is good at a lot of things and there are a lot of places where she feels at home– like in front of a camera, by the beach, in the gym, etc.– but the one place where she seems to be the most at home is with her kids, being a supportive mama.

4 The Poof Is Gone


The biggest difference between the Snooki we first met on Jersey Shore and the Snooki of 2019 is that the infamous poof is now gone. These days, the reality star is rocking a significantly different hair style. We have to say, she is looking her best now. She is officially hair goals!

3 But Not Forgotten


For the most part, Snooki’s poof is gone. But it certainly isn’t forgotten. She posted this photo paying tribute to her famous poof, so you never know. We may see it rise up again in the future! Even though we like the flat hair better, the poof is still quintessentially Snooki!

2 Still Beautiful And Tanned

Today Show

The cast of Jersey Shore was famous for a few things. In addition to loving clubbing and big hair, they also loved to be tanned by any means necessary. If you look at Snooki today, many years after the show has wrapped up, you can see that she is still beautiful and tanned!

1 Still Friends With The Gang

Us Weekly

Jersey Shore (as we knew it) may be over, but that doesn’t mean that Snooki has turned her back on the friendships she made at the beach. She is still friends with the gang, even posting the occasional picture with some of them. In this photo, we can see JWoww and Deena along with Snooki.

Source: Instagram

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