Cast Of 'Jersey Shore' Makes Nice With Angelina Pivarnick

Um, hello?! It’s been eight awkward years of silence and sunless tanning for Angelina Pivarnick formerly known as Angelina “Jolie” Pivarnick. But, at long last, the ousted Jersey Shore cast member and the rest of the cast have made peace with their eight-year feud. Pivarnick ended up leaving the show several times throughout the first and second seasons of the popular MTV reality show after fighting (verbally and physically) with many of the roommates.

During the first season, Pivarnick made a huge fuss before infamously exiting the house - and effectively, the season. Much to the surprise of the fans of the show, the rest of the cast and probably to Pivarnick herself, she was asked back when the show was renewed for a second season. But Pivarnick was up to her old tricks when she got into a physical altercation with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

But recently, on last Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Pivarnick came back, seeking forgiveness. It seems that time has mellowed the former reality star.

When Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Polizzi returned to the house and found Pivarnick waiting for them, they weren’t too pleased with the producer’s sneaky surprise. Farley walked off while Polizzi whipped up a shouting storm of insults.


Back in the day, a frosty reception like this would have likely sent Pivarnick into a wild rage with chaos ensuing. But Pivarnick demonstrated a new side of herself when she turned the other tanned cheek. She promised that she had returned for a chance to “redeem” herself. She also apologized for all of the hurtful comments that she had said in the past, including making fun of Polizzi’s lip injections.

"I was spiteful, I was immature and I shouldn’t have went that way," Pivarnick said. "I want a clean slate where from this point forward, no problems."

Housemate Ronnie Ortiz-Magro seemed to believe Pivarnick and encouraged others, especially Polizzi, to give her a chance. That chance began with allowing her to party with the group that night, and Polizzi ultimately agreed.


Polizzi and Pivarnick, former sworn enemies, ended up "beating the beat" together which is Jersey code for dancing the night away and having a grand ol’ time. They came home as newfound gal pals, which Farley was upset over at first. But all ended well as the group seemed to accept Pivarnick into their tight knit family. Ultimately, a decision had to be made as to whether their former exiled roommate could stay on for the rest of the summer and the group decided against the idea.

"You are a good person,” Farley told Pivarnick. "I would like to get to know you more, but I don’t want to get to know you more here."

You can catch all the GTL drama for yourself next Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.


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