Jennifer Lopez Says Less Is More

There were times when, at the height of Jennifer Lopez's career she got so high-falutin' famous, folks wondered if she lost touch with her roots. And then there are times when she comes across like she's like the much-sung "Jenny From the Block." In this case, J.Lo gets low, as in grounded, natural, and one which women her age can relate to.

The topic that's got the 48-year-old celebrity back on terra firma these days? Well, it's about makeup.

You see, J. Lo is really concerned about how cosmetic trends are veering more and more towards women applying cakes and layers of foundation and goop on their faces. And she's decided to put her foot down on the issue.

"People want to see your natural beauty shine through," said the singer-actress.

"For me that's the most important thing: You don't see makeup coming at you, but you see a beautiful girl coming at you. Enhance me. Don't make me look like I'm wearing a mask, so if people come up to me, they go: ‘Look at all that makeup she has on. She must look like crap when she wakes up.' That's not the desired effect."

Not only crap, but there could be long-term consequences to the putty-knife mentality of makeup application. Such as the untested theory that all those heavy cosmetics might prompt chiropractors to issue warnings that all that weight added to the face might result in premature curvatures of the spine. Unrealistic? Definitely. But still...


Lopez, who recalls those early days when she used to slap on the stuff, said she looked like a clown sometimes. Which is why she's stressing that women aim for more of a natural glow that shows more of their natural facial features, rather than undergo a makeover that would require the expertise of a HGTV handyman.

According to Lopez, less is more when it comes to beauty treatment. It's also the premise behind the launch of her new line being distributed by Inglot Cosmetics, which was ramped up on Thursday after a glitzy showcase in Las Vegas. It's currently available online, at Inglot venues, and a few Macy's locations.

It's a collection of 70 items: nail polish, lashes, powders, and highlighter products... yep it's all there, except all that pore-clogging foundation. Sure, she'd love it if you tried her wares, but she doesn't distinguish between her own options. Lopez likes high-end products such as what's available in the Tom Ford collection, but in what could best be described as an OMG moment, she also digs what she can find at K-Mart.

Now that's being grounded!

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