Jennifer Lopez Shares How Marc Anthony Helped Her Find A Boost In Confidence

Jennifer Lopez, 49, recently decided to credit her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, 50, in increasing her confidence in terms of her singing abilities.

According to Entertainment Online, she made the comments on a recent episode of Sunday Today.

She said that while she was married to him, Marc knew that she suffered in her confidence levels for her own music. He actually said to her  "You're a great singer. Don't ever let anybody tell you-you're not a great singer." The two have worked together on 'No Me Ames', a duet that came out in 1999. So, it's possible that this was actually a sincere message to her.


This is something you would not expect to hear from someone who was involved in a divorce in 2014. However, it is something that's happened and it shows that there was, in fact, a level of understanding for the two. As in, they both knew that being in a relationship meant supporting each other, no matter how hard it got. It also shows that Lopez is someone who won't just jump on the typical bandwagon of dissing their former loved one, just because it wasn't a fairytale marriage.

Despite her ability to credit Marc now, she possibly didn't always find that so easy to do. As reported in another EOnline article, she found it difficult to deal with simply because it wasn't what she wanted out of a marriage. It must be noted that her relationship with him now, seems to be far better, at least as friends and parents. In fact, they've been co-parenting their children, son Max, and daughter Emme. This means that they do realize how to work together and lead children. This is no easy task, especially since these two work in the world of entertainment if they do one wrong thing, the other can easily find out and then trouble will follow. Meaning, there is a high level of communication that is active within both of their lives, even though they used to be married and didn't enjoy that reality all the time.

Overall, Jennifer Lopez received support in a relationship, that in the end, just didn't work out. She doesn't seem to be angry about it and comes off as someone who is capable of crediting those who have helped her get to the point she sits at today.

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