19 Jennifer Aniston Selfies You Didn’t Know You Needed To See Today

Jennifer Aniston is one of the world’s most beloved actresses. Best known for her incredible role as “Rachel” on the hit series, “Friends,” she has lived much of her life in front of the camera. Professional cameras seem to follow her everywhere inclusive of the red carpet and on-set for one of the many adventures she has embarked on for her career. With the world so incredibly obsessed with Jennifer Aniston’s image, it’s no wonder that everyone tunes in when she posts a selfie of herself. In fact, to get a sense of how powerful her following is, Instagram temporarily crashed when she joined and began posting her selfies!

People reports that on October 16th of this year, Jennifer Aniston gained 6.5 million followers in under one day when she made her Instagram debut. Her first posted selfie garnered over 8 million likes within the first 24 hours of being posted. Let’s take a look at 19 Jennifer Aniston selfies you didn’t know you needed to see today.

19 Friends!


There is no better way to begin Jenn’s selfie gallery than to post a photo of all her “Friends.” Those who grew up watching the show are likely among the many that continue to watch the reruns on television today! This show is still in syndication…..15 years after the last episode aired!

18 Kissy-Face!

Via Daily Mail

The kissy-face selfie is a critical one in every gallery! Jennifer Aniston stuns in full make-up, with her hair perfectly coiffed, thanks to the amazing stylist you see in the photo! Many women across the globe went to their hair salons requesting “The Rachel” when Friends was in its prime.

17 Leading Ladies

Via People

Look at these three! The leading ladies of the show have maintained a very close bond which has lasted well after the filming days. Capturing a selfie with her leading ladies is a beautiful moment. We hear many stories of the cast of shows that cannot get along and end up arguing intensely when the cameras stop rolling. It’s nice to see this was not the case for these three.

16 Mature

Via ENews

This awesome selfie shows a mature, casual side of Jen, as she poses with Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox. True friends in real life, they are often seen spending time together, and Jenn’s Facebook posts boast a large number of selfies with her friends from the show. Over 15 years later, they have stuck together and continue to make new memories as a group.

15 Kitchens Bring Us Together

Via DailyMail

It’s true what they say – the kitchen is a space where friends and family unite, congregate, share stories, and create memories. This kitchen is full of lady-love and they all look like they’re relaxed and enjoying a day of casual fun. Looking fresh-faced and happy, this selfie truly captures the natural beauty of Jen Aniston.

14 Make-up-Free Sillies

Via NewsGrooveUK

What’s the fun in taking selfies if you can’t get crazy once in a while? This rarely – seen, fun side of Jenn is captured in this fabulous selfie with her favorite gals. Looking natural and make-up free, the ladies appear to be enjoying some casual fun together that they couldn’t resist sharing with the rest of us!

13 Ladies Night

Via EveningStandard

Out for a dinner, this ladies' night selfie captures the beauty and bond between these two real-life friends. Jen’s role as Rachel Greene was described by Wikipedia as being “one of the greatest female characters in American television history.” Jennifer remains one of the highest-paid female actresses in Hollywood today.

12 With Kate Hudson

Via Pinterest

Yes, it may shock you, but believe it or not, Jennifer Aniston does have friends outside of the ones she met during the filming of the show! She’s seen in this selfie having some fun with her pal Kate Hudson. Kate was one of the guests on the exclusive guest list for Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party celebration.

11 Chillin'

Via Instagram

This fun selfie of Jen Aniston with friend Chris Mcmillan is a keeper. They both look so animated as they prep for an event behind the scenes. These two spend a lot of time with one another and share a very close bond. Chris has been the sole hair-stylist used by Jen for the duration of her entire career.

10 Gorgeous

Via USAToday

Jennifer Aniston’s personal life is as documented as her career is. Living life in the spotlight has meant that many of her personal struggles have been exposed for all to see. One of her childhood issues has been the report that her mother used to tell Jen that she wasn’t pretty enough. She’d be proud to know that in 2016 People Magazine crowned her with the title of “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”.

9 Good Vibes Only!

Via Peoplite

Just as her sweatshirt suggests, Jen Aniston likes good vibes only! She has spent a lot of her time, and her earnings bettering the charities that are close to her heart. She’s often seen in commercials demonstrating her support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. According to ‘Look To The Stars’, she has also been a big supporter of Friends Of El Faro, a charity that improves the lives of children in Tijuana orphanages.

8 Justin Theroux

Via Scoopnest

Keeping it classy, as she always does, Jennifer Aniston just always seems to have it together. This photo shows her having some fun with then-hubby Justin Theroux. The two were married in 2015 and just 3 short years later, they released a report to the media forecasting their upcoming divorce. This actress really knows how to maintain her integrity – this was one of the least-dramatic divorces that Hollywood has ever seen.

7 The Bob!

Via MarieClaire

Just like that, her hair is gone! Taking the plunge on a new-do, Jen and her close friend and stylist Chris Mcmillan are sharing her new look for the world to see. The fun revelation of the hair cut was a drastic change for Jen, whose signature look has always been connected to her long locks.

6 Endorsements

Via Glamour

Jennifer Aniston has appeared in many commercials over the years. She even starred in a commercial with her Friends friend Matthew Perry for the release of a new Microsoft Operating System instructional video. She has also appeared in endorsements for L’Oreal and Aveeno, to name just a few.

5 Selfie In Progress

Via Insider

Yes! We found a photo of Jen taking a selfie! Here’s a fun fact for you…according to the Los Angeles Times, Jen has a separate phone that she uses for social media. In an interview with them, she told the LA Times that she doesn’t want social media to become addictive, so she has a separate phone for posting on her social media outlets and dedicates time to posting….then puts the phone away!

4 Fun Hobbies


Jennifer Aniston has some pretty fun hobbies that occupy her free time. She has an incredible interest in sculpting and spends a lot of time sculpting clay in her friend’s studio in LA. In an interview she did with InStyle, she talked about her love for sculpting as well as her interest in Yoga, and boxing.

3 Fundraiser

Via BostonHerald

Well, this was a fundraiser like no other. The Hilary Clinton Presidential Fundraiser was an absolutely out-of-this-world event. The Hollywood Reporter documented the ticket price to get into this event was a jaw-dropping $33,400 per person. It was indeed a star-studded event, and Jen Aniston threw her support in this direction as well, making an appearance to this awesome party!

2 First Couple’s Selfie

Via ENews

This is the first couple’s selfie taken by Jennifer and Justin, just a short while before their marriage dissolved. This rare glimpse into Jennifer’s personal life was an awesome selfie to share, since she keeps her personal life to herself most of the time. This photo was taken as she celebrated her 48th birthday.

1 Other Appearances

Via USWeekly

Clearly “Friends” is what we will always associate with Jennifer Aniston’s success, but it’s important to note that she appeared in many other Hollywood productions. Some of her movie roles include a leading role in “Marley And Me,” “We’re The Millers,” and “Office Space.” Most of her movies have grossed well over $200 million in worldwide box office receipts.

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