Jennifer Aniston Tells All About Her Paranormal “Roommate”

On a recent talk show, Jennifer Aniston revealed that she used to live with a ghost

While most of us love a good ghost story and a paranormal movie here and there, actually sharing living space with a member of the other world isn't something that the majority of the public would be jazzed about.

Then there's actress Jennifer Aniston, who seems to take everything, including a paranormal pal, in stride. It's rumored that there are more spirits in Los Angeles than you can shake a pair of dowsing rods at and when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Los Angeles is a place where generations of people have come to chase their dreams. Alcohol and drugs are plentiful and so are broken hearts. They say that spirits tend to hang around when there's unfinished business in the air and just imagine all of the unfinished business that can be involved for dream-chasers.


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According to CNN, Aniston recently guested on The Late Show with James Corden in order to promote her new Netflix movie, Dumplin', and while there, revealed to Corden and his audience that she lived in an actual haunted house when she first moved to Los Angeles in order to start her acting career.

Pre-Friends, young Aniston dealt with strange goings-on such as the coffee-maker starting up unexpectedly or the dishwasher starting up on its own in her first L.A. residence. These spooky instances were not a one time deal. In fact, they happened so frequently that Aniston hired a real-life ghost whisperer to try to cure the issue.

"They had frankincense and they put it in a little dish," Aniston told Corden. "And started saying all these things and the corner that she went to the dish cracked."



She went on to tell the talk show host that the ghost whisperer discovered that the spirit couldn't stand her roommate. Apparently, the whole ghost situation was so distressing that Aniston ghosted her roommate. She said that she just moved out without saying why because she would have felt terrible telling her roommate that the ghost didn't like her.

Corden wondered what happened to Aniston's roommate. Was she okay after living alone with a ghost who strongly disliked her?

The actress admitted that to this day, she isn't too sure about the roommate's fate but later insisted that "she's fine ... I don't know, I got out of there too quick."

Yikes! How would you react if you found out that a ghost in your home couldn't stand your roommate? Let us know in the comments!

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