Jennifer Aniston & 19 Other Famous Women Bradley Cooper Has Been Involved With

First there was Beatle mania. Now, decades later, we're in the midst of Cooper mania in the wake of the phenomenon surrounding Bradley Cooper and his starring role in the modernized version of A Star Is Born! Cooper's performance as the troubled singer-songwriter Jackson Maine, who discovers and champions the career of Ally, an aspiring singer who is in the process of figuring out who she is as a performer and person, made us remember why we love him so much.

Not only did Jackson and Ally fall in love, the general public seems to have fallen in love with Bradley Cooper IRL. The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in the film is strikingly evident, and it has famously extended off-screen, and on to countless public appearances. Their bond is so obvious, the internet has been abuzz with rumors surrounding a real-life romance; a certain Grammy performance certainly did not help silence the talk!

Bradley and Gaga's chemistry is limited to a heavy dose of movie magic and a perfectly platonic friendship, but B. Coop certainly has been on the arm of other famous women! From falling in love behind the scenes of his films to tying the knot and realizing it may have been a "not" marriage, to finding the love of his life and starting a family, Bradley Cooper has courted some special women! Feel the love and remember the babes of Bradley!

20 Romance: Jennifer Esposito

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"B.Coop" has charmed the hearts of countless female fans around the world and worked his magic on plenty of female celebrities, but there was one woman who took the plunge and made Bradley Cooper a married man!

Bradley walked down the aisle with Jennifer Esposito when they wed in December 2006. The tone of the couple's relationship leading up to their nuptials was a rather quiet one. The coy couple had met only months earlier, and Bradley popped the question only two months before the wedding, according to People magazine.

Jennifer later detailed their marriage and divorce in a memoir.

19 Rumor: Cameron Diaz

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There's something about this Charlie's Angel! Cameron Diaz was on top of her cinematic game during the mid-2000s when she starred in classics such as the Charlie's Angels franchise and a romantic comedy for the ages, The Holiday! The critically acclaimed actress not only made an impression on cinematic audiences, but she made an impression on one particular Hollywood actor of the era!

Cameron met Bradley Cooper sometime in 2007, and the pair seemed smitten with one another! According to Zimbio, the duo "[was] spotted arm and arm enough times around New York City," but it was merely a friendly stroll!

18 Romance: Irina Shayk

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There's nothing like finding "the one" after a prolonged search for the perfect partner! Bradley Cooper found his person in Irina Shayk. Irina is not only Bradley's go-to regal and romantic red carpet date, but she is also the mother of Bradley's baby girl!

From tennis ball fueled dates to a baby on the way, Irina Shayk and Bradley have shared a whirlwind four years together. The couple has traveled around the world, even on family vacations with Bradley's mother! If photos of Irina and Bradley's mother together wasn't official enough, Irina made their relationship social media official soon after!

17 Rumor: Lady Gaga

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Even one look at the poster of their Blockbuster collaboration A Star Is Born can raise eyebrows regarding the chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper! Watching nearly two hours of passion evolve between the duo can easily make anyone wonder about the status of their relationship behind the scenes!

The internet has absolutely caught on to the idea of a budding romance between Gaga and Bradley. From interviews to a passionate duet at the Grammys which set the internet ablaze once more, there are a million reasons to think something's up, but the duo want you to know they're just acting together!

16 Romance: Jennifer Aniston

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The film He's Just Not That Into You tells the story of several couples and focuses on the problems surrounding their relationships, taking us through their respective trials and tribulations. Both Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper starred in the film but didn't cross paths in the story. However, the two actors wrote their own story IRL when they began a relationship!

Bradley and Jen once crossed paths at an event in 2013, as Us reports, and they were all smiles, as they were a few years earlier when they were "spotted getting chatty" on a date, according to E!. He was into her!

15 Rumor: Denise Richards

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Denise Richards is a model and icon, who knows a thing or two about famous men in Hollywood! Richards' famous ex is the actor Charlie Sheen and she is now married to Aaron Phypers, but in her single days the blonde bombshell was rumored to be romantically linked to Bradley Cooper.

2009 was a busy year for Bradley Cooper; he starred in He's Just Not That Into You and The Hangover, two triumphant film moments in his career. Behind the scenes, he was linked to Denise Richards. The two were spotted out at dinner together, but Denise wasn't that into him, as MTV reports.

14 Romance: Renée Zellweger

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Renée Zellweger famously portrays Bridget Jones in the Bridget Jones's Diary trilogy, where her character chronicles her ups and downs about love in her journal. If Renée kept a journal IRL detailing her romances, there would be an entry detailing a romance with Bradley!

Details of Renée and Bradley's relationship would cover multiple entries. The couple shared nearly two years together, as Us reports! In 2010, Bradley was quoted by the media outlet singing the praises of his lady, saying, "I just love her" when talking about their relationship. He wasn't verbose about their romance, stressing "I just can't [talk about it]." We like a private guy!

13 Rumor: Rachel McAdams

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Bradley Cooper's repertoire of female co-stars is rather vast! Rachel McAdams is among Bradley's leading ladies; the duo starred together in the 2015 film Aloha, and the actors also shared some time together off the screen!

Before Bradley and Rachel set off to Hawaii to film Aloha, the paparazzi spotted the future co-stars out to lunch together! According to E!, the future co-stars also "took a break from their meal to pose for photos with excited fans and staff of the local coffee spot."

Regarding the state of their lunch date, it was just business as usual, as friends!

12 Romance: Zoe Saldana

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Zoe Saldana's role in Bradley Cooper's life wasn't limited to that of his co-star in The Words. The actress charmed B. Coop, and the duo shared a brief but meaningful romance together.

Despite the romance's lasting period of three months, Zoe and Bradley were serious. According to E!, Zoe was "spotted on the town with Brad's mom." Introducing your lady to your mother is a pretty serious milestone in a relationship, no?

During their brief relationship, alone time was hard to come by. Us Weekly reported, "Cooper and his co-star in The Words got together and broke up twice, citing 'conflicting schedules.'"

11 Rumor: Mélanie Laurent

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Paris, France is known as "the city of love and romance," and the moniker has come in handy for Bradley!

The actor enjoyed a romantic getaway with an actress from France, Mélanie Laurent, back in 2011. The pair really soaked up France's romantic atmosphere when they were spotted "meeting for lunch at Ralph's, a restaurant next to the Ralph Lauren store along Paris' famed Boulevard St. Germain," according to the New York Daily News (via Us Weekly).

Laurent and Cooper's romance never bloomed past their romantic weekend together. Comme c'est romantique, for sure!

10  Romance: Suki Waterhouse

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Talk about a couple with style! Former flames Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse were frequently spotted on the red carpet together rocking some amazing threads. Not only were they style goals, these two were also goals for couple-dom!

Bradley and Suki were a couple for two years, and the reason for their breakup had to do with an inevitable question in many relationships: What's next? According to E!, "Cooper wanted to start a family, but Suki wasn't ready" to make the transition to Mom mode.

Thankfully, the former loves "remain friends," and there were no bad feelings.

9 Rumor: Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper's on-screen relationship in He's Just Not That Into You is full of edge-of-your-seat chemistry, leaving you endlessly wondering what would happen next in the triangle between them and Jennifer Connelly's character, who played Bradley's wife in the film.

Scarlett and Bradley's relationship IRL was much less dramatic. The extent of their real-life relationship resulted in what the Daily Mail once described as "a flirty dinner date," but the duo never graduated to eating dinner together every night as a couple! SheKnows once stated, "their relationship ended as soon as it began."

8 Romance: Isabella Brewster

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Those flirty relationships in which you are keeping things casual enough to have fun and don't have to worry about where things are going while enjoying each other's company are nice and chilled. This type of "hang loose" relationship was the type Bradley had with Isabella Brewster!

Photos that have surfaced of the couple feature them sitting courtside at a sporting event, and Bradley is seen gazing at Isabella, who looks like she's having a great time. Pop Sugar weighed in on their relationship, saying, "It seems clear on all accounts they were never too serious."

7 Rumor: Olivia Wilde

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From the looks of B. Coop's romantic history, filming The Words wasn't only memorable for cinematic reasons! Bradley met Zoe Saldana, who he dated for a few months, but he also spent time with Olivia Wilde on the set of The Words, and the duo was rumored to be romantically involved!

Us Weekly set the record straight when they reported Olivia's "rep told Us [she] was single and not dating Bradley," but the vibe between the couple seemed romantic when they attended an event together. They were seen "gabbing in a deejay booth and then hanging out on a rooftop."

6 Romance: Jennifer Lopez

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First, there was Ben Affleck, and then there was Bradley Cooper! Not only were the two actors co-stars in He's Just Not That Into You, but both romanced Jennifer Lopez at different points in time.

J-Lo's romance with Bradley was much more low-key than her whirlwind relationship with Ben, however. Back in 2011, Bradley and J-Lo enjoyed each other's company for a bit, and Bradley was apparently smitten with the singer. According to E!, as per an article from Us Weekly, Bradley was "pursuing Jen like crazy" before beginning their brief romance! Jen's friends weren't really on board, though.

5 Rumor: Sarah Jessica Parker

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Sarah Jessica Parker may be best remembered for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City, but did you know Bradley Cooper also had an early role on the critically acclaimed show?

The pair had come a long way from their early days spent in the fictitious world of Carrie Bradshaw's Manhattan when they co-starred as a couple in the rom-com, Failure To Launch, which could serve as a metaphor for any real-life relationship between the two.

B. Coop and SJP were strictly a platonic pair, who encountered an "oops" many co-stars go through: an awkward kissing scene!

4 Rumor: Victoria Keon-Cohen

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Talk about "model behavior" for a relationship! Model Victoria Keon-Cohen was rumored to be dating Bradley, who is two decades her senior. The age difference was not a problem for B. Coop, because he was charmed by Victoria's work on the runway!

Bradley and Victoria's budding romance began when he was "spotted out a few times" with her, as previously covered by The Talko, but any evidence of a relationship between the two was rather brief.

"Neither confirmed a romantic relationship," so what gives? The Sticky Facts listed Bradley and Victoria as being "just friends," hinting that their relationship never got off the metaphorical runway!

3 Rumor: Jennifer Garner

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Think about all of your old friends you haven't seen in ages, but it feels like no time has passed at all when you reunite. "Old pals" seems to be a good description for Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper, who famously co-starred together on Garner's TV debut Alias!

Every photo of Jennifer and Bradley show the two of them having a good time together, but that's really the extent of their relationship. They may have shared some steamy scenes together on Alias, but they were never a couple behind the scenes!

2 Rumor: Amy Adams

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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are known to be a tight on-screen duo, appearing in multiple films together. For American Hustle, they were joined by Amy Adams, where the threesome navigated the crazy party-filled decade of the 1970s!

Being around so many talented women might make some wonder whether Bradley Cooper was romantically involved with any of his co-stars, particularly Amy Adams. Well, Adams and Cooper were never romantically involved, but B. Coop did something pretty heroic for Amy during the filming a movie the were in together.

As Harper's Bazaar reports, Bradley helped advocate for equal pay between him and his female co-stars on the film's set!

1 Rumor: Jennifer Lawrence

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One of Bradley's leading ladies to whom he's most romantically linked is his Silver Lining's Playbook co-star, Jennifer Lawrence! There seems to be no shortage of banter in interviews between J-Law and B. Coop, so it's understandable to wonder if there has ever been some underlying romantic chemistry between the duo in RL.

Bradley took a humorous tone regarding romance rumors between the two in Vanity Fair, joking, "I could be her father!" He added, "It's not the way we are together." Sometimes, purely platonic friendship with great chemistry is the best way to go!

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