Jen And Brad: 20 Reasons (+ Photos) Showing Why They're Still Our Fav Couple

The world of popular culture seemed to function at the pace of a very calm ocean tide before two extremely popular celebrities met and came together via a blind date for the ages! Jennifer Aniston, who was a worldwide superstar for her role in the most popular sitcom at the time, Friends; and Brad Pitt, who was known for his charmingly good looks and for his admirable list of film credits.

Brad and Jen's coupling was a match made in celebrity heaven - two other-worldly beautiful people coming together and forming a relationship with a legitimately strong bond. It led to one of the most famous Hollywood relationships and marriages in popular culture history!

A trip taken through any grocery store line during the last 20 years will surely familiarize pop culture fans with Brad and Jen's relationship. The famous couple's faces were plastered over multiple tabloid magazine outlets with multiple versions of how their romance played out.

Despite the gigantic amount of coverage over Pitt and Aniston's relationship and the seemingly endless amount of theories surrounding their private life together, Jen and Brad were truly a loving couple who gave us ultimate relationship goals. Let's look back at their iconic relationship and why they'll always be our favourite celebrity couple.

20 He Still Sends Birthday Gifts

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It's still early in 2019, but fans of our favourite couple already have a contender for the top story of the year! In the epic reunion story of our dreams, Brad Pitt was among the guests at Jennifer's recent celebrity-filled birthday party.

Imagining your ex at your birthday party years after you've called it quits doesn't sound like the best birthday present, but the former Mrs. Pitt and guest of honour were quite satisfied with Brad's presence at her party!

Not only did Brad become the most talked-about guest on the list, but he sent a gift!

19 They Loved TV Time

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After seeing countless photos of A-list celebs dressed up on the red carpet, it's hard to picture our favourite celeb couples dressed down and doing daily activities designed for normies, but Jen and Brad had their go-to favourite couple's activity. They enjoyed binge-watching their favourite TV shows years before the idea of "Netflix and chill" was even thought of!

In response to the media's never-ending focus on the couple, Jen told Vanity Fair, "We were put on a pedestal, but we were just a couple just like everyone else. When we were home, we'd watch the shows we loved..."

18 Brad Crashed A Sting Concert

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Brad and Jen's relationship was marked by levels of excess and stardom; they had a lavish wedding, they loved renovating their gigantic mansion together and the couple was often surrounded by many famous friends!

No matter how famous your friends are, your buds will be there for you during the biggest moments of your lives. Brad Pitt knew exactly the friend he wanted to call when the time was right to show off his bride-to-be and her engagement ring to the public. Brad's collaborator in his quest was the legendary musician Sting, back in November of '99, as Marie Claire reports. He helped Brad sing to Jen on stage!

17 They Rocked Out Together

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Couples who listen to music together have a lot going for them in their relationship, especially if they enjoy the same tracks.

If you ever wondered what Brad and Jen's shared music collection looked like, Jen gave music fans a sneak peek into their private CD players when she was interviewed by Rolling Stone in 2001. Turns out, music was a form of bonding for the Pitts.

Jen shared, "We do have similar tastes- very eclectic in that we'll listen to pretty much anything. We also go through phases together..."

She went on to reveal Radiohead was a favourite!

16 Jen Had First-Date Flutters

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In a clip from the Jen and Brad archives sure to set hearts a-flutter, Diane Sawyer sat down with Jen and presented her with a sweet surprise. She'd sat down with Brad a few years earlier and as luck would have it, the interview took place right around the time Brad and Jen were set to go on their first date.

So, in the days before everyone was swiping right on dating apps, Brad and Jen were set up on a blind date, as E! reports. Jen told Diane she and Brad both "knew" they were meant to be!

15 Brad Was A House Husband

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In "typical" relationships, the woman is the partner who's constantly glued to the decorating channel while trying to find ways to spruce up their living space, but in the Pitt and Aniston union, Brad was often ready to get creative!

Brad and Jen lived in their own version of a celebrity dream house, and redesigning their lavish digs was Brad's favourite past-time! Jen was proud of her husband's handy-man tendencies. The actress told Ellen "we both have different tastes so it was a 'fun' process."

Jen also dished to W about Brad's eye, saying, "He definitely has strong opinions about aesthetics..."

14 He Decorated Her Dressing Room

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Not only was Brad a devoted house-husband who enjoyed keeping his home with Jen decorated and fresh, but he also enjoyed making sure Jen's home away from home while she was shooting episodes of Friends was comfortable and cozy, and as romantic as possible!

Mr. Pitt qualified for husband of the year when he once decorated his wife's dressing room for Valentine's Day. People  revealed Brad brought out the roses for his wife when he "spelled out 'I love my wife' in petals on the wall."

Jen also included her own romantic memo in her dressing room: their beautiful wedding photo!

13 Their Wonderful Wedding Vows

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All eyes were on the most famous "It" couple of the late '90s when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston famously tied the knot in one of the most romantic celebrity weddings of all time! The Pitts wanted to keep their wedding plans and details as quiet as possible.

The wedding set the bar high for a new millennium of celebrity weddings. According to Pop Sugar, the couple invited many famous faces, Jen wore a stunning dress and the Pitts wrote their own wedding vows, which incorporated the unique quirks of their relationship.

Jen famously promised Brad his "favorite banana milkshake" for eternity!

12 They Bickered About Toilet Paper

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Watching Brad and Jen shine on the red carpet and live their lives together as one of the most romantic couples of all time, it's hard to imagine the Pitts were also one of the most down-to-earth celebrity couples in the world. But they were! When you hear one of history's most famous couples bickered about one of the most relatable aspects of being together, it can make your own relationship squabbles seem so normal.

Jen sat down on the Ellen show and revealed she and Brad argued over the placement of toilet paper! She and Brad differed on the direction the paper should flow. Jen's "team over!"

11 A Couple Who Cooks Together

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The tiny, personal details of Brad and Jen's private married life made them sound like the couple next door, who always loved each other's company no matter what! They could make everyday activities seem like the most magical experience. Brad and Jen lived a low-key family life doing normal couple activities. They loved to hang out in the kitchen together!

Jen took to late-night television to joke about the couple's eating habits. According to People, Jen revealed to Jay Leno, "I don't cook, I thaw, I microwave, and I order in real well."

What a packed menu!

10 Their Romantic Life Was Low-Key

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We love a couple who can plan the first date more on the low-key side of things than have an elaborate plan for it. Every couple has a beginning, and for the A-list celeb couple who eventually had an elaborate wedding, a date spent at home seems surprising but refreshing!

According to a History Channel special on Jennifer, "[Brad] invited her over to his place." The couple spent time getting to know one another, and the first date led to more dates where the future Pitts "played poker, ate Mexican food, watched TV, basically everything 'normal' people do."

Um, yes, please!

9 He Designed Her Ring

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A man who is insightful enough to file away enough secret details about his woman to craft a dream engagement ring is a man of our hearts! Brad Pitt knew Jen was "the one," so he made sure to seal the deal in the most romantic way possible. He designed Jennifer's engagement ring!

A History Channel documentary explained just how special Jen was to Brad with, "Before meeting Jennifer, Brad was never that interested in marriage, but meeting Jennifer really changed that for him."

The stunning sparkler for Jen contained "one solitaire diamond in the center," according to Since1910.com! Beautiful!

8 The Friends Cast Loved Brad

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They were there for him! Brad Pitt could just as well have been the seventh friend dancing around in the fountain during the famous title sequence for Friends. The cast of the hit show all had glowing reviews for Jennifer's husband. Brad spent time hanging out behind the scenes on set and got along swimmingly with Jen's fellow cast members.

More importantly, though, Jen's co-stars could see Brad's positive influence on Jen. Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, once told Rolling Stone, "Jennifer's a lot more peaceful now, like a woman who's in a good relationship." Certainly nothing like Ross's speech about love!

7 Brad Made Her Happy

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If we think we've learned anything about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's love life, it definitely wasn't what the tabloids wanted us to believe. If tabloid headlines were a frame of reference, fans would believe Brad and Jen's relationship and marriage consisted of nothing but complete chaos. But the real story was the complete opposite; Brad made his wife happy.

Before the couple walked down the aisle, Jen sat down with Rolling Stone. When asked about her relationship, the private actress was still tight-lipped. She reluctantly revealed, "I’ll just tell you that this is the happiest time of my life."

6 They Were Hair Hotties

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Jennifer Aniston was fabulously famous in the '90s for serving trendy hair looks that would eventually become iconic hairstyles. Her Friends character, Rachel Green, inspired "the Rachel," which was a style fixture for many women!

Jennifer's iconic hairstyles didn't end there! When she and Brad began dating, the couple served many iconic looks during appearances together. They even got similar hairstyles!

Brad and Jennifer's wedding was a highly anticipated event for everyone, including the happy couple themselves! Brad and Jen were so excited they actually got incredibly similar hairstyles in preparation for their lavish nuptials in July of 2000.

5 They're Still On Good Terms

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Whether we want to admit it or not, we know how Brad and Jen's relationship eventually came to a close, but Jen would rather her fans not lament the end of her marriage with Brad. Instead, we should all try to keep in mind the positive aspects the Pitt marriage brought to Jen's life, and how the actress has progressed from the "Pitt period" of her life.

Jen was interviewed by CBS Sunday Morning where she let the world know that she and Brad "exchanged good wishes and all of that sort of stuff to each other..." No hard feelings!

4 He Supported Her Work Endeavours

Not only did Jen captivate millions of fans and TV viewers in the decade she was on Friends, but her performance on the show held the attention of one fan in particular. Brad was just as captivated by his wife's portrayal of Rachel Green as the rest of us!

Brad's support for Friends wasn't limited to his one guest role. According to E!, Brad "told producers he wanted to watch [the finale] when it aired so he could be surprised."

Friends episodes even kept Brad company during travels away from Jen. According to People, Brad "could sing the song in German..."

3 Ben And Jen Formed A Production Company

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Why go into a business venture alone when you can go into it with your spouse? In the mid-2000s, Brad and Jen decided to pursue the collaboration of launching a production company together known as Plan B Entertainment!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Pitts were involved in the company along with [TV producer] Brad Grey, but it was not "crystal clear" in terms of who "owned Plan B's projects." Jen also "no longer [had] an ownership position in the company" when the couple called it quits.

Jen later went on to form Echo Films, as per an E! News article.

2 She Kept Mementos Of Brad

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The beginning of a relationship is always special, because your new guy is always on your mind and you're loving every minute of the "honeymoon stage." You might even find ways to incorporate him into your life when he isn't around!

For Jennifer, it didn't take her very long to add Brad-related details into her everyday life. When Rolling Stone interviewed her a year after she and Brad went on their first date, the magazine detailed the contents of Jen's collection of family photos, and a certain face was already among them. She had a picture of a "very relaxed" Brad!

1 Jen Loved Their Private Time

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It goes without saying that Brad and Jen were no doubt one of the most famous couples in history, and their every move was documented for the public in some form or fashion. They were rarely allowed a moment of privacy, but when they could seize the rare opportunity for a quiet moment with each other, Jen made sure their private moments could remain just that!

According to Rolling Stone, as per an article from E!, Jen stopped an inquiring question about her relationship by saying, "to talk about a relationship trivializes something that's nobody's business."

Privacy is certainly a necessity!

Sources: RollingStone.com, E!, Hollywood Reporter, People, History Channel

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