'Jelly Nails' Are Here To Bring Out Your Inner '90s Child

Remember those sandals back in the day that were see-through and made of a plastic gel-like material? They were all the rage back in the 1990s. The sandals began to make a comeback last year, but jelly nails are now all over Instagram and are bringing back all of our jelly feels in a brand new way.

Jelly nails are a unique trend in the world of glamorous and fun nails. The slightly sheer claws are also being referred to as "see through" or "glass" nails, but where's the fun in calling them that? Basically, you get the same clear, colorful, and cool look on your nails that you had on your sandals back in the day.

Some really fun extras can be added to the jelly nail look as well, but let's start with the basics. If you want to accomplish the jelly nail look, you will need to have either clear gel added to the nails or a clear tip. There are also press-on jelly nails if you want to go that route (which will likely be a bit more affordable compared to hitting up the salon or DIY-ing gel at home). Either way, you can sculpt your own personal look in many ways depending on the length and color you want.

Once you have your tips on, the sky is the limit. Instagram has featured some amazing jelly nail styles lately, and it is an excellent place to go for inspiration. Some designs are simple with just a little-colored jelly, but others go crazy with each nail featuring a different color, as well as some cool nail art or jewels.

Based on the #JellyNails on Instagram, all the various nails have one thing in common. They are all blindingly bright. These beauties are made to stand out so if you want to be a wallflower, jelly nails are not for you. There is nothing subtle about this new manicure trend, but boy they are a lot of fun.

Jelly nails are taking us back to our childhood days, and we have to say that it is not a bad place to be at all. What do you think of the new nail trend that is a throwback 1990s, is it a hit or a miss? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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