Everything You Need To Know About Jeffree Star's Dogs

Jeffree Star is a YouTuber and the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He first gained notoriety in 2006 when he became the most followed person on MySpace, which he used to promote his musical career. He went on to release an album, Beauty Killer, in 2009 and embarked on several subsequent tours.

However, Jeffree eventually gave up on his musical career in 2013 for unknown reasons. But the following year, he launched his makeup company Jeffree Star Cosmetics and soon began advertising on YouTube. He has since gained over 11 million subscribers and a billion views, becoming known for his unabashed reviews of drug-store and designer makeup items.

In addition to his impressive professional career, Jeffree has also become known for his dramatic personal life, often becoming involved in online feuds with fellow celebrities. Since 2015, the makeup mogul has been dating Nathan Schwandt and the two live in Calabasas with their six Pomeranians. Fans have become intrigued by the number of dogs the couple has and the fact that they’ve said they’re open to having even more. With six dogs in the house (even if it’s a huge mansion), things are bound to get crammed.

Keep reading to discover what all fans need to know about Jeffree Star’s six dogs. Believe us, fans won’t believe some of the things Jeffree has done with his fur babies.

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10 He Has Six Dogs And Counting

Jeffree Star officially counts as a crazy dog person!

The celebrity has six dogs and seems totally open to more. As of last summer, Jeffree and his partner Nathan had five adorable Pomeranians. And while that feels like a big handful, the couple has made it clear that they'd love to expand their dog family even further.

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Just last September, Jeffree revealed they were getting another dog. “Nate and I just sat all 5 dogs down on the couch and told them they have a new baby brother coming this weekend!!!” he wrote on Twitter. “We are going to film him coming home and meeting everyone!” They later named the pup Da Vinci.

9 His Dogs Have Collaborated On Makeup

Yes, we’re being serious.

In 2017, Jeffree announced one of his, um, most special collections yet. It was the Star Family Collection that he described as a collaboration between himself, his boyfriend Nathan, and their pups (they only had four at that time).

“Introducing the next #JeffreeStarCosmetics collab!!!! ???? The Star Family collection. Nathan, me & our dogs each have a new liquid lip!!!” Jeffree tweeted to his followers, announcing the collection.

The collection featured six liquid lipsticks, each named after Jeffree, Nathan, and their doggos Diva, Diamond, Delicious, and Daddy.

8 The Dogs All Have ‘D’ Names

It’s become a trend to give your kids names that start with the same letter (we blame the Kardashians for starting it). And while Jeffree and Nathan don’t have any human kids, they sure do consider their pups as fur babies, which is likely why they’ve jumped on board of this trend.

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Yes, all of Jeffree’s dogs have names that start with ‘D.’ As of last summer, the makeup mogul had named his five Pomeranians Diva, Daddy, Diamond, Delicious and the youngest, Drama, who the couple adopted in January 2018.

When Jeffree teased fans about getting another dog last September, his followers couldn’t help but share their recommendations for cute ‘D’ names, like Dawson, Duke, and Dale.

7 He Dyes The Dogs’ Fur

Jeffree has received immense backlash for dying his dogs' fur- seriously.

Multiple times, the celebrity has posted photos of his pups sporting fur the same color as his hair (which is usually blue or pink). Many fans voiced their concerns in the comments that dying a dog's hair isn’t necessarily safe or something the dog will enjoy.

For instance, in November 2016, Jeffree posted a pic of him and Diva with freshly dyed, pink fur. Despite the criticism from fans, some did step up to defend Jeffree. Some fans explained how the dye was vegan and specifically made safely for animals in mind.

6 Jeffree Only Adopts Pomeranians

Some people adopt multiple dogs so they can have different breeds. But its clear what breed is Jeffree’s favorite considering that he only has Pomeranians in his household. Yes, that’s right, Jeffree has six Pomeranians and has hinted at wanting more cute fluff balls to expand the family.

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Pomeranians are known for their high-pitched bark, fluffy coat, and unfortunate health issues. They have consistently ranked as one of the most popular breeds in the States, particularly for their diminutive size. They originate from Germany and became popularized due to their fondness amongst royals. Queen Victoria, for instance, was known for always having a pet Pomeranian.

5 The Dogs Run The Household

With six dogs, we can imagine that they probably easily take over the household. This couldn’t have been any more evident than when Jeffree and Nathan gave an interview to Cosmopolitan and the interviewer complained that the pups kept interrupting them.

“So the dogs have the run of Star's multimillion-dollar villa in Calabasas. When I visited, I watched Daddy [the Pomeranian] drag someone's briefs from the laundry room into the foyer,” Helin Jung wrote for the site. “They were perpetually interrupting my interview with Star," she joked.

4 Jeffree’s BF Takes Care Of The Dogs Full-Time

Jeffree has famously been dating 24-year-old Nathan Schwandt, who previously wasn’t in the public eye before dating the celebrity. Nathan was previously a pet shop employee and only met Jeffree after contacting him via Instagram in 2015.

However, since moving in with Jeffree, reports say that Nathan has assumed full responsibility for caring for the dogs. “[Jeffree] needs his beauty sleep,” Nathan said during an interview with Cosmopolitan while explaining why he wakes up early to tend to their pets.

Hey, with six dogs in the house, that does sound like it would become a full-time job!

3 All The Dogs Sleep In Bed With Him

Some people have issues with one dog sharing a bed with them. So, for most folks, opening up their bed to six dogs seems like a big deal. After all, that’s a lot of shedding, slobbering, and barking to deal with.

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But Jeffree has revealed that, of course, his dogs share a bed with him and his partner Nathan. Duh! “Snuggling with 5 dogs in bed is the best thing ever,” Jeffree revealed last August via Twitter (before dog number six).

While some fans suggested that must be a crowded place to sleep, others begged the makeup mogul to share a photo of his snuggly crew.

2 The Dogs Have Their Own Social Media Accounts

Given how big both Jeffree and his boyfriend are over social media, we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re the type of dog owners to make accounts for their pups.

Currently, only three out of their six dogs have an online presence. Diva, Diamond, and Delicious share an Instagram page in which their dads have posted tons of cute photos of them throughout the years.

However, the account has been relatively inactive since 2016, despite the number of fans who went crazy for the adorable pics. Perhaps the couple realized running accounts for each of their dogs was a bigger time commitment than they anticipated...

1 Jeffree Doesn’t Recommend Having This Many Dogs

From what fans have seen and heard, it definitely sounds like Jeffree and Nathan have their hands full with their brood of Pomeranians. Given that the dogs interrupt work-related things like interviews for high-profile magazines, it’s a sign they might need doggy school or at least a separate wing of the house.

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Despite expressing interest in getting even more four-legged babies in the future, Jeffree at the same time doesn’t recommend having this many dogs. “Unless you have a Nathan, don’t get a dog,” he told Cosmopolitan, implying his BF does most of the dog-rearing and, without him, he and the pups would be pretty lost.

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