Jeffree Star Spills Some Tea On Tristan And Jordyn’s Cheating Scandal

Jeffree Star spills tea on Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson

Beauty vlogger Jeffree Star could no longer stay out of the online debate that is going on since Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on Khloé Kardashian with KarJenner family friend, Jordyn Woods. No one can possibly have missed the drama that has been going on since news first broke, reporting that Jordyn and Tristan had been seen kissing at an after-party in Los Angeles. The aftermath has culminated in Jordyn's appearance on The Red Table Talk this Friday, a Facebook live show hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith who is a close friend of both Jordyn Woods and the Kardashians.

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Jordyn, who had kept quiet since the rumor started going around, decided to share her side of the story on the popular show since the negativity online towards her was also affecting her family. Jordyn said to Jada that she had not been making out with Tristan, but that he had kissed her on the lips as she was leaving the party. The twenty-one-year-old also said that she has not been flirting with Tristan and denied that rumor that this has been an ongoing thing for a month, as some tabloids have reported. Well, it seems like makeup artist Jeffree Star has heard otherwise, and he is no longer keeping quiet about it.

Jeffree Star chimes in on Jordyn and Tristan's cheating scandal
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As reported by Cosmopolitan, Jeffree clapped back at Khloé who was tweeting about how Jordyn's interview was all lies, and the makeup mogul told Khloé to stop pretending that Tristan is not also to blame and to focus on co-parenting the former couple's daughter True. Jefree also decided to share a video of himself addressing the whole cheating scandal, and he is coming for Jordyn, calling her a liar.

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In the video, that was posted on his Instagram Story, Jeffree is saying that everyone in Calabasas knows that Jordyn and Tristan have been hooking up for one or two months and that Jordyn is now lying to try and save herself.

People love to gossip, and this has definitely been the story of the year so far, as horrible as it is for the people involved. Whether Jordyn is telling the truth or not will most likely come out soon enough, and it is important to remember that there is more than one side to any story.

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