A List of Every Jeffree Star And Kardashian Family Feud Ever

Both the Kardashian family and beauty guru Jeffree Star are no strangers to drama. In fact, it seems like they're getting into some kind of drama or shade-throwing competition with someone every other week. So it really comes as no surprise that they have also managed to get into it with each other on a multitude of occasions, to the point where it seems like the Kardashian clan and Star have an ongoing beef that doesn't seem to be slowing down or ending any time soon. But the whole social media/entertainment industry/beauty industry gossip machine seems to go so quickly that it can honestly be hard to keep track of what's going on and it can be easy to forget what's happened in the past. So, if you're looking for a full account of the feuding history between Jeffree Star and every member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew then look no further, because we've totally got you covered!

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8 Jeffree Drags Kylie's Lip Kits

Kylie Cosmetics has become its own mini makeup empire, but Kylie Jenner's first venture into the cosmetics industry was her now-ubiquitous lip kits. Her lip kits were an instant smash hit that allowed her brand to become what it is today, but that hasn't been without some bumps in the road. The first tiff between Jeffree and Kylie over her makeup brand seems to be when Star received a set of lip kits with defective brushes, and Jeffree, as usual, didn't hesitate to call out an obvious problem when he saw it. After posting photos of the defective applicators on his social media Kylie responded and explained that she was planning on fixing the problem immediately, and it seemed like the beef was squashed as quickly as that. However, as you can probably assume, that drama was only the beginning of Jeffree Star's encounters with the entire Kardashian-Jenner squad.

7 Jeffree Accuses Kylie Of Selling Colourpop

For any of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, the cosmetics brand Colourpop is an affordable makeup line with a variety of available products, but one of their particular fan favorites are their really inexpensive but beautiful and well performing liquid lipsticks. And as it turns out, the makeup laboratory that makes Colourpop also makes Kylie Cosmetics lip kits. So while the rumors about Kylie Cosmetics essentially rebranding Colourpop and calling it their own didn't start or end with Jeffree Star, he blatantly accused Kylie Cosmetics of using the Colourpop formula for their own products and just slapping her name on it and jacking up the price five times higher.

6 Jeffree Teases Kim For Her Swatches

Kylie Jenner isn't the only member of the Kardashian clan to make a foray into the cosmetics industry. Kim Kardashian also has a line of her own beauty products, which unsurprisingly seem to focus on contour products (and clearly contouring is Kim's makeup signature look). But when Kim posted a swatch preview of her powder contouring products Jeffree Star was quick to point out that the product looked chalky and that he wasn't expecting much out of the contouring kit based on what he was seeing so far. Kim's fans reacted harshly towards Star, but surprisingly it was Kim who came to his defense, admitting that her swatching abilities were definitely not the best. She even went so far as to defend him for other past behaviors her fans were criticizing him for, and made it clear that there was zero drama between them.

5 Jeffree Drags Kylie's Brush Set

Although Kylie Cosmetics pretty much exclusively focuses on actual makeup products, a little while back Kylie decided to stretch her product repertoire and add a set of makeup brushes to her collection.

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Unfortunately for Kylie, her brush set was met with a lot of criticism from the beauty community, mostly because they boasted a shockingly hefty price tag and the actual quality of the brushes, at least according to many who reviewed them, were pretty lackluster. And as a beauty product reviewer, Jeffree was among the voices who criticized Kylie's brush set and said they were confusingly overpriced and just not worth it.

4 Kylie Takes Jeffree Off Of Her PR List

Jeffree Star is the head of his own successful cosmetics brand, but most people are probably familiar with him as a YouTube beauty guru who regularly reviews new makeup products on his channel. Because of this, pretty much every major makeup brand sends him a PR package whenever they release new products in the hopes that he'll review said products on his channel and give their stuff a huge boost in visibility. However, it would seem that Kylie wasn't particularly pleased with Jeffree's reviews of her products, because after some not-so-great reactions Kylie apparently removed Jeffree from the Kylie Cosmetics PR list. Kylie remained mum on the situation, but Jeffree is never shy about sharing his feelings, so he discussed his removal from the PR list multiple times on his social media and YouTube videos.

3 Jeffree Claims Kylie Cosmetics Hates Him

Although Kylie hasn't really publicly responded to a lot of Jeffree Star's shade towards her and her brand, Jeffree has never been one to keep things quiet. After more than a few instances of calling out Kylie Cosmetics Jeffree was open about the fact that he had been removed from their PR list, but things went a bit further than that when he posted a YouTube video featuring brands that "hate" him and he included Kylie Cosmetics in the video. And even though the video was supposed to be about brands that allegedly hate him, Jeffree didn't miss this opportunity to throw some shade towards Kylie and her brand. He criticized the products he used (and he used more than one) and explained that when it came to her brand he was just "over it".

2 Jeffree Calls Out Khloe And Tristan

When it comes to getting into some beef with a member of the Kardashian family, Jeffree Star rarely goes after fan favorite sister Khloe, but apparently, when he decided to go for her he decided to go hard. When the news came out that Khloe's baby daddy Tristan Thompson may have cheated with Kylie's longtime BFF Jordyn Woods, the entertainment news cycle was completely dominated by the story and everyone seemed to be following Khloe, Jordyn, and everyone else's every move. But things really heated up when Khloe called out Jordyn on twitter, and Jeffree took it upon himself to interject and claim that Jordyn and Tristan had been hooking up for months and everyone knew it. He said that Tristan was trash and Jordyn was a liar, but also said that Khloe couldn't really play the victim because she already knew that.

1 Jeffree Says Forbes Offered Him Kylie's Feature First

It seems likely that Jeffree Star was just making a tongue in cheek comment when he tweeted that Forbes had initially offered the feature on the "youngest self-made billionaire" to him and he turned it down so they ultimately turned to Kylie, but Star could have just left well enough alone instead of interjecting himself into that whole drama. A lot of people took exception to the idea that Forbes was calling Kylie "self-made", and although it's fair to say that Kylie is anything but self-made, it was also a criticism of Kylie that had nothing to do with Jeffree that he decided to insert himself into anyway.

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