Stay Out Of The Water! This 'Jaws' Bath Bomb Turns The Tub Into A Sudsy Shark Attack

These Jaws-themed bath bombs will keep you from ever entering your bathtub again! 

Ok, we’re kidding, we know there’s nothing that can keep you from bubbling up in the tub after a long workday. But there’s a store on Etsy that’s tapping into classic Hollywood horror films to not only help shoppers unwind but also make it look like their bathtubs are a scene straight out of the movies.

The store is called Bubble Mania and judging by all the pound sterling signs it’s located in the UK (Leeds, to be exact). Ordering from there might be a tad pricey and have some lengthy shipping times, but before you write this off as an unnecessary luxury, check out a few of these bath bombs.

First, there’s “JAWS Attacks”, which as the name implies, takes its inspiration from the Steven Spielberg classic Jaws. You get the idea without even tossing this bomb in the bath since there’s a big plastic set of chompers right on the outside of the puck. The bomb itself is colored with alternating red and blue so that the water will turn into the bloody scene of a recent shark attack once it is tossed into the tub.

All that’s left once the bomb is gone is a set of floating shark’s teeth and the lovely scent of bubble gum. And you, relaxing to the thought of an imminent shark attack.

It’s apparently one of Bubble Mania’s top sellers, according to their Instagram account.


Not into shark movies? Then try this IT-inspired bath bomb featuring everyone’s favorite terrifying clown, Pennywise. This candy scented bomb comes with the unmistakable image of Pennywise staring back at you as you watch it melt into a rainbow of colors, which will eventually turn purple as you bathe.

There’s even a little paper sailboat charm in the center of the puck. How cool is that?

Still on our Spielberg kick, we come to the Jurassic Park-themed bombs. This one comes in a pair of styles that will turn your bathwater either pink or yellow, but both deluge your bathroom with the soothing scent of lavender. Who knew dinosaurs could be so chill? 

Bubble Mania has more than just movie-themed bombs though. There’s a Pokémon GO set of bath bombs, a whole bunch of Harry Potter bombs, and much much more.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that order button! The sooner the better, since these are coming from across the pond! Happy floating! 


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