Jason Wahler Discusses Making Amends With Ex Lauren Conrad While Getting Sober

Fans of the original The Hills- the MTV reality show that followed the lives of many young people living and working in Los Angeles, California- may remember Jason Wahler has star Lauren Conrad's ex-boyfriend. They were on-again and off-again during the first season of The Hills, and the show caught a lot of the couple's ups and downs. By 2006, the pair finally called it quits for good. Wahler left The Hills the following year, making it clear that he and Conrad had gone their separate ways.

Since then, Wahler had it pretty rough. He suffered from both alcohol and drug addictions- things that had ultimately lead to his and Conrad's break-up. He was also arrested many times for alcohol-related crimes and even spent time behind bars and in rehab for his actions. But by 2014, Wahler managed to get sober- and he's been sober ever since. One part of it has to do with making amends with his ex-girlfriend, Conrad.

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Wahler recently revealed that as part of his recovery process, he and Conrad reconnected in an attempt to make amends. He went on to explain that part of his recovery process included making amends with people who've touched your lives. Considering that he and Conrad used to love each other- and the fact that his addiction led to the disintegration of their relationship- it only makes sense. Conrad had once revealed that Wahler's addictions and their break-up led to her feeling "broken", so it's good that he wanted to try and do the right thing.

Now a cast member of The Hills: New Beginnings, Wahler seems like an entirely different person. Gone is the womanizing addict who stayed in an unhealthy on-off relationship with a lovely woman. Wahler's presence on the new show allows him to show his recovery and life as a sober man. He's even married and has a beautiful three-year-old daughter. Needless to say, it's clear that Wahler has managed to get his life together for the sake of himself and his new family- and making amends with his ex-girlfriend and former The Hills co-star was just one step towards a successful recovery.

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