Jason Aldean & Brittany Kerr: 20 Things They'd Rather Not Share With Fans

Country crooner Jason Aldean has been churning out hits for almost two decades now and he seems in no great hurry to stop anytime soon. Since signing with his record label, he has managed to churn out eight albums and 24 singles for his adoring public.

Aldean established himself as one of country music's top dogs and a stand-up family guy. Besides rocking out on stage and strumming a guitar, he was also a loving and devoted husband to his high school sweetheart Jessica and father to two precious daughters.

Then in 2012, murmurings started spreading of trouble in paradise. The Aldeans' love story was not so picture perfect, and in 2013 Jason Aldean filed for divorce from his wife. It wasn't long after that when we were all introduced to his new lady, a former cheerleader and Idol contestant, Brittany Kerr. The two made their first public appearance at the 2014 CMT Awards and then announced their engagement shortly after.

The pair that everyone said would not last is now going on three years of marriage and has two children to their name. While Jason and Brittany Aldean are happy to share their love story with the public in most regards, there are some things that they would rather not share with their fans.

20 Being A Blended Family Isn't Always Easy

Aldean has two daughters from his first marriage to his longtime wife Jessica, and those kids are now entering their teens years. His children from Brittany are still very young. They are not even out of the diaper stage yet! That means the range between Jason Aldean's oldest daughter Keeley and his youngest girlie Navy is roughly sixteen years.

That is a whole lot of needs to be met for kids in various stages of life. Imagine having to connect with a rapidly developing teenager as well as a newborn baby! But that is what the Aldean household looks like these days.

19 They Lived Together Before Marriage

It might have made sense for Aldean to take things slowly with Kerr considering he had not been a single man since he was a teenager. But following his very public and highly controversial divorce from his ex-wife, Aldean made sure to go ahead and devote his every second to Brittany.

Aldean and Kerr could not wait to spend every waking moment together once the dust on the divorce papers settled, so they went ahead and co-habitated before they got hitched. People thought that they were rushing things and playing house, but two kids and three years of marriage have proved the doubters wrong.

18 Brittany Had A Rough Second Birth

Little Navy Rome recently joined the country clan just a few weeks ago, but her birth was anything but smooth sailing. After a relatively uneventful pregnancy, Brittany found herself struggling with her health in the days following her baby's birth.

Kerr's feet became extremely swollen and she also underwent a blood transfusion following the delivery. No worries though—all is well now, and the family is relishing in their newest member. Labor and delivery is a wild business and you never know what you will encounter until you are face to face with situations.

17 They Dissed Another Famous Couple

Famous couples throw jabs at other famous people all the time, but Brittany and Jason raised some eyebrows when they threw some less than kind comments to the infamous Kim and Kanye West. When asked what the Aldeans would be naming their first born child, Jason Aldean announced that they would look to something unique but nothing whacky like North, South, East or West.

This comment was perhaps a dig at Kimye's decision to give their first born child a cardinal direction as a first name. We can not imagine that Kanye or Kim took those thoughts too well. In all fairness, though, naming your child after a major city is not all that different from choosing a direction.

16 His Song You Make It Easy Is About He And Brittany

He first played the tune to his wife, and of course, she loved the song, so he had to include it on the record. He has gone on record to say that this particular song reminds him of his relationship with his Brittany. We are sure she swoons every time he sings the lyrics to her. We know we would melt.

Over the last few years, Jason has included his second wife in other aspects of his artistry as well. She starred alongside him in his music video for "A Little More Summertime" in 2017. Considering she had some stage time during her early Idol tryout days, perhaps the couple will create a duet in the future.

15 Kerr Is NOT A Country Music Fan

Huh? How can you be married to one of country music's biggest stars and not enjoy country music? It turns out that you can love the man and not the music, at least in Kerr's case. She does enjoy many of his songs like “All Out of Beer,” A Little More Summertime,” and “In Case You Don’t Remember,” but her heart is with a different musical genre.

She is a big fan of R & B music as well as R & B pop. When she auditioned for Idol, she sang a Joss Stone song, not something by Dolly or Shania. We think that Mrs. Aldean would likely support her hubby's musical regardless of the musical genre though.

14 Jason Doesn't Regret How Things Went Down With Brittany

He caught a whole lot of flack for first divorcing his high school sweetheart and the mother of his oldest daughters before becoming suddenly single and interested in a much younger woman. Fans were used to seeing Aldean as a wholesome family man because that was indeed how he chose to market himself.

It has taken a few years for the public to come around and recognize that he and Brittany are the real deal. No matter how the love between them started, neither Aldean nor Kerr is remorseful for how they navigated those earlier years. In their minds, they were in love and wanted to be together.

13 Wedding Day Disruption

The destination wedding of Jason and Brittany Aldean was something of dreams and fantasy. The pair said their "I Do's" in a perfect, sunny tropical location, surrounded by their closest family and friends. As Brittany walked down the aisle to meet her future husband, she saw far more than her handsome groom.

Out in the distance, a boatload of prying paparazzi was waiting to take photos of the happy couple. So much for a special and private ceremony! In the end, the pair had to choice but to get on with the show and see their day through.

12 They Never Took A Honeymoon

Because of Aldean's hectic and busy touring schedule, the newlyweds skipped the traditional honeymoon after their destination wedding. They did spend some time as the new Mr. and Mrs. Aldean in Europe after they said, "I Do," but that was because Aldean was in the midst of a massive tour.

Forgetting the honeymoon is ok with this pair though, because they feel like their entire life is one big honeymoon. It's pretty sweet to think that they never needed any of the fuss and muss that often surround celebrity nuptials. They merely wanted to be man and wife.

11 They LOVE To Binge-Watch Television Shows

In their time off of life, the couple enjoys binge-watching television. Her go-to show is anything Kardashian, while he would rather spend hours watching like Date Line or 48 Hour Mystery, or even things like Shark Week. While they seem like a super-celebrity couple to the outside world, they are not much different than us behind closed doors.

Instead of spending a free Saturday night out on the town, they happily cozy up in sweats and zone out to their favorite television programs. But now that they have two small children, they will have to work in kid shows like Bubble Guppies and Peppa Pig.

10 She Refuses To Let Him Hunt On Their Property

Brittany and Jason are opposites in more than their taste in music. They also differ in regards to their views on animal rights. When it comes to hunting or lack thereof, Brittany calls the shots. She is a huge animal lover, and Aldean is big-time into hunting. He loves the pastime so much that he even has his own hunting television show.

Because the married couple doesn't see eye to eye on this subject, they agreed that Aldean could hunt, just not on the family's property. So even if he sees a herd of turkeys outside of his dining room window, he can not do anything but stare at them.

9 History Repeats Itself

When it comes to marriage, history in the Aldean family seems to be repeating itself. Aldean's parents parted ways when he was only three years old. He primarily grew up in Macon, Georgia and then he spent his summers with his father in Homestead, Florida. It was actually during his father-son days in Florida that Jason learned to strum a guitar.

Jason looked as if he was going to break the multiple marriage patterns when he married his high school girlfriend, but of course, Aldean is now a divorced man on his second marriage. Here's to hoping this one lasts.

8 Aldean's Former Wife Had Thoughts Of Her Own

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After Aldean and Kerr went public with their budding romance, Aldean's ex-wife, Jessica Ussery, had thoughts of her own on her former husband's new love life. Feel free to read about the whole thing here.

It's no surprise that Ussery wasn't exactly a fan of the Aldean-Kerr love story, but she is also not known for making public, brash comments about anyone. From what we can tell, there were some hard feelings between Ussery and Aldean Family 2.0. If you read between the lines, there seems to be more to the beginning of their story than fans might assume.

7 Questionable Costumes

Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr ruffled even more feathers when Aldean dressed as rapper Lil' Wayne for Halloween. Choosing to paint his face entirely black was not well received by the public, for obvious reasons, but he and Kerr didn't seem all that remorseful about it. He claimed he dressed up as a fellow entertainer without any malice in his mind or his heart and he didn't see what all the commotion was about.

Aldean and Kerr both considered the whole fiasco to be completely blown out of proportion. They certainly didn't feel that the costume was anything to get upset over.

6 Aldean's Video Vixens

Back in 2007, Aldean put his then long-time love, Jessica, in his music video "Laughed Until We Cry." Considering the two had practically grown up together and the world saw them as one of country music's most celebrated love stories, this video was seen as nothing except sweet and endearing.

People had different thoughts when Aldean pretty much did the same thing with his "A Little More Summertime," almost ten years later with a different woman. That particular video contained several romantic moments between him and his new wife, Brittany. Maybe putting your wife in a music video is one of those things that can only happen once.

5 Babies Struggles

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Brittany and Jason knew that they wanted babies together from the very get-go. While Jason already had two daughters of his own, he wanted to have more kids with Brittany as well. The next phase of their plan didn't go as smoothly as they had hoped, however.

Brittany did receive some assistance in her goal of becoming a mother with her son and then again with her daughter and has been very open about the experience. It was always essential for the couple to have their children close in age, and in that regard, the couple got their wish.

4 Super Step-Mom

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Jason's older daughters seem okay with their stepmom's presence in their lives, and that is saying a lot. Their mother was very hurt by the dissolution of her marriage to Aldean, and the girls were old enough to understand much of what went down. They could have very well detested Brittany for stepping in and dissolving their family makeup, but they didn't.

The older Aldean kids are often seen with their younger half-siblings, cuddling them up, and are sometimes seen vacationing with Jason and Brittany. The girls also have a new stepfather in their lives, too, as their mother has remarried following the Aldean divorce.

3 Brittany Had Hollywood Dreams Long Before She Met Aldean

Before she was Mrs. Aldean, loving mother of two, she was Brittany Kerr, Idol hopeful. Brittany landed herself a spot on the famous reality show Idol thanks to a definitive "yes" from the two male judges, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler. Jennifer Lopez was the only one not give Kerr the green light, but two of three yes votes were enough to see her on her way to Hollywood.

She didn't make it all the way through to the top ten finalists nor did she score a record contract, but she did get her ten seconds of fame. She also did not belt out a country song.

2 Mega Ring

Brittany hit the jackpot when Jason got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. When he asked for her hand in matrimony, he presented her with a massive four carat, square cut engagement ring. These two chose not to start their new lives together quietly.

They decided, "Hey, we are in love big time, and we are going to show the world." Some people thought the flashiness of the ring and their love wasn't the most decent road traveled considering how Aldean and Brittany got together in the first place, but these two live their lives exactly how they want to. Ring bling and all!

1 They Caught Heat For Vacationing

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After the Aldeans welcomed their first child, baby boy Memphis, into the family, they took off for some much-needed mommy and daddy time. The couple left their three-month-old son behind and in great care and spent a few days away with friends Dee Jay Silver and his wife, Jenna Perdue.

When the public took to social media to tell the Aldeans that their vacation was unnecessary considering they had just birthed a baby, the two defended their decision. The Aldeans always do one thing very well, they stand by their choices whole-heartedly as well as stand by one another.

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