Want To Get Your Hands On The James Charles x Morphe Palette? Too Bad. It Sold Out In Less Than 10 Minutes

Beauty vlogger James Charles' palette collaboration with Morphe sold out in less than ten minutes in Europe and is now fully sold out on the website. Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on one of the stunning palettes, well done! For those who were unable to snatch one, there is an option on Morphe's website to sign up to get notified when the eyeshadow palettes are back in stock.

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Now, this is obviously amazing news for James Charles, who must be feeling so proud to see his palette called The James Charles Palette sell out in mear minutes, but for all the beauty lovers who did not manage to purchase one, it might feel like a long wait for the restock. This is the beauty Youtuber's very first makeup collaboration, but it is safe to assume it won't be his last. The James Charles Palette is part of the Sister Collection in collaboration with makeup giant Morphe, and other than the gorgeous palette the collection also includes a massive makeup brush set, consisting of thirty-four brushes that will cover any possible makeup brush need.

Via: Morphebrushes.com / Hudabeauty.com

As reported by Her, the eyeshadow palette costs €43 ($39), which is a very generous price point considering the palette features thirty-nine different colors. The complete brush set retails at €160 ($149) but has an actual value of $218, and given that it consists of thirty-four different brushes, it is definitely not overpriced.

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James Charles has been seen using his palette in makeup tutorials and videos on his YouTube channel for months, and it appears his fans were more than ready for this drop. The palette features every color imaginable and then some. From nudes and pinks hues to blues, greens and purples, there is a shade for every person and every look. The eyeshadows are also offered in various textures; some are matte, and some are glittery.

The fact that The James Charles Palette sold out so quickly will most likely make the hype even bigger for the next drop, so for those who are set on getting a hold on one of them it's advisable to sign up and be ready to click 'Confirm Purchase'!

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