James Charles Collabs With Jeffree Star In What May Be The Beauty Community's Most Iconic Moment

James Charles and Jeffree Star have come together to collaborate in what just might be the most iconic moment in the beauty community.

Charles' latest YouTube video featuring Star is full of good make-up tips, ideas and a whole lot of good times between these two collaborators. They decided to swap their newest palettes, as well as discuss color tends, how their concepts came about and the beauty industry.

No one has more fun together than Charles and Star. They make that clear from the very beginning of the video. Both of the palettes used in the video are newly released. Morphe x James Charles and Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Palette are being tested but will they each approve of the other one's fantastic product?

As they two friends put their makeup on, they talk about their friendship. In fact, Charles revealed that Star was a huge help and advocate for him releasing his first palette. They discuss what it is like to launch a product while trying to be open and honest with their fans. Plus, both of them share insight into what it is like to create the formula for their makeup products.

Seriously though, as they are just chit chatting away both are putting on makeup as if it is second nature. Yes, it second nature to them, which is why they always look fabulous but (just saying) not everyone can apply makeup with such ease.

Star and Charles' entire conversation in the video is lighthearted, silly and oh so entertaining. They talk about the beauty industry, what is next for each of them and how blessed they are to have a loyal fan base. Those hoping James Charles will be launching his own beauty brand will find out what his thoughts are on that during his beauty collaboration with Star.

There is so much beauty goodness in the James Charles and Jeffree Star collaboration video, every beauty lover is going to be sister screaming. It is definitely one of the beauty community's most iconic moments that people will continue to watch over and over.

So, in the end, did they both approve of each other's palettes? Well, of course, they did because both Charles and Star are amazing creators. It wasn't all one big lovefest, but there was no negative Nancy involved, only productive feedback.

There isn't too much left to say other than watch this fabulous beauty collaboration! It will make your whole day.


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