James Charles Cancels His Tour And Is Spotted Spending Time With Kylie Jenner And Stormi

James Charles Cancels His Tour And Is Spotted Spending Time With Kylie Jenner And Stormi

YouTuber James Charles has cancelled his tour due to the public feuding but has been spotted spending time with Kylie Jenner and Stormi. While the feud between James Charles and fellow beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook left the Internet with a majority of people supporting Tati, many others made sure to distance themselves from James. Although both James, Tati, and Jeffree Star who made sure to share his side of the story too, have publically declared a truce, it seems as if Kylie never doubted James' to be a good person.

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Both James and Kylie was invited to YouTube stars Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz's daughter third birthday party, and they were caught on camera sitting next to each other while Kylie was holding Stormi on her lap. Austin and Catherine are known as 'The ACE Family' on YouTube and recorded a collab video together with James last year. Kylie is also friends with the YouTube couple and was the one organising their gender reveal party last year for their second daughter.

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James Charles Cancels His Tour And Is Spotted Spending Time With Kylie Jenner And Stormi
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As reported by People, James let his fans know that he is still dealing with everything that has been going on, and is focusing on his mental health. While he says he is trying to move on with his life and focus on the positive things, the beauty vlogger added that he can't deliver the best version of himself right now.

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The feud between James and Tati started with her claiming that he had gone behind her back to support a competitor to her hair vitamin brand, and it quickly escalated from there. After posting several videos with 'receipts', both of the beauty vloggers have decided to let the whole thing go, also urging their fans not to carry on the hate. Everyone involved felt as if it was the best thing to do, and Tati has also removed her YouTube video that started the whole feud. Nevertheless, many fans were surprised to see James invited to Kylie Skin's launch party, but there he was, taking selfies with both Kylie and Kris Jenner.

Rumours were suggesting that the Kylie Cosmetics mogul was one of the three million followers who unfollowed James, but the twenty-year-old YouTuber explained that she never followed him in the first place. With these past two events with Kylie, it seems as if James never lost her support.

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