James Charles Breaks Down In Tears Over Feud With Tati Westbrook

James Charles breaks down in tears over feud with Tati Westbrook

YouTuber James Charles breaks down in tears over the feud with his former friend and business partner Tati Westbrook. The nineteen-year-old shared a video named 'tati' as a response to the fellow beauty YouTuber's forty-three-minute long video where she officially ends their friendship and bashes him for his betrayal and recent behavior. James started the video apologizing to Tati and her husband James Westbrook, saying he is sorry for what he has put them through during the past couple of weeks. What seems to have been the final drop for Tati and her husband is an Instagram post that James posted while he was at Coachella, although Tati explains that the friendship breakup comes from much more than that.

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Tati has a vitamin company called Halo Beauty that James has been sponsored by, so when he suddenly shared an ad for competitor brand SugarBearHair while he was at Coachella, Tati explained she felt lied to and disrespected. According to James' video, Tati and her husband took on an almost parent-like role when he first started growing in the YouTube world, which was about three years ago. The couple supported him when no one else would, and James said he is so disappointed in himself for ruining his relationship with them.

James Charles breaks down in tears over feud with Tati Westbrook
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As reported by Hollywood Life, James broke down in tears during the video saying that he knows there is nothing he can say or do to repair the damage, and based on the YouTube video Tati posted, he might be right. She did not hold back on her feelings about her former friend, saying that this is typical behavior of him and that there are a lot of things going on around him that she does not support.

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There has been controversy around James and his 'joking' romantical pursuit of straight men, where he has been accused of manipulating straight men sexuality. Tati seems to be confirming this to be true and said she does not think his behavior is okay, which is the main reason she no longer wants to be associated with the nineteen-year-old.

James Charles, who has been growing in popularity a lot with makeup launches and even an invitation (from YouTube) to the Met Gala, has reportedly lost about one million followers due to the controversy. Whether or not he will be able to repair the damage only time can tell.

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