James Charles Accidentally Spat On Liza Koshy (But She Handled It Like A Boss)

YouTuber James Charles recently did a collaboration with fellow vlogger Liza Koshy and accidentally spat on her while they were chatting, Liza, however, handled it like the pro that she is. The famous beauty vlogger had invited Liza to a chat and, of course, to do a full makeup on her, and it was while buffing in the contouring he had just applied that James accidentally spat on Liza. Now, these things happen, and the two just started laughing about it, Liza knew how to handle that one which only shows what a boss she is.

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In the video, James calls Liza one of his favorite YouTubers and seems excited to give her a full glam using his new eyeshadow palette James Charles x Morphe palette. The makeup artist goes on calling Liza both a role model and a great supporter and explains how she at the very beginning of his YouTube career would send a text message after almost every video he uploaded. Liza comes on the video with a completely bare face, and when asked what kind of look she has in mind she asks James to use a lot of different colors and to be creative. Probably precisely the words any makeup artist would love to hear!

The nineteen-year-old makeup fanatic is since 2016 the first ever male ambassador for makeup brand CoverGirl Cosmetics, and as reported by Teen Vogue, he did a CoverGirl makeup challenge with fellow ambassador Zendaya. In the video James, then only seventeen years old, and the famous singer are seen doing a full makeup look using CoverGirls jewel toned eyeshadow palettes, liners and mascaras.

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James Charles was also given the opportunity to release his very own eyeshadow palette in collaboration with the makeup brand Morphe, which was released in November this year. The palette consists of no less than thirty-nine shades of traditional eyeshadows and pressed pigments, and it is as vibrant and colorful as the young beauty guru's personality.

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It is refreshing to see a young man building a business around his passion and being completely unapologetic about himself. James has a lot of young fans looking up to him, and hopefully, anyone who ever accidentally spat on someone will feel better after seeing the video.

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