'The Good Place' Star Jameela Jamil Calls Out Celebrities That Promote Detox Teas

The Good Place star Jameela Jamil has called out celebrities that promote detox teas on their social media. She has had it with famous people plugging products that cause ham to their followers, and the actress is not keeping quiet any longer.

Jamil is fed up with unrealistic body expectations for women and young girls. She is no longer staying silent and recently used Instagram to reveal how these ridiculous expectations are harming people. It all started when she posted a photo of one of her Tweets where she called out celebrities for pushing detox teas on their social media.

The actress explained that those products are harmful and unhealthy. She even went as far as to refer to those who promote detox teas as liars. Jamil didn't name any specific celebrities. Her message blasted those famous people for leading their fans to believe these products are life changing when in reality celebrities have nutritionists, chefs, and personal trainers to achieve their goals.

In her Instagram post, Jamil discussed how she suffered from eating disorders when she was younger. She revealed that she too had bought into celebrity endorsed products, but those teas caused her severe damage. Jamil went on to share she was obsessed and consumed with being tiny like those famous people. However, her quest caused her fertility problems, damaged her metabolism and digestive system.

It has become The Good Place star's mission to spread the word about these teas. She has also urged anyone who follows celebrities that promote these products to unfollow. Jamil stated those who push the detox teas are essentially telling their fans they are not skinny enough. It is a dangerous message, and Jamil wants it to stop.

She will continue to call out those who are sending the right message to women and young girls. Instead of pushing unhealthy products, the actress wants those with a platform to inspired love, positivity, and acceptance when it comes to body image.

Wellness experts have repeatedly said the same thing as Jamil when it comes to the detox teas. There is no benefit to them at all, and they can be extremely harmful.

Jameela Jamil is taking a stand against famous people who push detox teas to their fans because the drinks are damaging, and the message is causing body image problems. Hats off to the actress for sticking to her guns and telling her story.


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