Jada Pinkett Smith On How Jordyn Woods Is Doing Since Cheating Scandal

Jada Pinkett Smith On How Jordyn Woods Is Doing Since Cheating Scandal

Jada Pinkett Smith recently opened up about how Jordyn Woods is doing since the news about the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson broke earlier this year. According to the Girls Trip actress, Jordyn is doing well, and she added that the twenty-one-year-old has learned a lot from the whole experience. It has been about three months since reports started coming out suggesting that Jordyn had been making out with Tristan Thompson at an after-party in Los Angeles. The NBA player was, at the time, Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend and is the father of her daughter True, and to make matters worse, Jordyn was a close friend of Khloé's.

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After learning about the double betrayal, Khloé ended her relationship with Tristan and made it very clear that Jordyn was now persona non grata via several posts on Instagram and Twitter. Jordyn did not say a word until it was announced that she was going to appear on Jada's show Red Table Talk, in which the model told her side of the story, alleging that Tristan had given her a kiss and that was it.

Jada Pinkett Smith On How Jordyn Woods Is Doing Since Cheating Scandal
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As reported by ET Online, Jada says that it was important to her to give Jordyn a platform to speak up and tell her story. Jordyn is a long time friend of the Pinkett Smith family, so it definitely makes sense that Jada wanted to reach out and help her. The Bad Moms star explained that women need to recognize when girls need assistance as they move into womanhood, and that is why she wanted to be there for Jordyn.

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While Jordyn did lay low for a while after the cheating scandal, she is now fully back on social media and in the public eye. Jordyn even joined childhood friend Jaden Smith on stage during his Coachella performance, and although her face was partly covered, she was easy to recognize.

After having moved out of Kylie's house and into her mom's, it also seems as if Jordyn is now getting ready to move into her own home for the first time. It must feel like a new beginning, and that is probably exactly what she needs.

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