Jaclyn Hill Teases The First Product From Her New Cosmetics Line

Everyone's favorite beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill just teased the first products to be released from her very own cosmetics line, and her fans are getting more than excited. The twenty-eight-year-old beauty YouTuber has been talking about how she wants to create her own cosmetics line for four years now, and perhaps 2019 is the year when her highly anticipated products will finally hit the shelves. While she has not yet dropped her own beauty line, Jaclyn has been quite busy doing collaborations with other cosmetics brands and perhaps been able to completely perfect her own cosmetic products.

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Jaclyn asked her followers to ask her questions in her Instagram Story, and one of the questions was what her first product from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics will be. Although the beauty vlogger did not respond in so many words, she was hinting her answer using the lipstick emoji and the kiss mark emoji. This has naturally led fans to believe that the first product to be released from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics will indeed be a lipstick, and it was also picked up by the popular Instagram account @trendmood1. Trendmood is known to be first on the ball with any makeup related news and releases, adding more fuel to the fire that Jaclyn's fans can be expecting an exciting release this year.

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As reported by Allure, Jaclyn has done two highly successful collaborations with makeup brand Morphe, consisting of one makeup brush line and two eyeshadow palettes, all which sold out rapidly. Morphe is well known for being among the first to collaborate with young beauty vloggers, and have for example collaborated with fellow YouTuber James Charles.

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Jaclyn has also collaborated with Australian cosmetics brand Becca, creating a highlighter called Champagne Pop which was sold at Sephora. According to reports, Sephora sold more than 25.000 of the highlighter within the first twenty minutes of release, so it is safe to say Jaclyn knows what she is doing.

While Jaclyn has still to confirm when her cosmetics line will release and if it is indeed a lipstick that will drop first, fans are getting excited to finally get their hands on her products. Let's hope 2019 is the year Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics finally launches!

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