J. Crew Celebrates Diversity And Fashion With 'New Crew' Campaign

Fashion brand J. Crew is launching a new campaign, and with that, they are also showcasing the brand's new and improved image. J. Crew's latest campaign is called 'New Crew', and it definitely showcases the brand's values in a clear way. First of all, J. Crew did not even use 'real' models for the campaign. Instead, they opted for some carefully selected groups of people, or 'crews' as they like to call them.

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The crews were chosen based on their organization's work in making a real difference in the United States, something which with the company wants to support and identify. Some of these organizations are for instance; Save the Waves, a nonprofit organization focused on protecting coastal ecosystems, City Growers, a nonprofit organization aimed at educating children about food and eating healthy, and the New York organization Girls Inc. which has the goal of empowering young women. Furthermore, J.Brand also included crews from their own physical stores.

As reported by Elle, J. Crew wants this campaign to celebrate the principle that we are better and stronger when we come together and unify our diversities, and for their social media, they are using the hashtag #meetmycrew.

The New Crew campaign will better reflect the reality of America today and aims to be more inclusive, modern and diverse. This is also clearly seen in another effort recently made by J. Crew. Earlier this year the fashion brand expanded their sizing charts, and they are now ranging from 00 to 24. The brand has also moved away from using a 'sample size' model, and customers will now see models in size 2, 8 and 16 on the website. This is a great example of being inclusive since it allows customers of all shapes and sizes to get inspired and relate with what they are seeing.

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J. Crew is an iconic American fashion brand, and their preppy clothes are loved by many. With this revamp of their image J. Crew wants to show that they are modern by demonstrating their core values and that they want everyone to feel welcome to create a fashionable look with their clothes. And what could be more modern than inclusivity and diversity?

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