Rumors Swirl About Ivanka Trump Being Pregnant After Insta Post

Jared Kushner turned thirty-seven today and his wife, Ivanka Trump decided to take to Instagram to announce her love for her husband and congratulate him on turning one year older. “Happy birthday, Jared!" Trump captioned the photo. "Thank you for being the most amazing father, husband, and best friend I could have dreamed of. Here’s to you!”

Almost immediately, the Instaworld was alive and buzzing with pregnancy rumors about the "First Daughter." The photo she chose to celebrate Kushner's birthday shows the couple standing in a courtyard surrounded by brightly-colored flowers and greenery. Both Kushner and Trump are wearing light colors; Kushner in a white button-up and tan pants and Trump in a long taupe dress with her hand placed lightly on her stomach.

Trump's Instagram followers picked up on the telltale baby bump and made their feelings known in the comments. “I guess congratulations are in order?!” one wrote. “For the Birthday and the pregnancy?!” “Omg my girl is prego,” another Instagram follower wrote.

But it seems that congratulations are not exactly in order after all. It turns out that Trump had posted this very same photo two years ago. Kushner and Trump currently have three children: Arabella, six, Joseph, four and Theodore who is two. The timing makes us believe that Trump was pregnant with Theodore in this photo and further evidence was revealed when Trump updated the photo with "#throwback" to quell the pregnancy rumors.


We are not sure why Trump chose this slightly confusing photo to post for her husband's birthday today. Maybe it is the couple's favorite photo of themselves or maybe it has some other sort of special meaning. Perhaps she thought that we would all remember that the photo had been previously posted two years ago. What is clear is that she is enjoying her family life. “I try to be there in the evenings and come back to work after the kids are asleep,” Trump said. “When I get home late and tired, tiptoeing into their bedrooms and seeing these three healthy, lovely, sleeping kids, I feel very blessed.”

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