It's Love: 20 Photos Of Kendall Jenner And Her Man Ben Simmons

Ah, these two look so in love! Surprise — in case you did not know, the top model Kendall Jenner snuggles up to her very own man every night, Ben Simmons, an NBA player for the Philadelphia 76ers.

However, unlike the other KarJenner sisters, Kendall has kept her relationship quite low-key; so much so that the duo has not even posted official pictures on their respective IG accounts — totally odd in the KarJenner world.

Their love story began in summer 2018. The pair was spotted spending a lot of time together — and they were often caught cozying up together, so we figured it was the real deal, but neither confirmed anything. And when confronted about who Simmons was, Jenner would shrug with a classic, "not sure."

Now, Jenner can no longer deny that the two only have eyes for each other because from what we see, it is completely evident that they have taken their relationship one step further. And, to truly confirm it, talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres asked Jenner about her love life when she was a guest on the show this month. The slender model shyly blushed about her new boyfriend.

Her new boo is quite the cutie too, so if you want in on their relationship, look below to see pictures of Jenner and her Australian basketball player.

20 She Has Got His Back

via Cosmopolitan

The two dated on the DL for months, but it was obvious that they had something brewing for quite some time. We are totally thrilled for the legs-for-days model.

With all the time they were spending together behind the scenes, it was only normal that Kendall was going to fall for her new beau, even though she kept disregarding the rumors. If you have kept a close watch on the couple, who are now more public than ever, you may have noticed that she always remains very close to him, like in the above photo.

We can tell that Jenner is serious about her Ben, especially since wherever he is spotted, she is right there with him.

19 Look At The Matching Shopping Partners

via People

According to Harper's Bazaar, the flawless Kendall said that they've been together "for a bit now" but we highly doubt that since this couple's body language says so much more.

The KarJenner sisters and their beaus are always making headlines, and last year when Jenner was seen flirting with Anwar Hadid, only a few days later she was gallivanting around in a matching white tee with her tall and handsome SO. They may have been "just hanging out," but we obviously do not buy that since the two definitely already had an interest in each other.

From the looks of this photo, the two surely enjoyed their day shopping trip together at the high-end department store Barneys New York, looking all cute and close. You cannot hide chemistry!

18 Showing Some Love At The Gas Station

via Elle

You know it is real when two people start kissing each other publicly — we only kiss and show with the one we love. And when a person is a celebrity, specifically a member of the KarJenner clan, eyes and the paparazzi are always on them, which means Jenner did not mind getting caught in action here.

The public kiss happened in June 2018, when Jenner still did not come forward about their romantic involvement, but this very obvious kiss at a Los Angeles gas station confirmed to us that Jenner was really feeling her beau (and still is).

Simmons leaned into the car window for the smooch and we are still gushing.

17 The Interlocking - We See It

via Hollywood Life

Jenner looks like she is hiding underneath her hat, but there is no denying she wanted to be noticed with her hunky boyfriend while holding his hand. In love language, a firm grip and interlocked fingers say a whole lot about people's feelings — Jenner, we see you!

The two, who have finally made things official, are often spotted out and about on their own for date nights. Although Jenner has guarded her relationship, here she shared a sweet PDA moment with him — yes, slight hand-holding counts as PDA when it comes to Jenner.

Seeing as this picture is from "national declare your love day," it was only fitting that she would show a bit more love on date night. According to Elle, this was right after Jenner and her beau left his game.

16 They Love Their NYC Date Nights

via Hollywood Life

We are so thrilled that DeGeneres asked Jenner about her love life, because we think the leggy model would have kept the relationship secret for more time if she hadn't.

Here, the cool couple were photographed walking side-by-side in New York while off to another date night. We all know Jenner is a basketball fan, but she's also a fan of dashing out for nights out on the town with her significant other, as is evident by all the photos captured of them going places.

They were making their way to a dinner together — nothing fancy shmancy, just the supermodel and her Australian boyfriend out on a Thursday for a casual night at Cipriani — no biggie.

15 A Couple That Plays Video Games Together, Stays Together

via daily mail

And you also know it is real love when a woman says yes to going shopping for video games with her man! Although the two were trying to keep a low profile, in August 2018 the reality television star was skipping around with the handsome Simmons in Best Buy — imagine shopping for a television or an iPad and you run into the reality television star and her partner!

Well, the duo is quite the humble pair, and do not have to go on extravagant or lavish dates to enjoy each other's company. Just a video game can make this man do the happy dance. And seriously, how awesome of a girlfriend is Jenner to spend her Sunday afternoon purchasing video game products? Sorry boys, she is taken.

14 You Can Catch Jenner Courtside

via Instagram

Jenner has mastered the red carpet, and now she is slaying the game courtside. You know what we love most about Jenner when she is on the court? Her undeniable enthusiasm that is so natural. Besides the fact that she has already showed up to watch her boyfriend play basketball, looking like a million bucks with posh leather pants and heels, her expressions are undoubtedly what is worth one million bucks.

One thing we know for sure is that she always nails her game-day style, but that is effortless for the fashionista and supermodel. What impresses us most about Jenner is her devotion to be his main cheerleader.

According to The Daily Mail, the model flies in on her private chopper often to catch her Australian boyfriend in action.

13 They Even Support Students Together

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Imagine playing basketball one day at school, and when you look up, you see Kendall Jenner and her new crush that we are all gushing over in the bleachers?

Well, during the holidays, the two gave some college students at Drexel University quite the gift when they slickly slipped into a game — surprise! We still can't get over that the 23-year-old model would choose to spend a night with her man at a basketball game, but that is what we love about the low-key couple.

Evidently, the students quickly noticed the A-lister and her "friend," and a particular student who was in charge of taking pictures was surprised when she saw the two getting close. Their presence certainly heated up the game.

12 Leave It To Jenner To Go On A Vacation Date

via Daily Mail

When we think of date night, we think of going to the movies, cuddling on the sofa with a movie, going out for a fancy dinner or indulging in dessert, but when it comes to the KarJenners, taking a little vacation is easy peasy lemon squeezy — so, they take little date trips.

Jenner and her talented Australian beau hit up Mexico on a double date with Khloé Kardashian and the father of True, Tristan Thompson, and the four enjoyed a posh getaway. They took the time to relax and lounge around, sunbathe, paddleboard and even go snorkeling; they basically engaged in a bunch of adventures.

After spending time on a luxurious yacht and hitting dry land, the pair looked exhausted and cozied up together, as seen above — aw.

11 Their First Christmas Together

via Sports Gossip

Although Jenner didn't make their relationship publicly official during the holidays, she did Simmons her heart — we hope he is special enough to keep it.

This was confirmed when the two were spotted Christmas shopping together at a mall in Philadelphia — once again, in casual attire and doing their own thing. It certainly does not take a genius like Sheldon Cooper to have seen this photo of the cuties or spotted them at the Philly mall to know that things have heated up between the two.

Now that Jenner is taken by the handsome ball player, we wish we knew more about their first special Christmas together. What we do know, however, is that Simmons is #boyfriendgoals because someone snapped a photo of him buying her a teddybear that day at the mall.

10 The High-Profile Couple Can Be Low-Key Too

via Daily Mail

We can finally say that Jenner and Simmons are boyfriend-girlfriend — hooray! It is an understatement to say that this couple are just totally awesome; seeing them out together more and more proves just how much Simmons was her missing puzzle piece.

The two often opt for dinner dates, but what makes them so similar is their sense of style; they do not go out with outlandish outfits, but rather, they remain relatively simple and casual with a hint of chic.

The two lovely adults hit up a club in Hollywood called Avenue on a Friday night and they walked right in. We can see that Jenner and her boyfriend are sophisticated enough to sport the rocker look with band tees and ripped jeans.

9 Jenner's Face: When We Get Our Restaurant Order

via People

Who thought that the model would settle down this year? Not us.

She had us fooled, and now she looks hopelessly in love and totally devoted to the basketball forward who knows how to play the court and own the streets. That being said, do you blame Jenner for having such an excited expression on her face when she sees her man in action?

When a lady looks at her man the way she looks at her food when it arrives, you know it is real love. Kendall, let us be honest, you did not have to confirm to Ellen DeGeneres that you’re in love — we instantly knew from this picture.

It is no longer “fries before guys” for Jenner, who religiously attends her boyfriend’s game, playing the role of the supportive girlfriend. Funnily enough, according to Seventeen, that night, Simmons was facing Thompson.

8 Engaging In A Typical Couple's Activity

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Want to know what the new it-couple who are in puppy love bought when they took a trip to Whole Foods? Soup. Why are they so simple, laid-back and cute together? We think they're a match made in heaven.

Jenner is quite the tightlipped woman, but she did not have to say much about their serious relationship since we all know that grocery shopping means two people have taken it to the “next level.” It is obvious that the pair really wanted to grab-and-go while at the organic supermarket with their shaggy and big clothing that sort-of camouflaged them — who could miss Jenner donning a grey beanie, though?

7 Jenner Tried To Impress Her Boyfriend With Her Skills

via Daily Mail

Does she honestly even need to impress her other half? We think not. Jenner is no Nancy Kerrigan, but we find it adorable that the successful model tried her best to slay it even on skates. This is such a heartwarming picture of the couple that recently confirmed their romance, because we know nothing is cuter than beating the chill and going on an ice-skating date — c’est l’amour.

And who said anything about frosty weather? With those two on the ice, we are certain they melted the whole thing down. Simmons made us gush as he stood by the sidelines (for once) while enamored by the young beauty who was showing off her moves.

6 Not Even A Petition Would Stop Jenner

via Philadelphia Magazine

Not everyone is a fan of the Kardashian-Jenner family, we are well aware of that. And we know that when it comes to sports, people take it very seriously and have their superstitions too. Well, whether you think the sultry model is a blessing or a curse (what Simmons thinks is all that truly matters though), some fans think otherwise about her.

To Jenner’s dismal, some fans caused a ruckus in November when the team lost a home game and she was in attendance. The reason why will completely boggle your mind, but Sixers fans blamed the loss that night on the distracting model, and so they started a petition to separate the romantically involved pair.

The 23-year-old clearly did not care when she appeared front and center courtside with her close pal at another home game in January — you go girl!

5 They Try (And Fail) To Dodge The Paps

via Just Jared

Just because the stunning model often has her head down when walking with Simmons, it does not mean that they are not an item.

We understand how annoying it must always be for the Keeping up with the Kardashians star to have cameras in her face — even when she goes for some retail therapy with her beau. Spotted again at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, California, the pair tried to hide their flirty romance and keep it on the DL, but the paps captured many snaps of the captivating couple on their way out and into his ride.

This photo came a day after the paps caught them showing some love at the gas station — the paps like to play hide and seek.

4 Concert Buddies

via ilivebendall

Kendall's sister, Kylie, is dating AstroWorld artist Travis Scott, and it was not long before tons of footage of Kylie at Scott's concerts did the rounds on social media — but what about Kendall?

Do a quick search on the slim model with an envious figure and her beau attending a Travis Scott concert on his lengthy tour, and nothing will show up — we give huge props to Kendall for hiding herself so well!

However, someone managed to snap a photo of the new Hollywood couple canoodling together at Scott's show. The two are definitely out of this world in love. Kendall took advantage while in Philly with her man and attended her sister's boyfriend's show — so, is Bendall a nickname yet?

3 Jenner Put The Rumors To Rest

via news.com.au

The two have been rumored to be together for some time now. However, now that they have moved their relationship onto a more serious level, they do not have to hide anymore. Before making it "official" both were caught by the paps gallivanting around town, and the two would often blend into crowds at events, like in the above photo. It was an easy way to conceal their relationship.

But you can't hide love! Being in the same place at the same time, the two always kept close, making it obvious that they could not stay away from each other; things started heating up around this time.

However, as we mentioned already, it wasn't until this month that Jenner decided to publicly announce their relationship.

2 Hotel California Or?

via Extra

When you're part of the world's most famous and watched family, it must be hard to get even a minute of privacy — it sounds like a tough job being a KarJenner. Well, although Jenner has a mansion in Calabasas, like most young couples in love privacy is sometimes needed — you know, just for some downtime.

In June 2018, while rumors of the duo dating were spreading like wildfire, the two who enjoy cozying up on the dance floor and partying together ended their night at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, according to The Daily Mail.

The stunning 23-year-old model and her 76ers guy left Hyde nightclub to enjoy some quiet time. While it seems the two tried to keep a low profile, keeping a distance from one another, it does not take Einstein to put two and two together.

1 How The Lovebirds Spent Their Valentine's Day

via Hollywood Life

If our girlfriend was a Select Management Model, we certainly would not want to hide her. Simmons, great job on taking your girl out on Valentine's Day and dining with her. The paps captured clear shots of the couple in New York, who for once did not look like they were trying to hide from the cameras.

They certainly find the paps a nuisance, as would we, but even with the pests around the duo were captured ending their night partying at Marquee — how zesty of them! The outings may have been sporadic, but we believe that a couple that parties together, stays together.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, InStyle

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