It's Hard To Choose Between These 17 Beautiful Beach Babes

Many celebrities workout all year round to stay in shape, and it shows when they’re in their bikinis. We see photos of celebrities in sizzling two-piece and one-piece swimsuits. They show off their enviable figures in barely-there bikinis when they hit the beach. They definitely turn heads as they stroll along the sand, without a doubt. They probably make men (or women) sweat even more on a hot day, but it’s a good thing that they’re on the beach. If anything, they can dip themselves in the water.

Celebrities look effortlessly chic on the beach. It could just be a white two-piece bikini, but they accessorize with necklace, earrings, and bracelet. It’s anything but basic. They also wear stylish aviators and straw hats when they’re soaking in the sun or paddling.

Some of the bikinis worn by celebrities are teeny-tiny, but they all look gorgeous! They flaunt their long and lean legs, sculpted abs, lady lumps, and of course their beautiful curves. High-leg bikini sets have been a celebrity trend for a while. It’s the perfect swimsuit to show off them curves. Some people might steer clear of the high-leg bottoms because it’s a bit risqué, but celebrities show off their ample assets in them. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Here’s the list of 17 hottest beach babes who have an amazing bikini beach body.

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17 Kendall Jenner Is Wearing An Adorable Pink Vintage Style Bikini On A Yacht

The Sun

Kendall Jenner is always slaying in different swimsuits. While not everyone can pull off this look, she looks cute and steamy at the same time in this adorable two-piece pink vintage style bikini on a yacht. The top has button details with ruffled edges, and it goes perfectly with the high-waisted bottoms. The matching bikini set is definitely one-of-a-kind. It’s nothing like the teeny bikinis we’re used to seeing on the model. So, we were a bit surprised, but in a good way. Everything looks good on her no matter what. She’s a supermodel for a reason — her lean physique, and we envy those incredibly long legs. Here, she’s wearing sunglasses while rinsing herself in that adorable bikini and it looks like she’s in a photoshoot.

16 Hilary Duff Is All Smiles In Her Itty Bitty Maroon Bikini At The Beach


Hilary Duff loves to go to the beach to spend her vacations stress-free with the people she loves. She participates in activities like paddling or even surfing. There are some people who say she’s gained weight over the years and make comments on her cellulite. But, she doesn’t care about the body shamers because she’s proud of the way her body is. We think she looks great! Here, we see her all smiles in her itty bitty maroon bikini and rocking that sunglasses. She puts her toned abs and thighs on display. Why not? She hits the gym, and it definitely shows. It’s incredible how she finds the time to stay in shape when she’s a busy mom. She has an adorable son to care for, and she has to film her show Younger.

15 The Brazilian Babe Alessandra Ambrosio Looks Gorgeous In A White Bikini


The Brazilian Babe Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the most adored Victoria’s Secret Angels. It broke our hearts when we first heard that she is hanging up her wings after she walks her last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which happened last month. We were sad that she was leaving, but hopefully, we’ll still get to see her. We’d love to see her chic street style because she’s very stylish. Speaking of style, doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous in a white bikini? She showcases her flawless bikini body with her hands on her hip, and her coverup slightly pulled back. The white bikini might seem basic, but because she looks amazing in anything she wears, it makes us want to get that same set! She was definitely the star at the beach.

14 Nina Dobrev Shows Off Her Toned Physique In A High-Waisted Two-Piece


Nina Dobrev is a total beach babe. She shows off her toned physique in a high-waisted two-piece. The matching set has three colors: bright blue, black, and pink. The black part seems to be mesh because it’s a bit see-through. It gives the swimsuit more style, so we love it. The former Vampire Diaries star is living the life after she left the TV series. She’s a very adventurous woman. Because she’s always active, it’s no wonder she has a fit body. She actually wore this bikini while she was in Hawaii where she swam with the sea turtles and went diving with the sharks. She flaunted her body in different swimsuits, too, and they all looked good on her. With a body like that, what couldn't she pull off?

13 Bella Hadid Is Rocking A White Halter One-Piece Swimsuit


Bella Hadid, who has been getting more attention than her older sister Gigi Hadid, looks stunning at the beach. She’s standing in the water up to her knees with her hair wet from swimming, and she’s rocking a white halter one-piece swimsuit. The high leg swimsuit has been a trend for a while, especially with celebrities. It’s the perfect swimsuit to show off your curves, and it does for Bella. We can see her toned curvy physique and her envious long legs in this one-piece. There’s also a small opening on the top where her cleavage is slightly exposed. The color white gives a clean and simple look. Overall, the look will definitely give off the Baywatch vibe if the swimsuit was in the color red like what Pamela Anderson wore.

12 It's Hard Not To Notice Priyanka Chopra And Her Envious Curves

Daily Mail

Priyanka Chopra was Miss Universe, so we’re not surprised by how amazing she looks in a tie-dye bikini. She definitely turned heads when she hit the beach. She’s mostly known for her role in Quantico as an FBI agent, but some people might recognize her as the bad girl in the remake of Baywatch. She was so hot that people couldn’t stop talking about her. Anyways, she was on the Miami beach when she wore this bikini. She was promoting the movie Baywatch, and during her free time, she was soaking in the sun with her friends. It’s hard not to notice her and her envious curves, especially when she emerged from the water wearing sunglasses. It looked like she was filming a movie, but she wasn’t. She just looks really good in candid photos.

11 Hailey Baldwin In A Black One-Piece Swimsuit Looks Like She's In A Photoshoot


Hailey Baldwin must own a ton of swimsuits in her closets because it seems like she wears different types of styles and colors of swimsuits every time she’s photographed at the beach. We’re not complaining. She has an excellent taste. We just want to raid her closet, that’s all. Honestly though, doesn’t she look like she’s in a photoshoot in that sizzling black one-piece swimsuit? It would’ve looked plain if she didn't accessorize, but she did, and she couldn’t have done a better job. Basically, it’s picture-perfect! She definitely showed off her stunning figure in that one-piece and proved that every girl should own a black one-piece swimsuit. It’s something we can wear every day. She also looks fabulous makeup-free and even with her hair wet from being underwater.

10 The Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima Shows Off Her Incredible Bikini Body


One of the most iconic Victoria’s Secret Models Adriana Lima obviously looks sizzling in a tiny black string bikini. The weather’s already hot and sunny at the beach, but she probably made the men (or women) sweat even more. She tied her long brown hair back, wore gold hoop earrings along with other accessories, cat sunglasses, and topped it off with a vibrant red lipstick. Wearing a red lipstick shows that she’s confident, and we all know that nothing is sexier than a confident woman. Adriana showed off her incredible bikini body in a barely-there bikini, and keeping that kind of body for years is definitely not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of dedication. She probably has a set diet plan and sticks to a workout routine that works for her.

9 Olivia Culpo Showcases Her Figure In A Floral Printed Bikini At The Beach


It’s been five years since Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe, and she’s still gorgeous as ever. The brunette beauty tied her hair back into a bun, and she showcased her enviable figure in a floral printed bikini at the beach. The low top displays her chest, and the high-leg bottom shows off her toned legs. She also accessorized with round earrings, and her makeup is minimal. She’s a huge fan of SoulCycle, and it shows that she works hard to stay in shape. It certainly explains her sculpted abs. She looks perfect in every way. She gained a lot of attention when she dated Nick for two years and appeared in his music video, “Jealous.” Lately, she’s been getting more attention thanks to her Instagram. She really knows how to take the perfect photos.

8 The Petite Kourtney Kardashian Pulls Off The High-Leg Black Bikini Set

Us Weekly

The high-leg bikini set is definitely a celebrity trend. We see many celebrities rocking the bikini on the beach, especially the tall ones because it shows off their legs. Not everyone’s comfortable wearing a high-leg bottom because it’s a bit revealing, and it could also make your behind look flatter. It was a bold move for the petite Kourtney Kardashian to try it. The result? She looked amazing! She flaunted her ample assets in the high-leg black bikini set, and the bikini actually made her legs look nice. You know what they say — don’t knock it till you try it. She accessorized with gold necklaces, hoop earrings, and a bracelet. The black sunglasses and her sleek wet hair gave off a chic vibe. The mother of three can pull anything off.

7 Jessica Alba Is Chic In Her Pineapple Printed Bikini And Cover-Up While Paddling

The Sun

Jessica Alba is one of the celebrities who’s cute but can also be sexy, and it’s how she looks in her pineapple printed string bikini and matching coverup. The pineapple print is really cute, but seriously, everything she wears looks effortlessly chic. She also wore a sun hat with her hair down and sunglasses while she was paddling. She’s often seen paddling on the beach. It’s no wonder she’s so fit all the time. She flaunts her beautiful body in every bikini she owns, and she looks absolutely flawless in every one of them. We’ve noticed that she tends to reach for bright summer colors and fun prints for her tiny two-piece bikinis that go perfectly with her bubbly personality. Overall, she’s a beach babe for sure, and she makes the men (or women) sweat like crazy.

6 Rita Ora Is Having Fun As She Shows Off Her Curves In A Silver Bikini On Vacation

The Sun

Rita Ora is a British singer, but some people might recognize her from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey as Christian Grey’s sister. Back in September, she shared her diet and workout plan that helped her achieve the body she desired with Cosmopolitan. Hard work pays off. She looks stunning rocking the sexy silver bikini and sunglasses on the beach on vacation. It looks like she had a great time because, in the photo, she’s in the water up to her knees splashing water with a smile on her face. It shows that she’s confident of her curves in a two-piece bikini, and she should. She also looks amazing in every other bikini she wore, and she posts them on Instagram for everyone to see. We don’t blame her.

5 Fergie Looks Amazing Coming Out Of The Water In A Tiny String Bikini

Daily Mail

Fergie is one hot mama. She works out with a trainer, and the result is amazing. She flaunts her phenomenal body in a tiny green string bikini, and there’s no doubt in our minds that she turned heads as she strolled along the beach. The top shows enough cleavage and the bottom shows off her toned thighs. All eyes were probably on her when she came out of the water looking like a beach goddess. Right? She’s all smiles with her black sunglasses on. It’s too bad she doesn’t get as much media as other celebrities do when it comes to sexy beach bodies because she is straight up gorgeous. The newly single 42-year-old singer probably already has men lined up to snatch her up. She’s a catch, for sure.

4 Sofia Richie Puts Her Flawless Figure On Display In A White Bikini

Daily Mirror

Sofia Richie, who’s been dating Scott Disick for a while, looks white hot in a tiny two-piece bikini on the beach. It’s like the bikini was made just for her. It’s flattering on her, and it puts her flawless figure on display. She has enviably toned abs, so we don’t blame her for wanting to show off. She also put her blonde hair back into a sleek ponytail while holding her Givenchy slippers. She wore stylish sunglasses and a thin white shirt over her two-piece as she strolled across the sand. Everyone probably couldn’t help but stare at her because she looked like she was walking the runway. She is a model after all, so. Because of her modelesque physique, she looks stunning all the time, and we love her style.

3 Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Her Stunning Physique In A Tiny Crochet Bikini

The Sun

Emily Ratajkowski was one of the topless models in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video. It's how she got popular and famous. It's basically how she started her acting career in Hollywood. She played Ben Affleck's mistress in Gone Girl and she was in We Are Your Friends. Moving on — she posts a lot of barely-there bikinis on Instagram. Here, we see her in a tiny two-piece crochet bikini. The bikini shows off her long, lean legs. Although the halter top looks a bit tiny on her, she still looks amazing. She also wore a big straw hat when sunbathing at the beach. She definitely stole the show — she flaunts her stunning physique like nobody’s business. She was upset when the French magazine Madame Figaro photoshopped her cover. We think she looks beautiful just the way she is.

2 Heidi Klum Flaunts Her Phenomenal Body As She Sizzles In Red Bikini

Hollywood Life

The former supermodel Heidi Klum is on like every list of celebrities with a sexy beach body because, well, she always looks amazing! She’s the oldest one on the list at 44 years old, but who can really tell? It’s admirable how much she's committed to staying in shape even after she left the modeling world. Because she works hard for that body, she wants to show off her stunning figure in a bikini every chance she gets. Here, she flaunts her phenomenal body as she dips her toes in the water. We think she is sizzling in a red bikini — her long, lean legs and tight abs. She also wore matching aviators, which was a nice touch. She recently modeled in lingerie for her own collection, and she’s still beautiful.

1 There's A Reason Gisele Bundchen Has Been The Highest-Paid Supermodel For Years (Until Kendall)


Gisele Bundchen is one of the most iconic Victoria’s Secret Angels. We still can’t believe that it’s been over two years since she hung up her wings. She’s known for her flawless body. There’s a reason she’s been the highest-paid supermodel for years. Even after she retired from the runway, she flaunts her enviable figure in a teeny-tiny bikini whenever she hits the beach. She wore a crochet coverup over the black string two-piece bikini and had the perfect beach hair. We can still see her best assets and her glowing tan as she strolls along the beach. She’s also makeup-free, which isn’t surprising. She’s often seen without makeup, and she looks gorgeous! She really is a natural beauty. Overall, she looks amazing in everything she wears — probably even in sweats.

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