It's A Boy! Prince Harry And Meghan Welcome Their First Child

It's a boy! Prince Harry and Meghan welcome their first child

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared the good news that they have welcomed their first child. According to the statement, both Meghan and the baby are well and healthy, and the first-time-parents are brimming with joy. Buckingham Palace revealed the news that Meghan had gone into labor, and it did not take long until the Meghan and Prince Harry shared that the baby was born via their own Instagram account @SussexRoyal. The baby boy was born early on the morning of May 6th, weighing 7lbs. 3oz and everything had gone well.

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The new parents also took the opportunity to thank the public for their support during Meghan's pregnancy and the arrival of their son in the caption of their announcement on Instagram. They also promised that more details will come in a couple of days, and of course, people are already trying to guess what the newest addition of the royal family will be named. Prince Harry also came out to speak to members of the press that had gathered and was heard gushing over his wife and their little son.

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It's a boy! Prince Harry and Meghan welcome their first child
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As reported by ET Online, Prince Harry explained the birth to be the most amazing experience of his life, and he was also expressing his astonishment over how women 'do what they do'. The new father went on saying how proud he is over his wife, and that their son is amazing, and also reassured the press that they will see them as a family soon.

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Prince Harry also assured everyone that he and Meghan are going to share photos of their little one once they have settled in at home at Frogmore Cottage. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have decided not to follow the royal tradition of posing outside the hospital hours after giving birth, something which both Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge did with all their children. Instead, they will take photos at their home within a couple of days, and perhaps they will also reveal their baby's name on that occasion.

The royal couple got married in May last year, and after weeks of carefully placed folders and clever outfits, Buckingham Palace broke the news in October that the Duke and Duchess were expecting their first child. Now, Baby Sussex is finally here, and it won't be long until they share his name and photos of his precious face.

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