This Italian Designer Is Helping Stars Get Flashy And Fluffy

So, if you're young, hip, and filthy rich, what would you do if you heard about a designer who uses enough fabric to cover the length of three and a half football fields to make each of his clothing items? Well, if you don't wanna miss out, get in line!

Which is exactly what the likes of Kendall Jenner and Rihanna, who are likely to be waved to the front of the queue, are doing these days. Still others are reportedly tripping over themselves for a chance to sport frocks by Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli.

So what the frock makes his line so special? For openers, there's that massive amount of fabric he uses, some 350 meters of the stuff, to get that fluffy look resembling anything from a racy bridal gown to an overflowing meringue key lime pie.

The dress caused such a stir on Friday at a fashion show in London's O2 arena, that Twitter churned out posts overtime over the sensation. It also diverted a great deal of attention towards Valli, who's more of an unknown in high-end designer circles, but has been under the radar decking out celebs like Jessica Biel for a decade.

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The fluffy, puffy billows and folds of chiffon that quickly became a signature for Valli's line was part of his couture wardrobe line, so the dressy collection isn't for sale. Naturally, that hasn't stopped top models like Poppy Delevingne and Rita Orr from snapping up the dresses that seem to cover everything on their frames like a mushroom cloud except the legs. They're also available in a series of pastel shades from blue to orange, although some bolder black versions have also been seen on red carpets of late.

A similar style by Off White also got a thumbs up from Kim Kardashian, who displayed a frock in an Instagram shot, that indicated she's also taken to the poof trend like a clothes horse to water. The cumulus cloud look received more than two million likes from her fans.

But the acceleration of adulation surrounding Valli's line has also encouraged him to release a forthcoming collection of activewear, a first for the designer.


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