Is It 2007? 15 Snapshots That Prove The Biebs Is Pulling A Britney

If you're not a tween you're probably not the most wild about Justin Bieber. There's something about the singer/songwriter that's really appealing to young women, especially the ones that haven't quite made it out into the real world yet. They're still able to believe in the fantasy of pop songs and prince charming, unharmed by broken hearts or "it's complicated" relationship statuses. However, they seem to have gotten a peek into the hardships of life through watching Justin Bieber's slow (but steady) meltdowns over the last little while. Have you SEEN this kid?! He's getting all grown up, and it's getting rough to watch. 10 years after the Britney Spears meltdown he's continuing the trend, with bad hairstyles, mucked up relationships, and a musical career that seems to have stopped dead in its tracks. Is there a good reason for it? Yes, actually. Bieber might not be having the existential crisis we all thought he was having. Read on to find out exactly what's going on.

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15 Too Close Even For Fans

Even your fans don’t want to see this, Bieber. It’s not flattering and it’s not exactly hilarious. Maybe the caption gave some giggles, but take out of the Instagram context this photo is strange. While Justin Bieber has found himself on the receiving end of lots of critique lately, there’s nothing more startling or odd than his personal life. While we get that superstars are under a lot of pressure, he seems like he might be cracking a little. At least, that’s what we’re getting out of this strange up-nose shot. His eyes look forlorn and empty, and his mouth is relaxed enough that we’re willing to bet it was photoshopped on. It just doesn’t look like the Biebs we all know and love. No matter how crazy you are about him, you gotta admit: it’s a weird shot to post, and isn’t doing much for his street cred.

14 Seriously Justin?

You know that silly stereotype about the nerdy girls being cute and quirky, no matter what they’re doing with their mouths? Sometimes it’s true. Duck lips can look attractive on a woman with glasses and messy pig tails. Even a sultry lip bite can get even the most stone-hearted, cheerleader-set man going when it’s on a glasses wearing goddess. Bieber, however, is not a quirky nerdy girl. He’s not a glasses wearing goddess, and he’s not doing the duck lips right. If you thought the first shot was a strange one to post, this one is even weirder. He seems to be trying to mimic a whole bunch of stereotypes and isn’t doing any of them well. We’re even surprised that he’s managed to garner any positive response to it. Those glasses are WAY past the size realm of quirky, and those lips are WAY too open to be the duck lip pout.

13 This Weird Reaction

What the heck, Justin? Was this a catcall or a lead up to some massive vomit? We legit can’t tell what he’s staring at, or what he’s reacting to. We’re certainly glad he’s having this kind of reaction, as it’s giving us a good case of the giggles. But why?! Who makes a face like this outside on the street? He looks like he must have been out and about with friends, which makes us wonder if he was maybe making fun of someone. Who knows. A better question might be why he’s letting it live on the internet. We know we’d do our best to avoid a shot like this getting out there. Maybe when you’re as famous as Justin you stop caring about one or two weird shots; Or maybe this is proof that he’s on a slow spiral downwards, heading towards a 2007-esque Britney style meltdown.

12 Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open

Ewwwww! Didn’t his parents teach him to chew with his mouth closed? While we’re all for sharing food, it’s impolite to do it when it’s still in your mouth. Didn’t you know that, Justin? We’re betting he didn’t realize. No doubt a guy as prolific as Bieber didn’t have to sit through the manners class in Home Ec. We’ll excuse him this time for that, but he should know better than to post a picture of it on the internet. There’s no possible way to share food when you’ve got screens between you. Not to mention the fact that it’s really gross and not flattering in any other way. The framing of the photo makes us think that he was definitely TRYING to take a picture of the half-chewed food in his mouth. Talk about weird. If it was a burger selfie, sure. Take a photo with your mouth full. But don’t focus on the food! Selfies are all about you, Biebs. You should know that by now.

11 Woke Up Like This

Not a bad shot, but that hair has got to go. His eyes are super mesmerizing, and we can see why the tweens of the world are all so gaga over him. He has this amazing glow that isn’t exactly other-worldly, but also isn’t exactly normal. If only this photo did those eyes justice! The framing of the shot is strange, with his head kind of looking like a thumbprint smudged across the middle. His ungroomed eyebrows are giving us all the more reason to stare into his amber eyes, and his hair is making us glad he’s angled the way he is. It looks like one of those chia pets that’s just started to grow. That adorable polka dot headband helps with the image, making us think of those sweet ribbons you put around potted plant holders. It’s a good morning to be the Biebs, but maybe the picture could have waited.

10 Again With The Food

Why the glasses? And how many fake pairs does he have?! And WHY does he insist on showing people the food in his mouth? We absolutely hate the fact that he’s always showing that off, and hopefully the rest of the world does too. It seems like his friends are fine with it though, as it looks like he’s facetiming a friend. Or trying to, rather. Maybe that’s the way he and his friends show they care: they share even the food that’s between their teeth. Luckily his friend didn’t pick up. We would have hated to see two famous folk gnashing and gnawing away at their fancy lunches. Breakfasts? Dinners? Who knows what type of food he’s working on. There’s definitely no desire in us to know. YUCK! Take those glasses off and close that mouth, Bieber.

9 Whose Team Are You On?

This holy fatherly love is causing a bit of a scandal in the world, despite the fact that there could be nothing more pure and innocent. Carl Lentz is known as the cool guy pastor at Hillsong church. It’s no secret that Justin is religious; he’s been talking about God for years now, though it’s never quite been as in your face as it has recently. Talk about intense; he and Lentz have been seen together on many outings, matching each other’s styles and keeping big glasses on trend. Some places report that Bieber thinks of Lentz like a father figure, but we think we’d rather call them brothers. There’s something sweeter about it, and it fits the bromance idea better. And trust us, it is a bromance. Just Justin, Carl, and the holy spirit. Nothing can come between them with that bringing them together.

8 Showing Some Love

All you need to do is Google “Justin Bieber Facetime” and you’ll find a slew of images that are weird, goofy, uncomfortably intimate, and featuring a black book full of celebrity nicknames. Bieber seems to be a big fan of Facetiming, with his video still shots appearing in snapchats, on Instagram, and of course on the internet in general. While it’s nice that he’s got such a close knit group of friends, it’s kind of weird that he puts up pictures of talking to them. We don’t need to know whom he’s talking to every minute of every day. For some reason he seems to think we’re interested, just like how we’re interested in seeing the food he’s chewing on. Sure, it’s interesting to see him in such a loving conversation… But c’mon, Justin! Show us some new music or art, not another Facetime session with your bromances.

7 In Some Legal Trouble


Okay, now we’re really getting into the meltdown stuff. Remember when Justin was arrested for driving under the influence? We’ve pinpointed that as the beginning of the end. Not only did his hairstyles start to get stranger after the incident, he went a little off the rails. Too much power and too much freedom are always a bad mix. We know we’d end up in some trouble too if we had the kind of star power (and money) that the Biebs has earned. Luckily he’s surrounded by good friends and a good church that’s now keeping him from pulling more stunts like that. If Britney had the same, would she have done the same sort of meltdown stunt? Maybe, maybe not. It’s hard to say. We’re happy that Bieber has overcome the scandal of this, even if it does keep him on the spiral to a breakdown.

6 Calling Them Gross


We’re never surprised to hear about superstars disliking the paparazzi. While they certainly get some good photos, it’s often at the expense of superstars that are on the whole nice people. There’s nothing wrong with getting embarrassing shots of them every once in a while, but when the paparazzi starts to get all up in stars’ faces, it does get annoying. There have been many articles and interviews with stars who have hurt paparazzi members in the name of trying to get privacy. It’s no surprise Bieber jumped on that train too. This picture looks vicious, and that’s definitely because it is. He’s got his arms outstretched, trying to grab the camera (or possibly the camera holder). His own body guard had to restrain him, as he was so angry and disgusted by the paparazzi taking his pictures. Calm down, Justin! They’re people, just like you.

5 Concert Craziness


Yuuuuuck. This one is a gross one. We’ve all seen the pictures of Madonna drinking onstage, but she luckily had the classiness to not puke from it. No doubt there have been many other rockstars who have indulged during their sets. Some of them might have thrown up from it, but those rockers never seem to make the news quite to the extent that this photo did. We haven’t done much digging on this, so we’re totally willing to believe that Bieber was actually just sick with a bad flu. It seems odd though that he would cancel his most recent tour in order to hang out with God, but kept this one going while he was so sickly and vomiting. We’re glad it didn’t lead to more legal takedowns, at least… Not that we’re saying that’s what caused the vomiting.

4 Underage Girlfriend(s)


Sometimes it feels like we know more about Justin Bieber’s personal life than we know about ours. The number of rumors we’ve heard regarding everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to random Instagram hotties is staggering. One of the most recent rumors discussed this new girl, Sofia Richie. While there’s since been word that they have broken up and gone their separate ways, that’s not necessarily true. It’s hard to break up with people, and Bieber has stated that it’s just because he doesn’t want a relationship right now. Does that mean they’re going to keep getting together? We hope not. As mature as Sofia is, she’s only just had that sweet birthday that’s broken her out of the “underage” bracket. We hope that that’s not why Biebs broke up with her, but who knows. Models seem to get younger and younger, while still getting prettier and prettier.

3 Social Media Tear Down


Remember when he and Selena broke up? It was a sad time for all of us. They seemed like a good couple, and it was astonishing to see how long they’d managed to stay together. For two superstars like them, a long relationship is almost unheard of. Especially when they were so young! We love the fact that they had that relationship, but it turns out things might not have been as good as we thought. It’s true! There have been some semi-recent accusations by Selena that he was a cheater, and calling him out on his Insta. He was lamenting the fact that his fans weren’t a fan of the new (underage) girlfriend and were backlashing on his comments section. Selena chimed in with a quip about keeping happiness to himself, which is totally vicious and totally justified. We love her so much, and we love the fact that that tear down was totally public.

2 Spiritual Awakening pt. 1


Selena and Justin aren’t over-over, though. They’re still talking, and are still (on the whole) quite pleasant with each other. Maybe there’s some sparks still in the air? We’re not sure, but we wouldn’t put it past them. The two of them are total lovers, and it’s hard to distinguish what’s “just a love song” and what’s a romantic declaration of being each other’s babies. Why do we think this? Recently Ariana Grande planned the One Love concert in Manchester, as a support rally and response to the bombing that claimed lives of her fans at her last Manchester concert. She invited Justin to perform, which he totally and completely jumped at. It’s proof that he’s still the lover he always has been, even if he’s had some questionable relationship antics over the years. We hope that Selena sees how much of a changed man he is.

1 Spiritual Awakening pt. 2


...And seriously, this guy HAS changed. He got so intense and emotional at One Love Manchester that he gave a speech and started crying about it. There’s no way that some cold, unfeeling guy would be able to do that. His speech discussed how love will triumph over hate, and how hope and happiness are the keys to staying strong in the face of adversity and evil. It’s actually pretty awesome, but super out of character. Justin Bieber also started thanking God, and then went on to play his music. This is one of the last times he was heard, having cancelled most of his newest tour. What’s going on, Justin?! We hope he’s just wanting to take the time to himself. He says he wants to work on new music, but we don’t know… That Manchester breakdown was pretty intense, and he’s been spending a lot of time at church. Is he going to give up the superstar life to follow a life of religion? Or is he really just incubating some ideas? Only time will tell. Hopefully he’ll be like Britney too, who managed to get her career back on track… We’ll see!

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