International Beauty Industry Opens A New Beauty Competition

Wanna fast-track your way to the top of the beauty market? It's actually quite easy if you follow these steps. First, be a known celebrity. Second, find a company and build a line of cosmetics. Third, get tons of publicity when that line rolls out. And fourth, sit back and let the loot roll in.

Well, nuts to that, says an organization called the International Beauty Industry (IBI). It has silently been shaking its head at celebs stealing the thunder from more obscure designers poring over prototypes, and working through the wee hours on samples for products they hope will be a crucial addition to their portfolios.


That's why the New York-based IBI has created a competition for hair and makeup artists that most don't hear about. They've opened the field to anyone in the world working in the beauty industry in any of 90 categories. Whether you're a seasoned veteran with your own salon or a makeup specialist converting an actor into an alien for a sci-fi outing, chances are, you're eligible. And if you happen to be a big name, the IBI is adamant that you won't earn brownie points for that distinction. Ditto if you happen to be successful enough with a database of high-profile clients. To the judges, it all boils down to how good the work is.

"To us, it's always been about people," said one IBI rep. "Our focus is the artistry and design these professionals execute during their day at the office and their dedication to perfecting the craft".


Here's how aspiring behind-the-scenes beauty artists can submit their works. First go to the IBI website and make sure you have three photos for each entry including a description of any techniques involved that might pique the interest from judges. Then choose from any category from bridal to special effects. Also make sure you can authenticate your images and that you have permission from people shown in the photos to use that material.While there's no limit to the number of areas you can enter, remember that you must pay a $75 entry fee for every category chosen. If you submit before May 31st, the fee is only $60.


The deadline for entries is September 15th with winners to be announced later in the year. Updates will be available on the IBI's Instagram account.

Will you be entering this competition? Let us know in the comments!


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