Instagram Users Are Becoming One With Nature With The 'Flower Vase Hair' Trend

There is a new hair trend going viral on Instagram, and it is called "Flower Vase Hair". Now, adding flowers to a hairdo is hardly something new, but a vase? This trend was started by Canadian influencer and Youtuber Taylor R, or taytay_xx as her Instagram handle is labeled, and fashionistas all over the world have been quick to follow. The well-known blogger posted a couple of photos on her Instagram page showing herself rocking the unusual updo, adding the hashtag #FlowerVaseHair, and it seems she really managed to create a trend.

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Taylor R also took to her popular YouTube channel to share a step by step tutorial on how to create the Flower Vase Hair. All you need to do is to find a vase-like item in your home, for instance, a water bottle. Put it on top of your head, cover it with your hair, and then create your preferred vase shape with hair elastics. Finish off by sticking in the flowers, and voilá - you're good to go. The height of the 'vase' will depend on the length of the hair, so for those with slightly shorter hair, a smaller container might do the trick. Creating a smaller vase could also be a way of trying this new hair trend in a less sensational way.

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Adding flowers to almost any hairdo is definitely becoming a massive trend this fall. Both Beyoncé's Vogue September cover and Rihanna's cover for British Vogue are showcasing big flower arrangements in the singers' hair.

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Another celebrity who has been rocking the flowery trend is Kim Kardashian. The voluptuous business mogul shared a photo of herself (because what else could she possibly have used?) to promote her makeup brand KKW Beauty's latest collection, "The Classic Blossom Collection". In the photo shared on her Instagram page, Kim K is sitting down wearing little to nothing, with cherry blossom covering her modesty.

Now, for those who are not feeling quite as adventurous as to put a vase on their head, there are many other ways to incorporate flowers into a hairstyle. It might not fall under the hashtag for Flower Vase Hair, but it can look super cute nonetheless.

All feature image credit to Jess Zuniga on Instagram.

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