Instagram Update Allows Users To Monitor Their Time Spent On The App

Anyone with an Instagram profile can probably admit that they've spent plenty of time using the popular social media platform to some capacity. In fact, some would go so far as to confess that they have spent more time than they care to admit using the app day in and day out. Whether it's uploading multiple posts or "Stories" each day, following and commenting on others' content, or just mindlessly scrolling through content on their phones or laptops. If you've ever wondered how much of your life is spent on Instagram, you can now find out.

The image-based social media platform has implemented a new update that has included a feature that allows you to do just that. When you visit your profile settings, the "Your Activity" option is presented. Should you explore it, you'll be able to view how much time you've spent on Instagram in the form of a graph. The graph shows the user the amount of time spent on that specific device over the course of the day.

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In a press release issued by Instagram themselves, they explained how they wish for their users to understand how much time they spend using the social media platform every single day. In order to do it effectively, they consulted mental health experts and organizations to help create this feature in a way to boost users' positivity and happiness when using the app. Another big hope is that it will encourage users to better control their use of Instagram. It will best suit parents trying to teach their teenagers good online habits.

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While the "Your Activity" feature is a step in the right direction when it comes to bettering Instagram use, they didn't stop there. Their newest update also includes temporarily muting push notifications for a specific amount of time, a way to determine the maximum amount of time they'd like to spend on the app every day. That will then give the user a daily reminder for when they've reached their usage limit.

These features might not be used by everyone who frequents Instagram for one reason or another. But they will definitely get used by many, especially those who are curious about their daily use on the app. Perhaps it will actually help some users tone down their use of Instagram. Only time will tell if that turns out to be the case.

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