Christmas Tree Eyebrows Are The Festive New Trend Taking Over Social Media

The holiday season has brought out a few unique and exciting social media trends, including Christmas tree hair and holiday lights for beards. Now there is a new Instagram trend that will leave you wondering what the heck is going on in the beauty community this holiday season.

Christmas tree eyebrows have taken over social media. Yes, you read that correctly. People are decorating their eyebrows to look like Christmas trees, and Instagram is being inundated with photos of them. The wacky brow trend features shimmery, glittery jingle-bell decorations that will make anyone stand out in a crowd.

Now the trend initially came about last year, but for some reason this year it has exploded. It may sound crazy, but actually, Christmas tree eyebrows look pretty darn cool. One reason is that they give the illusion of looking like a social media filter, but they are real.

It all started with beauty influencers began brushing and waxing their eyebrows to look like branches of a tree. The eyebrows were then set with wax to ensure they stayed in place. Finally, the influencer would attached glitter, stars and even baubles to complete the unique look.

What is great about the Christmas tree eyebrow trend is there are no rules. You can go subtle and straightforward, or you can go all out in the design. Some photos show such a slight hint of a tree, where others are full of decorated green trees with shining lights. Plus, it is perfect for the holiday season because it spices up your everyday look.

Trying the new holiday eyebrow trend is not only an excellent way to celebrate the fun festive season, but it is also a way to say goodbye to the year in style. It is also Instagram approved, which, let's be honest, makes the trend even more appealing.

If you want to try the Christmas tree eyebrow trend but aren't so sure how to do, Instagram user @taytay_xx is a pro, so follow her. According to Marie Claire, she was also the one who showcased the trend last year and helped take it to the next level this year.

Also, there are a slew of how to videos on YouTube that will give you are tutorial, so don't let lack of how-to knowledge stop you from trying this latest Instagram trend.


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