10 Instagram Tips Most Users Don't Know About

Social media is a daily part of life for a lot of people. Whether you use it for business, socialization or to keep in touch with family there are tips and tricks to get the most out of each platform.

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Have been hoping to up your Instagram game? Maybe you just have a few things you'd like to change but don't know how? This list of tricks will put you will on your way to using Instagram like a pro. Get ready to spruce up your profile, clean up your saved posts and organize your filters.

10 Video Length

Video is the future of social media. Instagram videos have a limit to how long each clip can be and it varies by type. This can be confusing for some users so we've broken it down for you. Live videos are incredibly popular. They're a great way to connect in real time and share experiences.

Live videos can be up to one hour long. That's a really long time to go live! Video clip posted to your profile must be much shorter at only one minute in length. If you want to add a clip to your story it can only be a mere 15 seconds long. That makes for a good teaser for a live feed.

9 Fancy Bio Fonts

Are you looking to stand out? Instagram is one social media platform that's all about expression. You should be as creative as possible with your profile. You can really make your bio pop by using a custom font.

It's a lot easier than it sounds like. All you have to do is type up your bio in a program or app that has a font you like. Copy and paste your text into the bio field on Instagram and the font will carry over. This is an especially helpful way to add special characters such as a trademark or accent.

8 Unblocking Someone

Blocking someone on social media can be a really useful tool. Sometimes you need to remove someone from your online life, other times the break doesn't need to be so permanent. If you've blocked someone but you're ready to undo it or you've blocked them by accident it's an easy process to reverse.

From your own profile open the menu icon at the top. Scroll down until you see the "blocked users" menu. Simply click on the name of the person you wish to unblock. This will take you to their profile. If you're sure you're ready to unblock them tap the blue "unblock" button. That' all you have to do to reverse the process.

7 Collections

If you're like a lot of users, you're on Instagram for inspo posts. While you've been saving all of those great manicures and DIY projects they've just been creating a jumbled list. If you frequently save a lot of posts, you might want to start organizing them into collections.

To get started, navigate to your own profile. Tap on the bookmark icon and select the collections tab. You can now choose to create a new collection like "Hair ideas" or "wedding". Social media can be overwhelming. Don't let clutter keep you down.

6 Reactivating

Everyone needs a break once in a while. Many people choose to occasionally deactivate their social media accounts as a way to unplug and unwind. If you're ready to reactivate an account it's an easy process. You have to wait at least a day to reactivate an account.

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Once that time has passed open the app and enter your login information. You may be asked to agree to updated terms of use depending on how long you've been gone. You may also need to verify your phone number for account security. That's all you have to do to get right back in the game.

5 Avoid Accidental Likes

Liking a photo on Instagram is so easy many users do it by accident. All you have to do is double tap a photo to like it. If you're scrolling through someone's feed while you're falling asleep you could easily like half of their posts by dropping your phone on your face.

If you want to lurk with no anxiety there's a simple trick to bring you peace of mind. Simply put your phone on airplane mode after you open someone's profile. You can scroll through the content that' already loaded with no fear of accidentally liking someone's selfie. Simply turn airplane mode off to load more content.

4 Disable or Delete Comments

The internet provides us an amazing way to share our thoughts and opinions with people all around the world. That doesn't mean we always have to listen. Maybe you have a selfie to post and your cuteness is not up for debate. How do you keep your goals away from the trolls?

To delete a comment simply tap the speech bubble icon below the comment and sweep left over the text. You can now tap the trash can to delete the comment. You can't turn off comments for your entire profile but you can disable them on a specific post. To do so you'll need to tap advanced setting on the caption page of a new post. Here you can turn off commenting and breathe easy.

3 Organize Filters

Are you tired of scrolling past filters you never use? Do you wish you could hide everything but your favorites and even organize the filters you use the most? Good news, you can! The next time you make a post, scroll all the way to the right in the filters menu.

You'll see a gear symbol, this is the manage filters menu. Open that up and you can drag and drop filters into any order you'd like. You can also uncheck filters you never use and don't want to show up in your menu. It's that easy!

2 Line Breaks

This tip seems really simple on the surface but most users miss it entirely. If you want to add line breaks to your caption or bio text you may have looked up how to do this. You'll find plenty of advice telling you to write your caption in another app and paste it into Instagram.

There's a much easier way. After you've typed the text you want to appear above the first line break simply hit the "123" key on your keyboard to switch to the next key set. Now you can use the return key to quickly and easily add as many line breaks to your text as you like. No copying and pasting required.

1 Tagged Post Settings

If you're a Type A personality you probably dread people tagging you in photos that you've never seen before. There's nothing wrong with wanting to control your online image. You can easily avoid being tagged in an embarrassing photo by changing your account settings. From your own profile click on the tagged posts button.

You'll see three dots at the top right of your screen. This is your tagged settings menu. Open that up and choose "Add Manually". This will ensure that you have to choose to accept tags in the future. Back up one menu to hide any tags you're not comfortable with.

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