We All Need Instagram Game Like Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato knows just how to get someone’s attention and we should all be taking notes!

Instagram is not only an app for posting photos, it’s a tool to grab the attention of a potential suitor. At least it seems that way for Demi Lovato. The Sorry Not Sorry singer should feel no remorse for cleverly using the tool to grab Henry Cavill’s attention.

We have all had a crush at some point. And although Demi crushing on the Superman actor has yet to be confirmed, the singer was spotted by Instagram user @imnocrybaby following Cavill and liking two of his recent photos and she did so in a very strategic way. The singer followed Cavill, liked two of his posts, and immediately posted an eye-grabbing shot of herself in a white one-piece negligee.

Demi also took to her Instagram months ago to post a photo of her in her Brazilian Ju Jitsu uniform, which led Cavill to comment on the 25-year-old's photo, “This is awesome! Nice one Miss Lovato!” And although it may be a coincidence, it turns out he is into Brazilian Ju Jitsu... and that was the subject in the two photos Demi liked on the actor's Instagram.

It seems as if the two already have lots in common. His comments seem to be an indication that the actor has taken notice of the starlet. Not only has Cavill taken note of the her beauty, but her interest and hobbies, as well.

It may be wishful thinking on our end, but the two would make one heck of a couple. We’re taking this Instagram information as the potential start of something amazing. Now, get to strategizing like Demi and get yourself a Superman!

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