20 Inappropriate Things We Only Noticed In Hannah Montana As Adults

When Hannah Montana began in 2006, Disney Channel had no idea it would become a full-fledged phenomenon. Fans loved the story of Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), a seemingly regular girl who moonlighted as international pop star Hannah Montana. For four seasons, the show mixed in some fun comedy with lessons on being true to yourself and following your dreams. It made Cyrus a true mega-star although her image since the show has certainly changed. The series still remains one of the most popular of its time.

However, it can’t be ignored how there are a lot of moments in the show that come off very inappropriate today. It’s astounding how many creepy and even dirty jokes the writers could get away with at the time. There’s also some character turns and situations that look much worse today. Here are 20 inappropriate things just noted in Hannah Montana as adults to show this popular Disney show could have a major dark side.

20 John Cena’s Cameo


In a later episode, Jackson is having trouble reading a book for a report as he’d much rather follow pro wrestling. He falls asleep and dreams of John Cena showing up to pummel him while telling him how important reading is. It was a dream and meant for laughs but it’s still the sight of a major pro wrestler beating up a teenage kid. That’s not exactly the best way to encourage a kid to read more.

19 Dirty Kangaroo


Jackson has gotten into some crazy stuff before but this outdoes them all. As part of his new job, Jackson learns he has to actually box a kangaroo. We don’t see the fight but there is the set-up for it as the owner warns Jackson the kangaroo “likes to play dirty” and hands him a protective jockstrap. Hearing the line “you’re going to need extra protection” in a Disney Channel show is just freaky.

18 The Short Robe


A recurring face on the show now and then was a next-door neighbor constantly complaining about the family’s antics. He wasn’t exactly the best neighbor either with his odd stuff. In one episode, Jackson is seen looking across the road and moaning on how the guy “is wearing just his robe again.” Robby says they should “count your blessings. At least it’s the long one.” The idea they live next door to some exhibitionist makes you wonder more about the Stewarts’ lives.

17 Oliver’s Miley Obsession


The first episode of the show had Miley forced to reveal to Lilly the truth she was Hannah. For the first few episodes, Oliver was in the dark which led to how he was friends with Miley while openly obsessing over Hannah. He even talked of such things like shampooing her hair with a disturbing look on his face. This leads to Hannah trying to be a horrible date to drive him away but he still won’t back down. It’s only when she reveals herself that Oliver drops this rather creepy obsession with his best friend.

16 Lilly Liking Miley


The friendship of Miley and Lilly was a key part of the show and the actresses were great in it. However, there were times when that bond could seem a bit too close. One episode has Lilly opening talking of how hot seeing Miley dancing in her underwear would be. When Miley dons a fake mustache as part of a scheme, Lilly says “I would totally date you” That’s just a few instances of how these two seemed to be more than just friends.

15 The Procedure


Miley had a tendency to be thrown into a frenzy at the smallest things. She was thus very nervous when she learned she needed a throat operation that could harm her singing voice. Jackson didn’t help by suggesting some of the crazy things that could happen. His gem had to be while she's in surgery, a meteor hits a bus, which drives into a hotdog stand, which makes a "giant neon wiener" fly into the power lines, messing up her procedure. This leads to Miley screaming she will lose her career “because of a giant wiener!” Let’s just leave that there…

14 Booties and Cuffs


This was uncomfortable on two levels. First, Miley was bragging about an award she was about to receive as Hannah. The issue is that the award is nicknamed “the Booty.” When Miley claims “I’m going to win a Booty!” Lilly replies “good, you need one.” The girls then get into a fight which leads to Oliver handcuffing them together. The implication is clear the girls had to stay that way for a whole day including certain privacy issues. This was just one inappropriate episode.

13 Goosebumps


Rico was a slick young con artist who would often cause a lot of problems. He and Jackson would often team up for some crazy schemes that usually blew up in their faces. In one episode, Jackson poses as Rico’s dad to buy a small shop. It goes badly as he talks of how he loves it and even has goosebumps. He then pushes the owner to feel one and when he declines, Jackson goes “you don’t want to feel…my goosebump?” The way he says it makes the line even creepier.

12 The Sibling Dating Thing


A common complaint of the show is how unlikely it is Miley can keep her Hannah identity secret as a huge media star. In one episode, the paparazzi track Hannah coming home after a concert and soon push the idea that Jackson is her boyfriend. Miley even suggests she and Jackson go out in public just to keep the ruse up. This leads to Robby’s wild line "I'm gonna ask something I've never had to tell any of my children... Why didn't you break up with your sister?” This was one very uncomfortable storyline for the show.

11 The Grand Manipulations


Let’s be frank here: the entire Hannah Montana setup was pretty uncomfortable. It was sold as Miley wanting a normal life but it can’t be ignored that she was going out there and lying to millions of people about being a totally different person. She also wasn’t above using that persona for things from humiliating a bully to getting out of trouble. The show addressed some of that when Miley revealed herself to the world but it doesn’t change how she was such a fake so much of the time she claimed to be a role model.

10 Miley Brainwashing an Amnesiac Jackson


While they love each other, Miley and Jackson don’t get along often. In one episode, Jackson gets a blow to his head and loses his memory. Does Miley help her brother adjust to this terrible trauma? Nope, she brainwashes Jackson into becoming her “perfect” brother who lavishes on her. When he drives her boyfriends away, Miley tries to bring the “real” Jackson back…at which point, Jackson reveals he was faking the whole thing with Robby’s permission to teach Miley a lesson. This is a seriously messed up sibling dynamic.

9 Miley’s License


Like any teenager, Miley can’t wait to get her driver’s license. So when she fails her first test, she simply goes back and retakes it as Hannah and passes thanks to her celebrity status. It’s only when she’s pulled over that it hits Miley that she can’t be using Hannah’s license. While funny, it’s a bit troubling how Miley is pulling fraud and even an open crime rather than just wait two weeks to take the test again. That’s not exactly the best message for any aspiring driver.

8 The Mikayla Battle


Before she won her own star-making role on Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena Gomez co-starred in a few episodes as Miley’s rival, Mikayla. The fun dynamic is that Mikayla likes Miley but hates Hannah and they have a major feud going. At one point, they’re trading insults while working at a charity telethon. Given how Gomez and Cyrus have had a tense relationship since, watching them going around hating each other is a bit uncomfortable to see today.

7 Dolly’s Bounce


One of the show’s best guest stars was country music icon Dolly Parton as Miley’s Aunt Dolly. She had fun with her persona (such as keeping her phone in her huge hairdo as “my jeans are too tight for it to fit!”) and a rivalry with Robby’s mom. Miley explains it all started when they had a fight over a boy. “Aunt Dolly bounced in and…that’s all she had to do it.” This references Parton’s famous body in a wild way.

6 The Aristocrats


This was a joke that may have gone over the heads of many viewers. At a big party, there are several bands performing, one of which is called “the Aristocrats.” Some might think it’s a reference to The Aristocats, a popular Disney animated movie. However, “the aristocrats” is also the punchline to one of the most infamous dirty jokes in all of comedy. There was even a documentary about it. Having that used on a kids’ show was pretty weird.

5 Soot Happens


A fun recurring guest star on the show was Vicki Lawrence as Robby’s mom. Her simple life charm clashed with the Stewarts’ fun lifestyle. In one episode Miley wants to buy Mamaw a new car that upsets her as she loves her old one. Miley checks it out and gets a backfire that leaves soot all over her face. When Mawmaw says “sorry you got one of my car-toots,” Miley replies “it’s okay, soot happens.” How that one got past the censors is amazing.

4 The Ollie Trolley


Oliver didn’t have the best of luck in romances so it was always something when he got a girlfriend. He seemed to be getting along well with classmate Becca Weller and even bragging to Miley and Lilly about it. That included his claims that Becca “wanted to take a ride on the Ollie Trolley.” This line gets a major double-take when one thinks of just want kind of ride Ollie is talking about…

3 Robbie Getting Lucky?


It was always odd how Robby was played by Miley’s real-life dad, former country star Billy Ray Cyrus. The show had him as a good dad trying to reign in these kids and happy to be single. He was shown as being interested in Lilly’s mom which made both Miley and Lilly nervous. At one point, Robby shows up with a big grin on his face and Lilly opens asks “did you get lucky?” While she seems to be talking about him winning a bet, the implications are hard to miss.

2 Miley’s Violence


It’s one thing to be hot-tempered but a regular thing on the show was how Miley could be prone to some violence. When she finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her, she pummels him in front of a bunch of kids while dressed as Mrs. Claus. In the big-screen movie, she gets into a fight with Tyra Banks over a pair of shoes. The fact Miley is willing to resort to fisticuffs to settle a problem is troubling.

1 Miley’s Horrible Attitude


While Miley could be relatable at times, the truth is that much of the show focused on her having a bad attitude. When her boyfriend confesses how embarrassed he is that his real name is Leslie, Miley literally laughs in his face. She can be very selfish, be happy about the misfortunes of others but outraged when such things happen to her and puts her own career and needs ahead of others. Given how Cyrus has acted since the show ended, Miley’s selfish attitude looks even worse.

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