In Honor Of GOT Ending, 20 Photos Of The Cast (You're Welcome)

Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama television series that is based on a series of fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin. This HBO series premiered in 2011, and it will conclude with its eighth season, which starts very soon!

The Iron Throne, the noble dynasties, the last descendant, The Wall… Combine all of those parts of the story with the acting, characters, production and many, many, many awards, and we have a hit series—one of the most beloved and celebrated of all time!

And since, sniff, this show is ending soon, we decided to reward everyone, to give a gift to fans: to present 20 photos of the cast.

It may not make up for the fact that we don’t all get to watch new episodes anymore, after this season is over, but it is something, it is super, and it is special. Why? Well, just think about these actors and actresses: they are talented, they are attractive, and they are part of what makes GOT so amazing.

So enjoy them all down below, and while browsing through memories of the past and through these images of these fabulous people, consider the luck and feel free to just thank us later...

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20 Posing All Pretty

Harper’s Bazaar

When these stars are not posing on a red carpet, they may be posing for magazines, too. Here, we have Maisie Williams (also known as Arya Stark), Pedro Pascal (also known as Oberyn Martell), and Sophie Turner (also known as Sansa Stark). It's a far cry from their on-set personas for sure!

And while we could have picked any image of any person from any season, we just really enjoy seeing these three out of character! On the show, they are one thing, but in real life, they are humans who make funny faces, lie around with each other and show off their pearly whites—and they are just so cute!

19 Behind The Scenes 


Speaking of funny faces, we also love behind-the-scenes glances involving GOT. What is Maisie doing? What was she thinking? Is she saying anything here? We don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter… All that matters is that the world is getting blessed with these unique photos of these terrific guys and gals.

Plus, it makes sense that after filming such crazy scenes, these celebs would need to blow off some steam, which would then result in instances like this one right here. On and off the TV show and in front of and behind the camera, we love them all.

18 Playing Video Games With Conan O'Brien

Entertainment Weekly

Lena Headey plays Cersei Lannister, and Peter Dinklage plays Tyrion Lannister. And Conan O’Brien hosts a talk show that shows off stars in a whole new way; from having them sing songs to asking them awkward questions, this redheaded man helps us fall in love with people from TV even more.

So when he had Headey and Dinklage play video games… Man, we can’t even think of something we would rather watch these two do together! It was funny, it was entertaining, it gave us this photo that is pictured here, and it makes us love these three in a whole new way.

17 Smiling (In Stark Contrast With GOT Scenes!)


Think of all the wild things that have happened in this television show. More specifically, think of all the not-so-great things that have happened to Daenerys Targaryen. And then remember recent news, that Emilia Clarke actually experienced brain aneurysms while filming.

So to see her here with her fellow stars, smiling that big and beautiful smile… Well, that just makes us smile as well! We love that this show goes there. We live for those exciting moments. But to see the real people behind all of it all smiles is an even better and even more rewarding thing for us.

16 Smizing A La Tyra

Harper’s Bazaar

There are times when this cast is not all smiles. Instead, they put on an even cooler face, and they smize. Once again, we have Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, the Stark sisters, who are close in real life.

There are tons of great photos out there of these two, and we love that we live in such a tech-driven world; from Google searches to social media platforms, we get to enjoy their pretty faces everywhere we turn. One of the best photos of these actresses is this one, which makes them look so totally fierce and so totally fab.

15 Looking As Good As Ever

Vanity Fair

Regardless of how anyone feels about any specific character, it is clear that the actors and actresses from Game of Thrones are not too shabby to look at. Specifically, we rather enjoy looking at Maisie Williams, Kit Harington, Pedro Pascal, and Sophie Turner.

Is there such a thing as too many photos of the Stark sisters? Does anyone else miss seeing Pedro Pascal as the Red Viper? And will we ever stop looking at pics of Mr. Harrington? There are just so many questions, and there are so many gorgeous faces, in all of these GOT-inspired images on this list...

14 At Comic Con

The Today Show

Comic Con is a big deal, especially for shows with big fandoms and followings like this one, so we are including a moment from this convention. We see some familiar faces, but we don’t see them in gray clothes. We do not seem them carrying weapons. We don’t see grim looks on their faces.

Instead, there are cool clothes, like printed blouses and tops with bow details. Instead, there are fun accessories such as sunglasses. And instead, there are smiles and poses that, yes, once again, grow our love for these humans who star on this hit television series even deeper!

13 Playing Cards In Costume

Time Magazine

Imagine being a young star in Hollywood. Imagine landing a role on a series such as this one. Then imagine the free time that pops up, when filming is paused and a glamorous event isn’t on the to-do list. We would probably be reading, napping, catching up on Netflix or hanging out with friends, right?

Well, that is what these cast members were doing—spending even more time with their fellow stars, all while playing cards! This is one of the cutest BTS moments that we have ever seen, and we are glad they got this break in this way, fully decked out in their on-screen fashions.

12 Being Extra (And Funny) 


When these people are filming and they have to do a scene involving, say, a sword, there are guidelines, rules, a script, numerous crew members around… But when these people—like Emilia Clarke and Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei—get ahold of such an object after the cameras stop rolling, a photo like this appears.

We will repeat that we don’t even care where they are or what they are truly doing; we just love seeing two of our faves being funny—so give us more, and keeping on scrolling down for other great pics of other great people!

11 Reuniting In A Truly Powerful Pose 


Okay, prepare for one of the best images on this entire list… Within this series, Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa may not have had the best relationship, and while we could elaborate so much more on that statement that we put so simply, let’s not.

Instead, let’s just look at these two reuniting, in front of an Iron Throne, posing like this and giving us so many feels. On their own, these two celebrities are quite loved, due to their looks and talents. But together, they are a powerful force, making an image like this almost too good to be true.

10 On The Red Carpet


Red carpets are a normal part of show business, as stars line up for interviews with reporters and pictures with fans. The traditional art of standing there and looking pretty is fine, and there are many examples of people from Game of Thrones doing just that.

But when a show is this big and a star is as loved as these two… Well, at times, we get poses like these instead! As we mentioned, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are friends in real life, so to see these actresses having a good time like this on the red carpet is another truly amazing moment.

9 Getting Married


What’s better than goofy selfies? What is even cooler than award shows? Where is the sweetest place we have seen someone from GOT? It is a wedding, of course! In 2012, Kit Harington began an on-off relationship with his co-star, Rose Leslie. The two got engaged in 2017. Then in June 2018, the couple was married in Scotland, and their reception was at an actual castle.

Though co-stars like Lena Headey, Gwendoline Christie, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau weren’t there, co-stars like Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Sophie Turner, and Maisie Williams were in attendance! And just look how amazing these two look together.

8 Goofing Around

We Heart It

Up above, a photo of Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa showed these two in front of an Iron Throne. And now, we have something that rivals that beautiful work of art… It is a photo of Jason Momoa and Kit Harrington in front of the throne!

Those poses, those faces, those men we love… This is another that is almost too much to handle, but we sacrificed ourselves. We were brave. We forced ourselves to find this image and include it here, for everyone to enjoy. So remember: keep scrolling for more, and just thank us for this all later.

7 Cuddling Up In Costume


We do admit that we are partial to these two actresses, but A. There are just so many photos of them out there, and B. This is one of the last ones of them, so don’t worry—that favorite actor or actress could be just down below.

Yes, we had to include another photo of Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, but in this one, they are in their normal clothes. They are on set. And they are cuddling, which is so stinkin’ adorable. There really isn’t much else to say, so we’ll stop talking, so everyone can just take in how adorable these gals are.

6 Hugging It Out 

We Heart It

Off the set of Game of Thrones, love exists between these cast members, too, as seen here. On another red carpet, Sophie Turner gave Jack Gleeson a hug. Of course, this young actor won critical acclaim playing Joffrey Baratheon on this series, but in this image, they are just Sophie and Jack.

They have been through a lot together—as everyone on GOT has!—and seeing the real-life bonds is super special to fans. We are sure they will continue to last, even after this series ends soon, as these actors and actresses have become like family after all of these years.

5 Waving Goodbye?


Upon first glance, this may just look like some more people from this show, waving at Comic Con. But when we saw it, we teared up a little. They could be waving because they are just climbing onto the stage here… or this could be like a symbol, as they wave goodbye to all of us.

We know reruns exist. We know these stars will still be around. But the end of an era and the end of a story that is this emotional and fascinating… It is too much, guys and gals, and we are already not prepared for this series finale!

4 Taking A Break


Look at these babies in this next image right here! This is another unique shot that was captured which shows off celebs in character, yet not. We all recognize these faces and these clothing items. But seeing anyone from this show make a silly face or give a thumbs up or smile is sort of strange since it is not something that is ever seen on the series!

That makes images like these even neater, though, and everyone loves a good behind-the-scenes look into popular works from television—especially a look that focus on these people from Game of Thrones.

3 Striking A Pose

Rolling Stone

On a similar note, we have these men from this TV show. The background is gray. The clothes are gray. The shoes and the long hair and the thick beards are all dark, as well. And while that may all sound sad and serious, this picture fills us with glee!

Obviously, we love looking at any photo of anyone from GOT, and we definitely really like the ones that show off characters being real. It reminds us that they are humans on this planet, too, just like us… only they are way cooler and richer and cuter than we are.

2 With Their Many Awards


As mentioned and as many know, Game of Thrones has won numerous awards, including 47 Primetime Emmy Awards, 5 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Peabody Award. This show also holds the Emmy-award record for a scripted television series, was named the 40th best written series in television history, and has placed as a best TV show ever on several different lists in several different publications.

That being said, it made sense to start this list off with a photo of the cast holding up awards at an awards show, as they have done so many times over the years.

1 With George R. R. Martin


And last but not least, we have a photo of people from Game of Thrones with the brilliant mind behind it in the first place—George R. R. Martin. He has written many fantasy, horror and science fiction stories, though he is best known for his series of epic fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, which became HBO’s Game of Thrones.

He has been compared to Tolkien and has been listed as one of the most influential people in the world, and here he is, with these beautiful and talented actors and actresses from the amazing and monumental TV show he literally created.

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