If You’re Worrying About These 15 Things You’re Definitely With The Wrong Guy

Finding the right person can feel totally impossible these days, especially thanks to dating apps. You want so badly to be with the kind of guy who makes you smile 24/7 and who you can talk to for hours and hours. Sometimes that can seem like a total dream or like something out of a TV show. Still, you can't help but wish that you could meet someone like that, and that's why you keep trying. Why else would you go on first dates that end up being even worse than you ever thought that they could be? Maybe you're an eternal optimist (or maybe you're crazy... or both).

Unfortunately, even if you think that you've met a really great guy, sometimes you're totally wrong. It's not your fault, of course. So many people can seem amazing at the beginning and then, slowly, you begin to realize that there are some holes in the big love story that you're writing in your mind. Oops. Been there, done that, right? The truth is that if you're worrying about certain things, you're not having the great romance that you thought that you were. Check out the 15 things that mean that you're definitely with the wrong guy. Can you relate?!


15 What You Look Like In The Morning

So many girls freak out over staying over at their boyfriend's place for the very first time. They figure that if they wake up in the morning and don't have any makeup on or have super messy hair, it will be game over and their boyfriend will dump them on the spot.

Sounds kind of nuts, right?! If you honestly worry about what you look like in the morning, then you're with the wrong guy. How could you be with the right person if you honestly think that he cares? The right guy will think that you look gorgeous 24/7 and that you look even more beautiful first thing when you've got a bare face and wild hair. The right guy will also tell you that every single day.

14 Using The Bathroom When You Stay Over


Yeah, you use the bathroom. Yeah, you even go number two. Why would you think that your boyfriend (or the guy that you're dating and are about to make things official with) would be upset about that? You're a human being with bodily functions like anyone else.

Sure, it might be kind of embarrassing if your stomach hurts when you're sleeping over at his place, especially in the beginning, but hey. This happens and it's really not a big deal. If you really think that it's too much for you to deal with and that he would get mad or be grossed out, then he's really not the right guy for you. That's just ridiculous. If you're going to be in a relationship, obviously you're going to get sick sometimes and so will he. That's just real life.

13 Wanting To See Him A Lot

Why would you want to see the guy that you're into once a week (or, even worse, less than that)? That just makes absolutely zero sense. The right guy will want to see you all the time and as much as humanly possible. You two will be on the same page about that and you will both make a real effort to spend a lot of time together.

Why wouldn't you? If you're scared to tell him that you want to see him a lot, you're probably worried that he's going to call you clingy or say that he wants to hang out with his friends all the time instead or do something that doesn't involve you. While it's healthy to still see your friends and all that, you do need to make each other a priority. If you don't feel like he feels the same way about hanging out a lot, that's a major red flag.

12 Inviting Him Out With Your Friends


It's totally creepy to bring your BF to hang out with your best friends all the time, especially when it's clear that it's just a girls' thing. But there's nothing wrong with inviting him to spend time with you and your friends from time to time. That's especially true if your friend is having a birthday party or some kind of event.

If you're worried that he's going to say no or that he won't want to go, then that's a problem that you honestly have to deal with. The right guy will love to have the opportunity to get to know your friends better. They will matter to him because they matter to you. It's pretty simple, really... but then again, everything feels easy with the right guy.

11 Asking Him To Meet Your Parents

The right guy will be thrilled to meet your mom and dad. He'll love getting the chance to meet the people who raised you and who helped shape you into the awesome person that you are. That's definitely how he's going to look at it.

Being worried about asking him to meet your parents is a surefire sign that he's not the right person for you. No matter how much you try to sugarcoat it, you know deep down that you should be able to take this next step with him. If you're in an official relationship, it only makes sense that you two would meet each others' families. If that doesn't happen naturally and he doesn't even bring it up himself, that's kind of weird. You shouldn't be hiding your relationship, right? You deserve to share your happiness with everyone that you both know.

10 Asking To Meet His Parents


The same thing goes for asking him if he thinks that it's time for you to meet his own family. The timeline isn't important because it'll definitely be different for everyone. Maybe you'll want to meet his parents after two months and maybe you'll end up meeting them six months later because that's the first holiday and the first opportunity. But you should feel comfortable enough to bring up the subject.

You really have to ask yourself what's going on if you're freaking out about whether he's going to agree that it's time to meet each other's families. Maybe you don't think that he feels the same way about you or that he's not really committed. It's better to realize that now instead of just waiting around and seeing if things change, right?

9 Texting Him Too Much

There is literally no reason to worry about texting your boyfriend too much. He likes you. He wants to hear from you. He's going to be thrilled to get a "good morning" text from you or to hear how work is going that day. The right guy will get super excited when he sees your name come up on his iPhone. And, of course, he will text you just as much. You two will be so into each other that you won't be able to stop chatting, even if you're apart.

The wrong guy will hate texting and won't respond or won't reach out to text you first. If you're with the wrong guy, then of course you're concerned about whether you're texting him too much. You're totally right to feel that way. He's not reciprocating and it's clear that you two are just not on the same page.


8 How He Really Feels About You


The right guy will always let you know exactly how he feels about you. There will be absolutely no guessing games (or any games whatsoever). You'll both communicate about your feelings and it will be totally glorious.

The wrong guy will make you guess all the time. You'll never know just how he feels about you and you'll always wonder if he's in this thing for real or if he's just phoning it in. If you're worried about how a guy feels about you, then you know that this isn't your ideal match. You should never be worried at all. It should be completely obvious. That's the only thing that you deserve. Anything less is just silly and ridiculous and you shouldn't put up with that.

7 What He Thinks About Your Likes And Dislikes

Whether you're super girly or more on the tomboy side, you have your unique likes and dislikes. That goes for food, pop culture, books, etc. You should never worry about what a guy is going to think about the fact that your favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls or that you're absolutely obsessed with avocado. Of course, the right guy will think that everything about you is adorable, including the things that you love and hate.

If you're at all concerned about telling someone what your preferences are, then it's clear that this isn't the right situation for you to be in. You're definitely worried that he's going to make you fun of you or laugh at you and that's just super uncool.

6 Hiding Your Real Self


When you meet the right guy and you can honestly just be yourself with him, it's the greatest feeling ever. It's completely magical. You can lie on the couch for hours talking about everything and nothing. You can sit in silence and it's not weird at all because you're both so comfortable. You can tell him whatever you want and he won't judge you at all.

When you're with the wrong guy, none of that happens, and you also want to hide your real self. You think that he won't like the real you so you're scared to show him who you really are. That's just the worst. You're definitely in the wrong relationship if you don't feel like you can be yourself around your boyfriend. Why would you even want to be in that kind of situation?!

5 If He Looks At Other Girls

Do you think that guys other than your BF are cute? Of course you do. You're not about to broadcast it or tell him, but you can't ignore that other people are attractive. That's just human nature.

The problem is if you worry all the time that your boyfriend is looking at other girls and thinking that they're more attractive than you. That's not the way that it should go. You should feel like the most beautiful girl in the world around him, and he should tell you that all the time, too. If that's not happening, then you honestly should think twice about whether this is a sustainable relationship. You deserve someone who makes you feel like the great beauty that you totally are.

4 If He's Still Thinking About His Ex-Girlfriend


Of course your boyfriend has an ex-girlfriend (or maybe more than one). You have a few exes of your own. Hopefully you two will have that awkward AF discussion pretty early on and then can move on and just enjoy being with each other. It's the worst conversation ever but it's a necessary evil.

You shouldn't worry about his ex-girlfriend at all. You shouldn't worry that you don't measure up to her or that he loved her more than he loves you. You shouldn't' worry that he misses her or that he still wants to be with her. You also shouldn't worry that they're still in touch. Worrying about any of that just proves that you're not right for each other and that you either don't trust him (which spells disaster) or he really is still into her, which of course means that you need to end things.

3 If Your Friends And Family Like Him

If he's a good guy and you two are happy together, then your friends and family are just automatically and naturally going to like him. Why wouldn't they? They would absolutely no reason to be unsupportive.

Worrying about what your friends and family will think about him means that you know, deep down inside, that something is off. You know that he's not the right guy for you and that the people that know you best are going to realize that pretty quickly. You might even think that he won't behave himself and will totally embarrass you, like maybe he'll drink too much and insult everyone or show up looking super sloppy. Not a great sign. You can definitely ignore all these red flags and go ahead and introduce him to your friends and family... but eventually, it'll become obvious that this isn't the relationship for you.

2 When You're Going To Meet Certain Milestones


Having The Talk and making it official. Staying over at each other's places all the time. Meeting each other's friends and family. Moving in together. Getting engaged. Getting married and/or starting a family. These are the typical relationship milestones that most people are into, mostly because these things just feel natural and normal when you're with the right person.

Every relationship is its own thing and everyone works within their own timeframe. You can't say that something has to happen within a certain timeline or you're going to drive yourself crazy. If that's what you're doing and you're worried that you two aren't sleeping over at each other's apartments yet or that you haven't met his parents yet, then there's probably something wrong. These things should happen totally naturally.

1 Telling Him Absolutely Anything At All

Meeting the right guy means finally having someone in your corner all the time. You can tell him literally anything and he will always be 100 percent supportive. He'll laugh at your jokes (even if they're not funny) and he'll be fascinated by your stories. He'll just love being around you because of how much he cares about you.

You'll know that you're with the wrong guy if you worry about telling him things. Of course sometimes you'll be a bit nervous about bringing something up because that's just normal. But most of the time, you should know that he's going to be cool with whatever you have to say. When that's not happening, you honestly have to admit that this isn't working out. You deserve the ease and simplicity of a real relationship where there's no worry or drama. Why would you settle for anything less?!


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